Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Happy not Satisfied

 To most people, happy and satisfied probably mean the same but let me tell you that they both are very different from each other and the way you look at them might just give you an edge over others.
 Let me make it clear with an example :

We got the results for our science exam. A friend of mine who doesn’t really study great got 28/40. Now, that means that he has passed and got more than 50%. I went up to him and asked “Are you happy?” He replied “No.” I then asked him “Are you satisfied?” he replied “No.” I told him “Mate, you got 28/40. You should be happy but not satisfied.”

  There is a world of difference between being satisfied and being happy. Let’s say that my friend was happy about his marks but not satisfied with them. This shows that he knows that he is capable of getting more marks. He is happy with 28 but is not satisfied with it. This will probably drive him to get better marks next time around.

 Suppose this same friend was both happy and satisfied. Then, there would be no scope for development because he is satisfied with 28. He doesn’t have the hunger for more. He’s like a lion which doesn’t kill people when it’s hungry. It is basically giving up a chance to grow stronger and put on more weight.

 If he is neither happy nor satisfied then he’ll probably be in a depressed state and think like “I can’t get more than this. This is what people like me are destined to get.” Which is bad for you, real bad.

Hope you get the drift of what I’m saying.

 Most people say “You write excellently Adarsh.” But, I know better. I’ve read many other articles on the internet as well as in the newspaper which say otherwise. They tell me that I’m not that great. This makes me feel ‘unsatisfied’ with my current writing skills and makes me work hard to improve them. I’m happy with my writing skills but not satisfied which is exactly the reason why I’m trying to improve them.

By now, you’ve probably understood what I want to tell. Now comes the part where you have to apply it to your own life.

 Be happy with what you have but don’t be satisfied with it. Because, the day you are satisfied will be the day your growth stops.

 If Bill-Gates was satisfied with the first version of Windows then we probably wouldn’t have had the amazing features that Windows 7 has. He wasn’t satisfied with the first version, he knew that there was space for change.

If Sachin Tendulkar was satisfied with the 600-odd run partnership he had with Vinod Kambli in his school days, he wouldn’t have become what he is today. His growth would’ve stagnated.

If you are satisfied with what you have today then re-evaluate yourself because there is always some space for change. No matter how hard a piece of rock may be, some(although negligible) amount of inter-molecular space is always present.

Be happy not satisfied.

PS : I’m sort of in enlightened mode. This post was a result of that :P

Until next time

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