Saturday, September 17, 2011

My thoughts on an article #1

(This is the first post of a series. I'll be posting many such posts in the near future(which can extend for a long-long time).)

  I was just browsing through the pages of the August, 2010 issue of Reader’s digest when an article caught my eye. The title read ‘What I wish I knew about School’. I like to read things that teach me things, that make me learn something new. So, I instantly began reading through the article.  I felt a desire to write a blog-post on it, so, here it is.

Title : What I wish I knew about School.

Author : Marty Wilson

 Link to the full article -- (Click here to view the article)

I’ll just be posting the things that he wished along with my thoughts. And, a few excerpts.

-          Working Hard is really, really cool : ““Marty is doing very well at school with an absolute minimum of effort.”” -- Just replace ‘Marty’ with Adarsh and anyone could’ve mistook that for a comment on my report-card for kindergarten(and for the 11 years that followed).

-          “I was incredibly lucky to be born with a stupidly high IQ.” – He stole the words from my mouth.

-          “I was that annoyingly smug class idiot who though it was beneath him to work hard.” – The first part about the ‘idiot’ thing may probably be true but the second part about working hard, not anymore :P

-          For me to realize that getting pass marks—without any effort at all – may get you the degree, but it doesn’t get you the education. There’s this other report card, called your character, where you only get an A for working to the absolute limits of your ability, purely for the satisfaction of being able to say: “I did my best.”.” – Golden words!

-          It’s healthy to be challenged.” – Yup! I’ll definitely agree to that. My first rank being challenged drove me to study hard and well, it resulted(will result rather) in better marks and a feeling of “I did quite good.”

-          Don’t just stick to your own friends. Make an effort to talk to people who don’t fit the usual mould, they challenge your thinking and make life much more interesting. Don’t hit 50 and still have only the same friends you had in school.” – Yeah! Some people challenge your thinking. I’ve had first-hand experience in that recently. I’m going to take this one up as advice.

-          You can learn from everyone.” – Hmm. This one is indeed true.

-          We’re all tested by different things.” – I didn’t really understand this one.

-          Exam results do not define your life, but your attitude to learn can.” – I second this(who wouldn’t?) But, yes, in the recent days, I’ve learnt something about learning that I can’t put in words(I probably can but I don’t think you can understand until you learn it by yourself.)

-          It’s not your marks compared to other students’ that matter, but your marks compared to how well you could have done.” – Words of wisdom. I still have to learn this one though.

-          It’s the habits and attitudes formed by how hard you prepared for your exams that will give you the life you want.” – Oh.

Those were some of the excerpts and my views about them. Be sure to check out the original article because I’ve left out some interesting tidbits.

  This article struck something in me. Something that I’ve been planning to write on. I’ll post that thing soon enough. Promise. I’ll start working on it right away J.

Anyway, that was quite an interesting article and I’m going to google that author. He looks nice :P and I identify myself with him. That makes it all the more better.

Until next time,

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