Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Every win is not a Victory

 “Every Win is not a Victory.”

 I was just watching MasterChef(alright. You got me. But, it was only the last few minutes so I just tuned in.) Well, ‘Shannon’ said that. She didn’t exactly say it but she said something similar and I transformed it. Well, it’s been an eye-opener.

‘Every win is not a victory.’ WoW!

  Somebody out of my league may have got more marks than me and won over me in the pre-finals but that person hasn’t achieved victory over me. That person has just won the battle, the war is still on. And, the war starts in 22 hours. I’m glad that I’m finally over my ‘sulking’ mood.

 I’m going to make this a short one because I got to go get started on preparing for my science exam.

  I’m going to take this one up as a real challenge. To be honest, it’s been ages since somebody last challenged me. I’m liking the feel of it J

 Yup! I’m going to study my head-off and I mean it. I’ve got a goal in front of me.

“In victory, the Hero seeks the glory not the prey.”

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