Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Math Exam proved that Ohm's law was wrong.

 My half-yearly exams started today and Math was the first subject that we students had to collide against.

  Math’s resistance(R) is pretty high but the voltage(V) we got from the pre-finals was insanely high and it resulted in an unprecedented amount of Current(I) which resulted in IR>V (which proves Ohm's law wrong) and I had a wonderful exam.

Sorry about that guys, maybe I’m studying too much Physics. Aah. Nevermind, I promise no more physics.

Anyway, my math exam went really well. I attempted every single question and I’m quite sure that I’m going to get more than 75+. I’m ideally expecting 77+ but hey, I don’t want you readers to brand me as a trumpet-blower :P

 I attempted all questions and got all of them correct. I might lose marks in a Statistics question though, maybe I did it right but, let’s see. Then, there was this triangles sum. There was something about ‘vertical angle’ that I didn’t understand but I did it anyway and that proved costly. Though my idea of a ‘vertical angle’ was correct, apparently, I missed a major part of the question. Thankfully, I realized that later but, there was no space to write the remaining part so, I just modified my answer(terribly) and fitted it with the new addition. I’ll probably lose a mark or two there L. I would’ve re-written it but, I didn’t want to :/

I prepared for quite some time and that proved to be a life-saver for me. A question came from the one and only model paper that I’d practiced the day before. That was more than a coincidence. I can say for sure that if I had been over-confident like I’d been on the day of the pre-finals(Don’t blame me! I was reading Deception Point the day before!) I would’ve got like 60+ marks. Thankfully, I was spared.

 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I haven’t made any silly mistakes anywhere else. I really-really hope so!
In other news, my English exam is on Monday and breaking news! I have no plans of watching any movies on StarMovies, I’m actually going to prepare for the exam! I learnt my lesson in the pre-finals :P

I hope the English paper will be easy as well and not like ‘terrible shit’ like it was during the pre-finals.
Because, I’d forget my English if I had to write a paper like that again!

…Anyway, wish me luck guys(Though I won’t need it, luck never goes amiss)

Until next time,

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