Monday, September 26, 2011

Exams ended. Holidays started.

I swear that this will be my last post about studies for some time. Just bear with me for one last post.
Today was my last and final exam. That’s right, exam’s are over. Holidays for a full 13 days!! Woohoo *Does a somersault*

So, how was today’s exam? It was social. I was attempting for a 78 but I think I’ll have to settle for 74+ or something. Lost a mark in each map-work and MCQ’s L But, never mind, 74 is quite good.

  So, that means I won’t be getting an A1 grade this term *Cries* I’ll get an A2 and that’ll probably result in my GPA being less than 10. Sigh. I really-really wanted to get a 10/10 CGPA. But, I guess that wasn’t the thing that fate wanted for me.

  Anyway, before I forget, I want to tell you that my nights are becoming terrible. Really, today morning(yesterday night) sucked. (That’s right, I used that word. Get over it :P ;)) Seriously, I don’t think I slept for even 2 hours. I was awake till like 3-4 Am and then, I probably got 2 hours sleep. Something was nagging at me telling me to wake up and open the books to study. I was so awake! I can’t just explain it! You’ll have to experience it yourself.

Anyway, I promise that’ll be the last thing you hear about my studies in a long time.

I’m working on a post about what I’m going to do in these holidays. Stay tuned! 

Until next time,


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