Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Wondering what that is? Let’s see if you can decipher it.

-Put a Colon after the first no.
-Space after the 3rd
-Forward slash after the 4th,6th and last number.

Figured it out? Cool.

Anyway, today’s Science exam went okay. I would die to tell that I rocked it but sadly, that isn’t the case. 

Though I’ve had some great amount of luck and help from the gods themselves, I made silly mistakes(argh). On a safe note, I’ll be getting 70+. 73+ is required for an A1 grade and well, I’m quite positive that I’ll make it.

  We also had a look at our Hindi pre-final papers. I got a –wait for it- 68 and a half out of 80. Alright, that may not be ‘high’ according to you but, it’s probably the highest that I’ve got in Hindi in a long time and that sure cheered me up. A friend of mine got 68 and the rest got lower down so, I’m first. Yipee!

Most of my MCQ’s came correct and I’ll have to thank the stars for that because as far as I can remember, I guessed most of them. But, when I say ‘guess’ I mean ‘intelligent guesses’. Years of watching KBC have taught me how to solve MCQ’s. If you know the answer, tick it right away. If you don’t eliminate all options which are absurd and use your intuition to choose from the remaining options. You’ll have a better chance. My intuition rocked and I got like 18,19/20 in the Reading and Grammar part so, in simple words. I got lucky.

That also means that I got more in my Hindi pre-final than what I got in my science pre-final. Aah. The Irony.
I could’ve easily got 2 and a half marks more if only I’d not messed up the letters like a first-grader. I got a 2 ½ and 3 in the essay and letter. Those are out of 5. Sigh. Hope I don’t commit it again.

I’m planning to get an A1 in Hindi but for that, I’ll have to pep-up my game big time.

Hmm. I guess I’ll go get started(not now, in a few hours).

So, I guess that’s about it for now.

Until next time,
(PS : 4369212011 That’s the ---- now. So, it took me 12 minutes to write this 380-odd worded blogpost. That’s 30 words per minute, a word every 2 seconds. Kewl, right?)

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