Saturday, September 17, 2011

The other part of me. The part you probably didn't know.

  To those of you who didn’t know, School is not the only place where I write exams. School exams aside, there is something like a ‘prep school’ that I attend everyday for preparing for College.

 That’s right. I’m in grade 10 and I attend a version of a ‘prep school’. Infact, I’ve been attending it from 8th grade. Sigh, we Indians(Hyderabadi's rather) indeed take admission to a good University seriously.

  The classes take place from 5-7 Am(You read it right. It’s AM!) everyday with a test on every Sunday(6 am to 8am). Sigh, I wake up before 80-90%  of all teenagers and sleep before the same number!(surprise, surprise.)

 Well, as you probably know by now(from my incessant trumpet-blowing), I usually ace my school exams.

These exams? I don’t even come close. In other words I s**k at them. I mean, if I get 90+% in school, I’m lucky to get 20-24/30 in a test here. That’s right, they’re that hard. Or, I’m not studying properly.

There is a 60 mark test every Sunday on 2 subjects, either Math and Physics or Math and Chemistry(each 30 marks). Well, the tests are quite challenging. I’ve been getting 12-18 marks on an average in each subject and I don’t like it. I really don’t like it. I’m a good student, those marks aren’t the ones that I should get.

 But, “Marks aren’t the thing that defines your life it's the attitude you have towards learning that counts.” – A few weeks ago, when I first stumbled upon MIT, my view of this prep school radically changed. I started learning with an open mind and well, I could feel the change. My attitude towards learning changed and it was a good experience.

I got 25/30(actually 26, the examiner made a mistake in correcting) in Physics last before-week. Math, I’m ashamed to tell out the marks. I attempted 70% of the paper but I got 90% of them wrong and got a ‘one-digit score’(Don’t tell my mom because you’ll be a piece of dead meat if you do so. LoL. That felt good :P). 
Last week however, I got a low 15/30 in Chemistry and am expecting a 20+ score in math. They didn’t give our answer-sheets yet so I don’t know.

Anyway, tomorrow’s exam is Math and Physics.

Math – It’s progressions(AP, GP and HP). To be honest, I s**k at that. It just doesn’t go into my brain. I prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, use intelligence but, my teacher doesn’t teach like that. He just tells us to apply the formula. He doesn’t tell us the logic behind the formula for it to make sense. I plan on studying a bit for it and truly understand it(I don’t want to get a single-digit score again!).

Physics – Yaay! My favorite subject. The chapter for tomorrow’s test is Current Electricity, a really nice chapter. It makes sense and I’m good at it :P I got a 25/30 last Physics exam, was first in the class. I hope I’ll get a better score this time and again top the class in Physics. I’ll have to study!

Hmm. That’s probably about it. I was planning on studying it from 6 pm but I fell asleep and now it’s almost 9pm. I’ll probably eat my dinner and study till 11pm.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to study for it and write a great exam.

Until next time,

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