Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is for Living

(NOTE : This is the actual 100th post. Blogger made a mistake In counting :P)

 “Life is for Living” – That’s what I’ve learnt over the past few days. Life is not all about studying, studying and studying. It’s about living, that is what’s important.

  Until today, my time-table used to be like “Study-Break-Study-Break-Study-Break-Sleep” But, I think that I’ve understood the need to include some ‘off time’ for doing things just for the pleasure of doing them.

  It’s important to do things that you’ve a real interest in. I was missing that point until now, I hope that isn’t the case anymore. I should find things that give me real joy and work towards doing them.

  ….This is not the ‘amazing post’ that I promised to write in the ‘99th post’. I’ve decided to put it off until a sunny day.

See ya!

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