Friday, September 23, 2011

Night before the Hindi Exam

This is what happened the night before my Hindi exam. I still had loads to study and well, I decided to studying into the night. Inspired by the MIT blogs, I decided to keep a note of the things that I did during that. So, here it is.

8:40 -> Started off with Grammar(Swar Sandhi)

9:02 -> Break after finishing one lesson.

9:08 -> New lesson! Samas.

9:24 ->Break! (don’t I take breaks too frequently?)

9:31 -> Mishr aur Sanyukt Vakya.

9:38 -> Mohavre

9:48 -> Decided to update my facebook status.

9:54 -> Resumed with Mohavre.

10:15 -> Finally done with Grammar. Now, break.

10:20 -> Started studying for the letter(patr)

10:49 -> First signs of dozing. Just realized, two hours had passed already.

11:00 -> The bed’s beckoning me but NO! I’ve still got more to study

11:07 -> Break.

11:13 -> Essay!

11:34 -> Enough of essays. I’ll be able to do it nicely. Hopefully(sadly that wasn’t the case L)

11:35 -> Updated my Fb status.

11:42 -> Started reading Q and Ans of poems. Yaay! 3 hours.

11:55 -> Decided to call it a day. Will wake up early tomorrow to finish what I started.

(PS : Stayed awake till 12:01 just for the sake of marking 22 off the calendar.)
5:22 -> Woke up to Dingo’s incessant ‘whines’. Started studying the remaining part.
5:37 -> Sleep!

..Then, I woke up and went to school and wrote the exam. It was terrible L. Really terrible. As far as I know, I’m looking at a B1 or a B2 grade which sucks. Really, I was expecting an A2 or an A1. *Whines* Waaaaah! Waaah!

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