Thursday, September 29, 2011

824 days to go

The past 2 days have been good. I’m quite pleased with the progress I’m making. “Progress on what?” Well, MIT.

*OMG. He’s back at it again. Cover your ears*

I have 824 days to apply to MIT. That’s right, 824 days! Because, in 824 days, 31st December,2013 is going to come and that is the last day to submit the MIT application.

I basically made a list of all the tasks that I must do to get into MIT. However, note that, even if I do all those tasks, I might still not get into MIT but, doing those tasks wouldn’t hurt me instead, it might even increase my chances. Now, that the list is over, I still have the job to plan it in my schedule and then, the difficult part, I have to execute it. But, all that was made easy, thanks to Celestine’s ESPER. It was really helpful! Google it!

 Now, in those 824 days, I’m going to put more than 1000+ hours of effort to get into MIT. Simply put, I’m going to try my best to get there because that’s the place I want to be. That’s my own, very own goal. 

Nobody is imposing it on me and that’s why I’m sure that I’ll be able to put my best effort. I am indeed going to try my best. However, I cannot control the result. Sigh. If I get in, I’ll be on top of the world but not surprised because I’ve put in a lot of effort.

But, then What if I don’t? Well, this will be the last time I’m going to address this question.

If I don’t, it won’t definitely be the end of the world. I’ll definitely try for IIT or any other Indian University. Not going there would just mean that I’m not going to have all those facilities but, I still have myself. It’s not where I go but who I am that matters. So, if I don’t, I’ll not lose heart. MIT didn’t have place for me because fate had other plans in store for me. I know that I was born to do something(something as in life-changing).Well, if I don’t get admitted into MIT, I’ll try elsewhere. After that? Well, we’ll see when it comes till there.

Well, that was the last time, I’m ever going to address that question on this blog.

Now, what if I do?
If I do, I’ll be on cloud 99. Lol.

Anyway, today, I still have to draw a plan for those tasks and inculcate them into my schedule. What better time to do it than in the holidays? Then, I’ll have to execute those tasks. As far as I know, I’m capable of doing everyone of them. I just need to put in enough effort.

I’m 15(Okay. I'm 14 but, only one month left), I may not be sure of my limits but, I’m sure that anything is possible if I try hard enough.

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