Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad. Real bad.

 Things are definitely bad when I start off with a ‘L’.

 I wrote my Hindi exam today and well, it was ‘terrible’. Really. I’m not a person who’d feel dejected if he got a 75 in hindi saying that he was expecting a 76. I did bad, real bad. I’m expecting somewhere between 60 and 70/80 and if things turn out to be worse then I’m look at a 55+. However, by the stroke of luck(like in the pre-finals) I think it might just be possible to get 70+ but deep down I’ll know that I don’t deserve those marks.

  The moment I set my eyes on the paper and read through it I knew I was in for a challenge. The grammar part, I didn’t study that particular bit and it came. Call it bad-luck or co-incidence. The question answers, I wrote them ‘okayish’. I mean, I’m sure that they’ll be riddled with spelling mistakes. Letter and essay? I wrote the letter quite okay and the essay, I think I messed it up. I mean, I was writing it cool but suddenly I feel like I turned into a first-grader and wrote an essay like them and I’m not proud of it.

Soon, after finishing with the literature and writing section, I came back to the comprehension and grammar sections. Comprehension, the first 2, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get max 2 mistakes but the 3rd and the 4th were crap. They were poems which I didn’t understand a single bit. I mean, they were quite difficult. However, using my intuition, I think I did okay on this part. I used logical reduction and then tried to deduce the answer based on the similarity of words in the poem and in the question.

 Grammar. The first question came from like some remote corner of the book and I was like “wtf”. The next two, I knew them, half-guessed you could say. The 4th one, I’m doubtful but I wrote my best guess. The rest of the grammar section, Hmmph. The questions that I could answer, I could answer them only because I could cancel out the remaining options. I didn’t know that a specific answer was the answer, I deduced it by logic after the remaining options weren’t possible of being the answers to that question. But soon, I was confronted with questions that had a 50-50 chance. I could cancel out two but, still two remained. It is in these questions that I have the biggest doubt. I mean, I got a 50-50 chance but if I mess up, I won’t even get a half mark. It’s either a 0 or a 1. That’s what I hate about MCQ’s. Anyway, I just chose the best guess out of them and wrote it down. If I’m lucky, they’ll be correct. If I’m wrong then god save me.

 Overall, I did pretty terribly. Only an ‘insane streak of luck’ can save me now. I’m looking at a B1 or B2. That hurts. Really. I mean, I spent the whole previous night studying and studying and this result. L. It sucks.
I was in high moods before the exam but now, I’m feeling so dejected. I was so bent upon getting an A1 in all the subjects and getting a 10/10 CGPA but I guess that isn’t to be so. Well, I guess fate has something else in store for me J.

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