Sunday, September 4, 2011


(NOTE : THIS IS POST 99# Blogger made a mistake in counting. Check the next post for the actual post 100 :P)

I’m finally here, this is post no. 100 of this blog.  I started blogging feverishly 3 months back and looking at the number of posts that I’ve made since, it doesn’t look like I’ve slackened. Infact, August was the best month ever with me posting 29 posts, that’s almost 1 post everyday except for 2 days. Anyway, my blogging experience has been quite great. I never really thought of computer as a tool for writing but maintaining this blog has changed that. I write more on the computer and given my, average typing-speed skills, it’s more efficient and better.

   I also read over some of my previous blog-posts and I can sort of feel the change in my writing skills. Writing with a pen used to take a long time but I don’t have to go through that anymore. My laptop has turned my best friend.

  These 100 posts have taught me how much I care about writing and giving my opinion and sharing it with the world. Before, I was so-called ‘shy’. But, thanks to my blog, people on facebook know that there’s a different me that they know nothing about.

  I’ve blogged from stuff ranging from the usual to the insane and I must say, it’s been a terrific experience.
I’m going to say it now. Just in case you’re wondering, NO, I’m not going to slack off now. I’m going to continue with this blog. Now that the initial goal of 100 posts has been accomplished, I’m looking forward on beating the next goal which reads “200 posts”. It might probably take me 7-8 months but, I think it’ll be worth the time spent on it.

So, that’s it for now.


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