Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5-letter word

5 letter word

 That’s right. Here we go, it isn’t even 2 weeks since I was last found rambling about how tensed up I was about my tests and here start another fresh batch. However, you’re not going to find anymore of those I’m-so-so-tensed-up-god-help-me posts because this time around, I’m as cool as a cucumber. Thanks to the past few days(MIT).

  This time around, it’s Pre-SA1 till 14th September and after 2 days of holidays, SA1 exams start. They are from 17th to 26th September. So, basically, whole of September is going to be drowned in studying for them.

  Something has happened to me in the past few days. Something has changed inside me since the day I had that fever. For the better(if I may add). I’m like “Bring it on!”. It feels as though, I can take on anything and put in tremendous hard-work(which remains to be seen until this day).

….Anyway, It’s 9:34pm and my eyes are already cheating me(was planning to do an all-nighter today :P). I’ll go sleep :P Let the all-nighter be washed away in the floods(a translation of ‘Bhaad me ja!”)

Alrighty then. See ya!

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