Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time of your life -- Green Day!

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So, make the best of this test and don’t ask why.
It’s not an answer but a lesson learnt in time.
Something’s unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

(Life’s changing, for good) More on that soon.

824 days to go

The past 2 days have been good. I’m quite pleased with the progress I’m making. “Progress on what?” Well, MIT.

*OMG. He’s back at it again. Cover your ears*

I have 824 days to apply to MIT. That’s right, 824 days! Because, in 824 days, 31st December,2013 is going to come and that is the last day to submit the MIT application.

I basically made a list of all the tasks that I must do to get into MIT. However, note that, even if I do all those tasks, I might still not get into MIT but, doing those tasks wouldn’t hurt me instead, it might even increase my chances. Now, that the list is over, I still have the job to plan it in my schedule and then, the difficult part, I have to execute it. But, all that was made easy, thanks to Celestine’s ESPER. It was really helpful! Google it!

 Now, in those 824 days, I’m going to put more than 1000+ hours of effort to get into MIT. Simply put, I’m going to try my best to get there because that’s the place I want to be. That’s my own, very own goal. 

Nobody is imposing it on me and that’s why I’m sure that I’ll be able to put my best effort. I am indeed going to try my best. However, I cannot control the result. Sigh. If I get in, I’ll be on top of the world but not surprised because I’ve put in a lot of effort.

But, then What if I don’t? Well, this will be the last time I’m going to address this question.

If I don’t, it won’t definitely be the end of the world. I’ll definitely try for IIT or any other Indian University. Not going there would just mean that I’m not going to have all those facilities but, I still have myself. It’s not where I go but who I am that matters. So, if I don’t, I’ll not lose heart. MIT didn’t have place for me because fate had other plans in store for me. I know that I was born to do something(something as in life-changing).Well, if I don’t get admitted into MIT, I’ll try elsewhere. After that? Well, we’ll see when it comes till there.

Well, that was the last time, I’m ever going to address that question on this blog.

Now, what if I do?
If I do, I’ll be on cloud 99. Lol.

Anyway, today, I still have to draw a plan for those tasks and inculcate them into my schedule. What better time to do it than in the holidays? Then, I’ll have to execute those tasks. As far as I know, I’m capable of doing everyone of them. I just need to put in enough effort.

I’m 15(Okay. I'm 14 but, only one month left), I may not be sure of my limits but, I’m sure that anything is possible if I try hard enough.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 I just wrote a 3000+ word entry on MIT.

It was originally meant to be published on this blog but after it turned out to be awesome(dare I say) I decided that it was just too risky to be published online. Really, I must admit that it turned out to be quite a good one.

Writing that resulted in me gaining significant clarity. It made me realize that I still have 826 days to submit my application ;)

MIT, I really want to attend you but I know that it's going to be tough ride but, I'm willing to put my best efforts. See you!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Holidays for 13 whole days

That’s right. I’ve got holidays for the next 13 days. I was craving for them before today but, now that they’re in front of me, I feel unsure about what I’m going to do. Sigh. It always happens like this but I didn’t expect it to happen this time around.

So, what are my plans for these 13 days when there is no homework, no tests?

Hmm. It’s a really good question. One that may not have a proper answer until these 13 days are over. But, I’m going to try my best to make a list of the possible things that I could do.

-          ….I don’t know.


 Sigh. I’ll be armed with a better answer tomorrow guys. So, keep checking!

Exams ended. Holidays started.

I swear that this will be my last post about studies for some time. Just bear with me for one last post.
Today was my last and final exam. That’s right, exam’s are over. Holidays for a full 13 days!! Woohoo *Does a somersault*

So, how was today’s exam? It was social. I was attempting for a 78 but I think I’ll have to settle for 74+ or something. Lost a mark in each map-work and MCQ’s L But, never mind, 74 is quite good.

  So, that means I won’t be getting an A1 grade this term *Cries* I’ll get an A2 and that’ll probably result in my GPA being less than 10. Sigh. I really-really wanted to get a 10/10 CGPA. But, I guess that wasn’t the thing that fate wanted for me.

  Anyway, before I forget, I want to tell you that my nights are becoming terrible. Really, today morning(yesterday night) sucked. (That’s right, I used that word. Get over it :P ;)) Seriously, I don’t think I slept for even 2 hours. I was awake till like 3-4 Am and then, I probably got 2 hours sleep. Something was nagging at me telling me to wake up and open the books to study. I was so awake! I can’t just explain it! You’ll have to experience it yourself.

Anyway, I promise that’ll be the last thing you hear about my studies in a long time.

I’m working on a post about what I’m going to do in these holidays. Stay tuned! 

Until next time,


Sunday, September 25, 2011

I should be studying right now.

I should be studying. I should be studying right now.

 Look how much I love you guys, I left studies to take some time out and write this post. Okay, you got me. I was bored.

*sniff* 78/80 looks very far-away. If I was asked to write a test with my knowledge at this current moment, then I’d get some 65+. I’ve still got loads to study.


Alright, that’s not everything I know. After tomorrow, I’ll be back with my usual ‘everyday’ posts. I mean, I don’t plan on writing anything else on studying.  Here’s a teaser about something that’s coming.

I was flipping through the pages of ‘The Hindu’(A newspaper) when I happened to glance over a title which said “TRS hints at Egypt-like movement.” Rebellion? Cool. I instantly started reading it. Something’s coming guys, something interesting is coming which might win me the support of the Telangana people or land me in jail. Alright, I’m hyping it too much, nobody’ll probably even read it but, a good advertisement never goes amiss.

So, keep waiting for my version of ‘Egypt-like revolution in Hyderabad for Telangana.” There you go, I said it.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I got to head back to my studies.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

*Some title here*

….I’m feeling guilty of having been pestering you guys with my exams for like a full month now. But, guess what, Monday’s my last exam. That’s right, no exams for like the next 5 months(though they are riddled with tests). And, after Monday, Dassera starts.

Seriously, INDIA rocks. I mean, declaring India as a secular state was probably the best thing that the constitution makers could do. Having no official religion meant that all religions are supposed to be treated equally, now, if you give a holiday for a ‘hindu’ festival and not give one for a ‘muslim’ festival wouldn’t that be treating them unequally. Alright, you got me. I’ve got my Social Studies(history, geography, civics and economics) on Monday. Anyway, in simple words, I’m getting like 13 days of holidays. That’s almost 2 weeks of loading-off after the exams *Does a somer-sault*.

 Anyway, I can’t stop thinking of how my life is going to change once my last exam is over. After reading the MIT blogs I’m like ‘more enlightened’ now. I’ve finally got a purpose and those two weeks are going to help me to decide how I’m going to spend my next 5-6 months before my annual exams*goosebumps*.
Hmm. It’s 10:50 pm now and I was actually planning on studying now. Remember when I said that I had to ace Monday’s test? I wasn’t kidding. I’m planning to put in my best efforts.

And, in other news, I’m so seriously pissed off at the Telangana Bandh that’s going on. More on that later, mosquito’s are biting me all over my defenseless legs and I’m itching to kill ‘em but, I’m busy typing. Ah. Didn’t realize that mosquito’s could be so intelligent. Anyway, bye!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad. Real bad.

 Things are definitely bad when I start off with a ‘L’.

 I wrote my Hindi exam today and well, it was ‘terrible’. Really. I’m not a person who’d feel dejected if he got a 75 in hindi saying that he was expecting a 76. I did bad, real bad. I’m expecting somewhere between 60 and 70/80 and if things turn out to be worse then I’m look at a 55+. However, by the stroke of luck(like in the pre-finals) I think it might just be possible to get 70+ but deep down I’ll know that I don’t deserve those marks.

  The moment I set my eyes on the paper and read through it I knew I was in for a challenge. The grammar part, I didn’t study that particular bit and it came. Call it bad-luck or co-incidence. The question answers, I wrote them ‘okayish’. I mean, I’m sure that they’ll be riddled with spelling mistakes. Letter and essay? I wrote the letter quite okay and the essay, I think I messed it up. I mean, I was writing it cool but suddenly I feel like I turned into a first-grader and wrote an essay like them and I’m not proud of it.

Soon, after finishing with the literature and writing section, I came back to the comprehension and grammar sections. Comprehension, the first 2, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get max 2 mistakes but the 3rd and the 4th were crap. They were poems which I didn’t understand a single bit. I mean, they were quite difficult. However, using my intuition, I think I did okay on this part. I used logical reduction and then tried to deduce the answer based on the similarity of words in the poem and in the question.

 Grammar. The first question came from like some remote corner of the book and I was like “wtf”. The next two, I knew them, half-guessed you could say. The 4th one, I’m doubtful but I wrote my best guess. The rest of the grammar section, Hmmph. The questions that I could answer, I could answer them only because I could cancel out the remaining options. I didn’t know that a specific answer was the answer, I deduced it by logic after the remaining options weren’t possible of being the answers to that question. But soon, I was confronted with questions that had a 50-50 chance. I could cancel out two but, still two remained. It is in these questions that I have the biggest doubt. I mean, I got a 50-50 chance but if I mess up, I won’t even get a half mark. It’s either a 0 or a 1. That’s what I hate about MCQ’s. Anyway, I just chose the best guess out of them and wrote it down. If I’m lucky, they’ll be correct. If I’m wrong then god save me.

 Overall, I did pretty terribly. Only an ‘insane streak of luck’ can save me now. I’m looking at a B1 or B2. That hurts. Really. I mean, I spent the whole previous night studying and studying and this result. L. It sucks.
I was in high moods before the exam but now, I’m feeling so dejected. I was so bent upon getting an A1 in all the subjects and getting a 10/10 CGPA but I guess that isn’t to be so. Well, I guess fate has something else in store for me J.

Night before the Hindi Exam

This is what happened the night before my Hindi exam. I still had loads to study and well, I decided to studying into the night. Inspired by the MIT blogs, I decided to keep a note of the things that I did during that. So, here it is.

8:40 -> Started off with Grammar(Swar Sandhi)

9:02 -> Break after finishing one lesson.

9:08 -> New lesson! Samas.

9:24 ->Break! (don’t I take breaks too frequently?)

9:31 -> Mishr aur Sanyukt Vakya.

9:38 -> Mohavre

9:48 -> Decided to update my facebook status.

9:54 -> Resumed with Mohavre.

10:15 -> Finally done with Grammar. Now, break.

10:20 -> Started studying for the letter(patr)

10:49 -> First signs of dozing. Just realized, two hours had passed already.

11:00 -> The bed’s beckoning me but NO! I’ve still got more to study

11:07 -> Break.

11:13 -> Essay!

11:34 -> Enough of essays. I’ll be able to do it nicely. Hopefully(sadly that wasn’t the case L)

11:35 -> Updated my Fb status.

11:42 -> Started reading Q and Ans of poems. Yaay! 3 hours.

11:55 -> Decided to call it a day. Will wake up early tomorrow to finish what I started.

(PS : Stayed awake till 12:01 just for the sake of marking 22 off the calendar.)
5:22 -> Woke up to Dingo’s incessant ‘whines’. Started studying the remaining part.
5:37 -> Sleep!

..Then, I woke up and went to school and wrote the exam. It was terrible L. Really terrible. As far as I know, I’m looking at a B1 or a B2 grade which sucks. Really, I was expecting an A2 or an A1. *Whines* Waaaaah! Waaah!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Happy not Satisfied

 To most people, happy and satisfied probably mean the same but let me tell you that they both are very different from each other and the way you look at them might just give you an edge over others.
 Let me make it clear with an example :

We got the results for our science exam. A friend of mine who doesn’t really study great got 28/40. Now, that means that he has passed and got more than 50%. I went up to him and asked “Are you happy?” He replied “No.” I then asked him “Are you satisfied?” he replied “No.” I told him “Mate, you got 28/40. You should be happy but not satisfied.”

  There is a world of difference between being satisfied and being happy. Let’s say that my friend was happy about his marks but not satisfied with them. This shows that he knows that he is capable of getting more marks. He is happy with 28 but is not satisfied with it. This will probably drive him to get better marks next time around.

 Suppose this same friend was both happy and satisfied. Then, there would be no scope for development because he is satisfied with 28. He doesn’t have the hunger for more. He’s like a lion which doesn’t kill people when it’s hungry. It is basically giving up a chance to grow stronger and put on more weight.

 If he is neither happy nor satisfied then he’ll probably be in a depressed state and think like “I can’t get more than this. This is what people like me are destined to get.” Which is bad for you, real bad.

Hope you get the drift of what I’m saying.

 Most people say “You write excellently Adarsh.” But, I know better. I’ve read many other articles on the internet as well as in the newspaper which say otherwise. They tell me that I’m not that great. This makes me feel ‘unsatisfied’ with my current writing skills and makes me work hard to improve them. I’m happy with my writing skills but not satisfied which is exactly the reason why I’m trying to improve them.

By now, you’ve probably understood what I want to tell. Now comes the part where you have to apply it to your own life.

 Be happy with what you have but don’t be satisfied with it. Because, the day you are satisfied will be the day your growth stops.

 If Bill-Gates was satisfied with the first version of Windows then we probably wouldn’t have had the amazing features that Windows 7 has. He wasn’t satisfied with the first version, he knew that there was space for change.

If Sachin Tendulkar was satisfied with the 600-odd run partnership he had with Vinod Kambli in his school days, he wouldn’t have become what he is today. His growth would’ve stagnated.

If you are satisfied with what you have today then re-evaluate yourself because there is always some space for change. No matter how hard a piece of rock may be, some(although negligible) amount of inter-molecular space is always present.

Be happy not satisfied.

PS : I’m sort of in enlightened mode. This post was a result of that :P

Until next time



Wondering what that is? Let’s see if you can decipher it.

-Put a Colon after the first no.
-Space after the 3rd
-Forward slash after the 4th,6th and last number.

Figured it out? Cool.

Anyway, today’s Science exam went okay. I would die to tell that I rocked it but sadly, that isn’t the case. 

Though I’ve had some great amount of luck and help from the gods themselves, I made silly mistakes(argh). On a safe note, I’ll be getting 70+. 73+ is required for an A1 grade and well, I’m quite positive that I’ll make it.

  We also had a look at our Hindi pre-final papers. I got a –wait for it- 68 and a half out of 80. Alright, that may not be ‘high’ according to you but, it’s probably the highest that I’ve got in Hindi in a long time and that sure cheered me up. A friend of mine got 68 and the rest got lower down so, I’m first. Yipee!

Most of my MCQ’s came correct and I’ll have to thank the stars for that because as far as I can remember, I guessed most of them. But, when I say ‘guess’ I mean ‘intelligent guesses’. Years of watching KBC have taught me how to solve MCQ’s. If you know the answer, tick it right away. If you don’t eliminate all options which are absurd and use your intuition to choose from the remaining options. You’ll have a better chance. My intuition rocked and I got like 18,19/20 in the Reading and Grammar part so, in simple words. I got lucky.

That also means that I got more in my Hindi pre-final than what I got in my science pre-final. Aah. The Irony.
I could’ve easily got 2 and a half marks more if only I’d not messed up the letters like a first-grader. I got a 2 ½ and 3 in the essay and letter. Those are out of 5. Sigh. Hope I don’t commit it again.

I’m planning to get an A1 in Hindi but for that, I’ll have to pep-up my game big time.

Hmm. I guess I’ll go get started(not now, in a few hours).

So, I guess that’s about it for now.

Until next time,
(PS : 4369212011 That’s the ---- now. So, it took me 12 minutes to write this 380-odd worded blogpost. That’s 30 words per minute, a word every 2 seconds. Kewl, right?)

'Pau' Nighter

Boring Post.
Really, trust me. It’s boring. Don’t read it.
Stop! Go back!
Do not read!

Alright. I’ll shut up. But, don’t blame me when you realize that this was a crappy blogpost.

It was a weird night, a really weird night.

 Well, today was my science exam and yesterday was a preparation holiday so, I was doing just that, preparing.

  I started at 11 Am and well, I went on studying till 6:30 pm. I did a check on my progress and to my dismay, I’d just finished with 3 lessons, there were still 5 more remaining. I was like ‘What the!’ I contemplated on an all-nighter but, went on studying. Really, I prepared a lot for the exam today. Haven’t done that in ages.

Soon it struck 10:15 and I still had a few more chapters to revise. I’d finished them actually but I felt like that was not enough, I had to study more.

I kept my iPod Touch for charging on my laptop which was on my bed. I decided to just lie on the bed, you know, just for a small nap. With my laptop and iPod on my bed, it wasn’t a comfortable one so, I assumed that I would wake up soon.

 I opened my eyes. Darkness all around. I quickly sat on my bed with my eyes straining to look around. Quickly pressed the home button on my iPod. It read ’12:54 am’. I was like “What the! I slept. Damn!”
I instantly switched on the light. I realized that my laptop was still on and my iPod was still getting charged. The battery was already full so I unplugged it and switched off the laptop and removed it from my bed. Then, I sat on my table to study.

 I studied for like 10 minutes and then switched on the music. Woke up again, studied for a bit more time and then slept again. 

Woke up, slept.

 Woke up, slept.

 Woke up, slept.

I literally woke up like 6-7 times. I mean, I wasn’t in control of myself. Half my mind said “Study” the other part said “What you’ll study? Go back to sleep.”

Finally, at 6:30 something, I decided that I’ve had enough. I actually woke up(for once) and started getting ready for school.

To be honest, I know that I haven’t written this blog-post properly and you could understand close to nil. But, really, I couldn’t find words to explain myself.

....But, it was an amazing experience. My science exam went quite good as well :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Every win is not a Victory

 “Every Win is not a Victory.”

 I was just watching MasterChef(alright. You got me. But, it was only the last few minutes so I just tuned in.) Well, ‘Shannon’ said that. She didn’t exactly say it but she said something similar and I transformed it. Well, it’s been an eye-opener.

‘Every win is not a victory.’ WoW!

  Somebody out of my league may have got more marks than me and won over me in the pre-finals but that person hasn’t achieved victory over me. That person has just won the battle, the war is still on. And, the war starts in 22 hours. I’m glad that I’m finally over my ‘sulking’ mood.

 I’m going to make this a short one because I got to go get started on preparing for my science exam.

  I’m going to take this one up as a real challenge. To be honest, it’s been ages since somebody last challenged me. I’m liking the feel of it J

 Yup! I’m going to study my head-off and I mean it. I’ve got a goal in front of me.

“In victory, the Hero seeks the glory not the prey.”

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nobody challenges me and lives to tell the tale

I’m going to make this a quick one.

The English exam today went quite well. I’m expecting nice marks but only time will tell. Anyway, my science teacher happened to reveal my pre-final marks and I got 64/80. That’s less, real less. Also, somebody challenged me(not really but, you could say that). Now, that was probably going to put salt on my wound but alas, people aren’t aware. They don’t know me. Nobody, Nobody tries to put salt on my wound.

‘Nobody challenges me and lives to tell the tale’ – Adarsh.
  Alright, all crap aside. I’m going to nail my science exam. I’m actually going to study for it. Over-confidence got the better of me in the pre-finals but, not anymore. I’m MIT-stuff, science is like my ‘bai-haath’ ka khel :P How can I do poorly in it? And, beware knight. Your reign won’t last long. You may have got more in the pre-finals but, muhuhaaha, that ain’t gonna happen twice. Everyday’s not a Sunday :P

 In simple words, I’m going to nail Wednesday’s Science Exam.  I’m going to have a go at glory. That’s right, the fabled 80. I’ve made a promise. Crap. I can’t go back on it…..

Until next time,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Using a cleaning cloth to wipe off the dust of my lit. reader

In news as shocking as the fall of the Berlin Wall, reports suggest that Adarsh has finally decided to study for his English exam.

 Okay. I’ll shut up. Wait, maybe I won’t because you can’t make me.

 Anyway, to those people who haven’t figured it out yet, I have my English exam tomorrow. Well, I didn’t do great in the pre-finals so, I figured that the only way I was going to do well in the actually exams was if I studied. Go figure for yourself.

 Nope. By studying, I don’t mean reading a novel or watching 2 movies continuosly. By studying, I mean actually opening my literature reader(I’ll have to use a cleaning cloth) and studying.

I’ll probably open my grammar book and look over the rules, my intuition didn’t really help me the last time around. I’m one of those guys who cannot define basic rules. Ask me to state a few rules of some part in grammar and I’ll be stumped. But, give me a question with 4 options and I’ll have a 95% chance of a correct answer. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with all the trumpet-blowing, I can see you plugging your ears.

 I was actually planning on starting 5 hours ago but, duty(read facebook) called and I had to go attend to the call. Anyway, better late than never, what say folks?

It’s probably a good time to stop irritating you and go offline. Guess what, for once, I’ll oblige.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The other part of me. The part you probably didn't know.

  To those of you who didn’t know, School is not the only place where I write exams. School exams aside, there is something like a ‘prep school’ that I attend everyday for preparing for College.

 That’s right. I’m in grade 10 and I attend a version of a ‘prep school’. Infact, I’ve been attending it from 8th grade. Sigh, we Indians(Hyderabadi's rather) indeed take admission to a good University seriously.

  The classes take place from 5-7 Am(You read it right. It’s AM!) everyday with a test on every Sunday(6 am to 8am). Sigh, I wake up before 80-90%  of all teenagers and sleep before the same number!(surprise, surprise.)

 Well, as you probably know by now(from my incessant trumpet-blowing), I usually ace my school exams.

These exams? I don’t even come close. In other words I s**k at them. I mean, if I get 90+% in school, I’m lucky to get 20-24/30 in a test here. That’s right, they’re that hard. Or, I’m not studying properly.

There is a 60 mark test every Sunday on 2 subjects, either Math and Physics or Math and Chemistry(each 30 marks). Well, the tests are quite challenging. I’ve been getting 12-18 marks on an average in each subject and I don’t like it. I really don’t like it. I’m a good student, those marks aren’t the ones that I should get.

 But, “Marks aren’t the thing that defines your life it's the attitude you have towards learning that counts.” – A few weeks ago, when I first stumbled upon MIT, my view of this prep school radically changed. I started learning with an open mind and well, I could feel the change. My attitude towards learning changed and it was a good experience.

I got 25/30(actually 26, the examiner made a mistake in correcting) in Physics last before-week. Math, I’m ashamed to tell out the marks. I attempted 70% of the paper but I got 90% of them wrong and got a ‘one-digit score’(Don’t tell my mom because you’ll be a piece of dead meat if you do so. LoL. That felt good :P). 
Last week however, I got a low 15/30 in Chemistry and am expecting a 20+ score in math. They didn’t give our answer-sheets yet so I don’t know.

Anyway, tomorrow’s exam is Math and Physics.

Math – It’s progressions(AP, GP and HP). To be honest, I s**k at that. It just doesn’t go into my brain. I prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, use intelligence but, my teacher doesn’t teach like that. He just tells us to apply the formula. He doesn’t tell us the logic behind the formula for it to make sense. I plan on studying a bit for it and truly understand it(I don’t want to get a single-digit score again!).

Physics – Yaay! My favorite subject. The chapter for tomorrow’s test is Current Electricity, a really nice chapter. It makes sense and I’m good at it :P I got a 25/30 last Physics exam, was first in the class. I hope I’ll get a better score this time and again top the class in Physics. I’ll have to study!

Hmm. That’s probably about it. I was planning on studying it from 6 pm but I fell asleep and now it’s almost 9pm. I’ll probably eat my dinner and study till 11pm.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to study for it and write a great exam.

Until next time,

My Math Exam proved that Ohm's law was wrong.

 My half-yearly exams started today and Math was the first subject that we students had to collide against.

  Math’s resistance(R) is pretty high but the voltage(V) we got from the pre-finals was insanely high and it resulted in an unprecedented amount of Current(I) which resulted in IR>V (which proves Ohm's law wrong) and I had a wonderful exam.

Sorry about that guys, maybe I’m studying too much Physics. Aah. Nevermind, I promise no more physics.

Anyway, my math exam went really well. I attempted every single question and I’m quite sure that I’m going to get more than 75+. I’m ideally expecting 77+ but hey, I don’t want you readers to brand me as a trumpet-blower :P

 I attempted all questions and got all of them correct. I might lose marks in a Statistics question though, maybe I did it right but, let’s see. Then, there was this triangles sum. There was something about ‘vertical angle’ that I didn’t understand but I did it anyway and that proved costly. Though my idea of a ‘vertical angle’ was correct, apparently, I missed a major part of the question. Thankfully, I realized that later but, there was no space to write the remaining part so, I just modified my answer(terribly) and fitted it with the new addition. I’ll probably lose a mark or two there L. I would’ve re-written it but, I didn’t want to :/

I prepared for quite some time and that proved to be a life-saver for me. A question came from the one and only model paper that I’d practiced the day before. That was more than a coincidence. I can say for sure that if I had been over-confident like I’d been on the day of the pre-finals(Don’t blame me! I was reading Deception Point the day before!) I would’ve got like 60+ marks. Thankfully, I was spared.

 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I haven’t made any silly mistakes anywhere else. I really-really hope so!
In other news, my English exam is on Monday and breaking news! I have no plans of watching any movies on StarMovies, I’m actually going to prepare for the exam! I learnt my lesson in the pre-finals :P

I hope the English paper will be easy as well and not like ‘terrible shit’ like it was during the pre-finals.
Because, I’d forget my English if I had to write a paper like that again!

…Anyway, wish me luck guys(Though I won’t need it, luck never goes amiss)

Until next time,

Reality TV is a waste of time. Yeah!

I was browsing articles when suddenly I read a post which said something like “Reality TV is a waste of time.”

Well, the words ‘guilty as charged’ started hovering in my mind. The post written by Martin Wilson said that MasterChef was a waste of time. Well, recently, I too have been watching it and well, my face turned red(due to guilty-ness, not shyness!).

  Well, after reading the article, I realized that reality TV was indeed a waste of time. I mean, we could do so much work in the 1-2 hours that we spend infront of the TV watching someone do something. That was the reason that I began watching less and less TV everyday but, recently, I found myself searching the channel catalogue on the TV for the timings when ‘MasterChef’ came.

 Reality TV over here includes – KBC(an Indian version of Who’s going to become a Millionaire) : Das Ka Dum(some crap show) : MasterChef India : Indian Idol : X-Factor and some others. I used to be an avid fan of KBC but then, I weaned off. I’ve hardly watched a full episode of this season’s KBC and I’m sort of proud.

 The reason I started watching less TV was because I didn’t find time for it. It was either TV or Internet. And, I chose internet because blogging had become an integral part in my life(thanks to you readers out there!) The rest of the time was spent studying.

 Another reason was that, I read somewhere that ‘advertisements’ shape our mind. They create new needs and well, they stimulate it.(I read in my history reader. Surprising eh?) So, I began muting the TV off when advertisements came and only unmuting it when actual content was being broadcasted. One day, I timed the amount of time that advertisements came and the amount of time the content was played. I found that over 30% of the time was spent in advertisements and the rest in the actual content. In some channels, it bordered on the 45-50% mark. I started thinking. To watch 35 minutes of some show, I spend 25 minutes watching advertisements. Isn’t that a complete waste?

 Yet another reason is that I found that the content I watched on the TV wasn’t really helping me. I mean, I’d be better off writing a blog post or have more fun on Facebook than on T.V.

Blogging was another reason, the fun I get in blogging easily surpasses the excitement in watching an hour and a half of KBC(Kaun Banega Crorepati).

Phew. I guess I’ll stop now. But, I’ve learnt something and thank you Marty Wilson. The next time I watch some show, there’ll be a certain amount of guilt :P MasterChef, I don’t I’ll be watching that anytime soon :P

Anyway, see ya!

Until next time,

My thoughts on an article #1

(This is the first post of a series. I'll be posting many such posts in the near future(which can extend for a long-long time).)

  I was just browsing through the pages of the August, 2010 issue of Reader’s digest when an article caught my eye. The title read ‘What I wish I knew about School’. I like to read things that teach me things, that make me learn something new. So, I instantly began reading through the article.  I felt a desire to write a blog-post on it, so, here it is.

Title : What I wish I knew about School.

Author : Marty Wilson

 Link to the full article -- (Click here to view the article)

I’ll just be posting the things that he wished along with my thoughts. And, a few excerpts.

-          Working Hard is really, really cool : ““Marty is doing very well at school with an absolute minimum of effort.”” -- Just replace ‘Marty’ with Adarsh and anyone could’ve mistook that for a comment on my report-card for kindergarten(and for the 11 years that followed).

-          “I was incredibly lucky to be born with a stupidly high IQ.” – He stole the words from my mouth.

-          “I was that annoyingly smug class idiot who though it was beneath him to work hard.” – The first part about the ‘idiot’ thing may probably be true but the second part about working hard, not anymore :P

-          For me to realize that getting pass marks—without any effort at all – may get you the degree, but it doesn’t get you the education. There’s this other report card, called your character, where you only get an A for working to the absolute limits of your ability, purely for the satisfaction of being able to say: “I did my best.”.” – Golden words!

-          It’s healthy to be challenged.” – Yup! I’ll definitely agree to that. My first rank being challenged drove me to study hard and well, it resulted(will result rather) in better marks and a feeling of “I did quite good.”

-          Don’t just stick to your own friends. Make an effort to talk to people who don’t fit the usual mould, they challenge your thinking and make life much more interesting. Don’t hit 50 and still have only the same friends you had in school.” – Yeah! Some people challenge your thinking. I’ve had first-hand experience in that recently. I’m going to take this one up as advice.

-          You can learn from everyone.” – Hmm. This one is indeed true.

-          We’re all tested by different things.” – I didn’t really understand this one.

-          Exam results do not define your life, but your attitude to learn can.” – I second this(who wouldn’t?) But, yes, in the recent days, I’ve learnt something about learning that I can’t put in words(I probably can but I don’t think you can understand until you learn it by yourself.)

-          It’s not your marks compared to other students’ that matter, but your marks compared to how well you could have done.” – Words of wisdom. I still have to learn this one though.

-          It’s the habits and attitudes formed by how hard you prepared for your exams that will give you the life you want.” – Oh.

Those were some of the excerpts and my views about them. Be sure to check out the original article because I’ve left out some interesting tidbits.

  This article struck something in me. Something that I’ve been planning to write on. I’ll post that thing soon enough. Promise. I’ll start working on it right away J.

Anyway, that was quite an interesting article and I’m going to google that author. He looks nice :P and I identify myself with him. That makes it all the more better.

Until next time,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Here I am, This is me. There’s no where else on Earth I’d rather be.

Nothing could be more untrue than the last sentence in the title. My half-yearly exams start from tomorrow and I’m here wasting the precious time that I was given to prepare for them. Call it over-confidence or utter disregard.

  I was planning to study yesterday but Facebook got the better of me. I hope that doesn’t happen today because I really have no intention of messing up my half-yearly exams.

  What am I writing this blog-post for? I have no idea to be honest. It’s just that I decided that I won’t be touching my laptop for the remaining part of this day(Not that it’s going to help much, TV’s always there).  So, well, I better get going. My Math’s pre-final exam stumped me and well, that repeats and I’ll be on no-man’s land.

 7 chapters I think. About 12 left in this day. It adds up to more than 1 hour per chapter and that’s loads of time. Though it wouldn’t be so if I dozed off for the next 5 hours.

 I better get started. My war-chief is getting all panicky because I haven’t started yet and he thinks that I am going to lose this battle. He is so na├»ve. I’ve sent him to the gallows :P

Until next time,
Adarsh(The stupendifier of good deeds)

(PS : All right. I guess I am crap at making titles :P)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Real deal begins on 17th.

It’s the 14th of September, the real deal starts in 2 days. That’s right. September 17th is the chosen day for the cursed exams to begin.

  You’re probably like “What the hell were you writing all these days?” “Something called ‘pre-exams’.”

Sigh. I wrote the last three exams, Science, English and Math without spending an hour infront of the books. Believe me when I say that I’m not proud of it.

However, that’s not going to happen for my final exams. There is far too much on stake to gamble. I already promised you guys that I’m going to crush that knight and I’m a man of my word. Added to that, I’ve a bet with my alter-ego that I’m going to nail exams and see to that thou shalt not spend another minute in my kingdom. That bet means a lot! :P

Anyway. The exams start on 17th and end on 26th September. That’s 9 days.  After that, we’ll probably have our Dassera holidays. Nothing like a good 1½ week holidays after the exams eh?

  Exams. Bring it on! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wolves, you’ve got Food!

“Sir! Your city is under siege”

“I’m not blind Geoffrey!”

“Then why don’t you act, Sire?”

“The easiest way to defeat an enemy is by convincing them that they’re making all the right moves. Just like a game of Chess.”

“Well said my lord.”

“Now, let them breach the outer-gates. I’ll have my trap set for them and they’ll walk right in. It’ll be dramatic.”

“More the dramatic, more the better.”

“ Enough with the Flattery! You may leave, my liege.”

Okay. Okay. Maybe I’ve had a bit of an over-dose of medieval movies. But, the situation in my mind’s similar. My alter-ego’s telling me that my reign is under attack but then again, a squire’s mind is a lot different than the king’s.

It all started 4 months ago, some new knight had been making waves in the Northern Plains. 3 months back, I first started getting glimpses of him. He started defeating the most seasoned professional jousters. 2 months ago, I realized that he was a Frenchman in disguise. He was inciting a revolt! It was too short of a notice but, I managed to fend of the first battle. But, soon, with the help of the gods, he bounced back and actually managed to stand shoulder-shoulder in a few subjects of interest.

Now, four months later, he is on the verge of breaching the perimeter of my kingdom and I’m not doing anything to stop him. Why? It’s because I have a better plan up my sleeve. Once he attacks and breaches the perimeter, he’ll probably be all confident about defeating me. Little will he know that it’s going to lead to his doom. I’m in the process of setting up the most brilliant turning-point in a war(It’s soon going to be outshined 
by Stalingrad though.)

He’ll walk in. All high and mighty, then, I’ll attack. I’ll take him by surprise and well, NO MERCY! NO WEAKNESS! I’ll tear him to pieces and feed it to the wolves(or my subjects, whoever is hungrier).

 It’s the perfect plan. But, yes, I’ll need to get some home-work done. I’ll need to prepare my armor, get my sword ready. Chalk out a battle-plan. But then, you need the heart of a lion to win and well, I have that!

Okay. Okay. I’ll shut up now.  I know I got all melodramatic and all. But, I can’t resist a good fight. Sadly, we all know who’s going to win. I feel bad about that knight. Good luck anyway.

You’ll be the first to know as soon as my messenger arrives with news of the battle!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue

 I was just browsing videos on youtube when I came across one of their videos. And, I must say, I was hooked! I went on watching more of their videos and downloading them for my iPod Touch.

  Well, they’re basically 3 brothers. Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano. Alejandro is the lead vocalist. Apparently, one of them visited Harvard University, after coming back, he started this band along with his brothers.

  They have 2 original albums to their name and other than that, they cover popular songs. I must say, they do it really-really well. It was their cover of ‘She will be loved’ by Maroon 5 along with Tiffany Alvord that introduced them to me and well, I never looked back.

 I now have more than 8 covers of theirs and am in the process of buying/downloading the remaining from iTunes.

 You might want to check them out.

….And, one girl called “Megan Nicole” did a cover(two actually) with them. She’s good. Atleast, better than Rebecca Black. Check out a song called B-e-a-utiful by her. Not awesome but, good.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Planning my first ever all-nighter

Here’s a first. My first-ever all-nighter(not really, I plan to pass-out at 3AM)

  Tomorrow’s my Hindi exam and well, I’d promised myself, long ago, that I’d be getting 70+/80 in this subject so that I can get an A1 grade. I haven’t really touched my hindi books so, today seems to be the best opportunity to realize my new dream of spending an all-nighter(just for the experience, you know.) And, I’m not a guy who misses his opportunities.

By the way, today’s social exam went okay. I answered all of the questions but I have doubts on a few and MCQ’s, I don’t know 2 but I answered them nonetheless. Map-work s***ed again. I’ll be getting an 73+/80. That’s quite good to be honest, but, I had my heart set on 75+ and coming first in social.

  Anyway, with social out of the way, I won’t have to spend anymore sleepless nights. Science, Math, English, they’re all easy-peasy. LOL!

 Hindi’s like social! I never know how I’ll do in the exam. Anyway, I want to get above 72 in it. That’s a big ask. Really. But, I’ll get there. After all, I’m MIT-stuff. LOL!

 Anyway, on this opportune moment, I’d like to disclose my personal goals for the pre-finals.
Math – 79+/80 – Get 80/80 would be a dream come true but then, it never happened yet.
Science 76+ -- It’s easy. With a bit of studying. And, added to that, I’m MIT-stuff. :D
English : 74+ -- ….Will need to spend some time on Grammar and hope that the comprehension is easy.
Social – 73+ -- …..aah..wrote it today. Anything lower will not be tolerated by me :P
Hindi : 72+(74+ actually) … Well, will need to do a lot-lot work today.

So, that’s it for now. I’m going to switch into ‘study-mode’ now. Hindi…..

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with my plans for an all-nighter. Study till 3AM. Sleep till 7:30. Go write exam. Easier said than done Adarsh.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 8, 2011

A quick word before I pass out

  It's 10:00pm and I just wanted to write a quick blog-post before I officially retire for the night.(Sigh. I make it sound so....)

  Anyway, today's studies for my social exam tomorrow didn't go one bit like the way I'd planned. So much for planning. I just read a few chapters, looked over the guide and well, I'm quite confident about acing the exam. But, I can never tell until the paper's infront of me.

.....I don't know what to type! I'm feeling drowsy.

Sigh. was thinking about an all-nighter . Lmao.

See ya!

How I study for social?

“How do you study?” – I was once again asked this question. In a different form, but the same thing.
I replied something like “I read the chapters when they’re finished and then, prepare something like important-notes from them and during exam-time, I just read through them.”

  Well, I’ll be honest. My answer was part true, part false. I did indeed follow that pattern but, it took me no less than 2-3 days to realize that it wasn’t very efficient. I mean, I felt that it was time-waste to spend time preparing those notes. I could use that time better.

I don’t have a specific pattern of studying, at least officially. I don’t know how but I just manage to get through the exams with minimum studies. I mean, I’m not one of those kids who spend every waking hour studying and wake up the whole night.

 Anyway, since you guys asked(actually, no one asked :/) I’m going to give you a peek(a full view rather into my ‘time-table’ for tomorrow’s Social Studies Pre-final.

Total subjects : 1
Chapters : 12
History : 2 Geography : 4 Civics : 4 Economics : 2
Time to study : It’s 12:13 pm now. The exam’s tomorrow. So, I’ve got…hmm..6-7 hours.

  Sigh. 12 subjects in 6-7 hours. That’s quite a lot and I agree but, hey, divide that 12 by 2. It’s because half the portion was over in the first unit-test. Anyway, let’s consider them too.

  So, I’ve got quite a challenge up ahead of me but let’s meet it head on!

Hmm. So, when will I start studying? It’s around 12:16 pm now so, I’m going to start at 2:15 – 2:30. I need some free-time too! From 2:30, I’ll probably study for the rest of the day. I don’t mean that I’ll sit at the study-desk for hours together. I’ll take many-many breaks.

 Anyway, back to the topic. Where do I start?

Before we get there, what all do I have to study? What all do I need to prepare? What all do I need to do to write the exam well?
  ….Read lessons thoroughly…Understand them…Go through the guide…Go through the sample papers …Believe in yourself.

 Trust me, the last one is the most important of all. No matter how much you study, no matter how much time you spend, if you don’t believe in yourself  it’s all useless. It’s a complete waste I’m telling you. … I know I’m sounding all ‘lecturer’ type ;?

What does believing in yourself mean? Nice question. It means that once you finish all the above tasks, tell yourself “I’m gonna do just fine tomorrow”, believe that you can and will remember everything in the exam hall and stuff like that.

Anyway, coming back.

I’ll spend some time reading through the lessons. Skimming over them rather. – 1 ½  hour.
Go through the guide – 2 hours
Break – …everytime you feel like taking one. Take one.
Sample papers – Rest of the day.

And, that’s about it. I’ll be spending some more time on stuff like writing down imp. Stuff but, all that comes under the above.

 Well, that’s how I prepare for the exams. But, it’s my way. It works for me, I have no idea what works for you.


 If it works, good.
If it doesn’t, Tauba Tauba. LoL!

....Well, to be honest. I don’t know if I’ll be following what I wrote above but, I’ll be maintain a close vigilance on my activities today and will do another post soon.

See ya!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5-letter word

5 letter word

 That’s right. Here we go, it isn’t even 2 weeks since I was last found rambling about how tensed up I was about my tests and here start another fresh batch. However, you’re not going to find anymore of those I’m-so-so-tensed-up-god-help-me posts because this time around, I’m as cool as a cucumber. Thanks to the past few days(MIT).

  This time around, it’s Pre-SA1 till 14th September and after 2 days of holidays, SA1 exams start. They are from 17th to 26th September. So, basically, whole of September is going to be drowned in studying for them.

  Something has happened to me in the past few days. Something has changed inside me since the day I had that fever. For the better(if I may add). I’m like “Bring it on!”. It feels as though, I can take on anything and put in tremendous hard-work(which remains to be seen until this day).

….Anyway, It’s 9:34pm and my eyes are already cheating me(was planning to do an all-nighter today :P). I’ll go sleep :P Let the all-nighter be washed away in the floods(a translation of ‘Bhaad me ja!”)

Alrighty then. See ya!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is for Living

(NOTE : This is the actual 100th post. Blogger made a mistake In counting :P)

 “Life is for Living” – That’s what I’ve learnt over the past few days. Life is not all about studying, studying and studying. It’s about living, that is what’s important.

  Until today, my time-table used to be like “Study-Break-Study-Break-Study-Break-Sleep” But, I think that I’ve understood the need to include some ‘off time’ for doing things just for the pleasure of doing them.

  It’s important to do things that you’ve a real interest in. I was missing that point until now, I hope that isn’t the case anymore. I should find things that give me real joy and work towards doing them.

  ….This is not the ‘amazing post’ that I promised to write in the ‘99th post’. I’ve decided to put it off until a sunny day.

See ya!


(NOTE : THIS IS POST 99# Blogger made a mistake in counting. Check the next post for the actual post 100 :P)

I’m finally here, this is post no. 100 of this blog.  I started blogging feverishly 3 months back and looking at the number of posts that I’ve made since, it doesn’t look like I’ve slackened. Infact, August was the best month ever with me posting 29 posts, that’s almost 1 post everyday except for 2 days. Anyway, my blogging experience has been quite great. I never really thought of computer as a tool for writing but maintaining this blog has changed that. I write more on the computer and given my, average typing-speed skills, it’s more efficient and better.

   I also read over some of my previous blog-posts and I can sort of feel the change in my writing skills. Writing with a pen used to take a long time but I don’t have to go through that anymore. My laptop has turned my best friend.

  These 100 posts have taught me how much I care about writing and giving my opinion and sharing it with the world. Before, I was so-called ‘shy’. But, thanks to my blog, people on facebook know that there’s a different me that they know nothing about.

  I’ve blogged from stuff ranging from the usual to the insane and I must say, it’s been a terrific experience.
I’m going to say it now. Just in case you’re wondering, NO, I’m not going to slack off now. I’m going to continue with this blog. Now that the initial goal of 100 posts has been accomplished, I’m looking forward on beating the next goal which reads “200 posts”. It might probably take me 7-8 months but, I think it’ll be worth the time spent on it.

So, that’s it for now.


99th Post -- A prerogative to the 100th one.

 Well, I'm closing in on the magic number that's been eluding me since eternity.

It's my 99th post on this blog and well, I'm currently tied with Sachin Tendulkar. I just hope that it doesn't take me forever to write my 100th post like the time it is taking for him to hit is 100th century.

  Aah. Dingo is barking it's head off on something and I'm too lazy to keep my laptop away and look what it's barking at. Room's surprisingly clean with just the usual newspaper/bags/books around and nothing else. That makes a good writing environment I guess.
   I'll just wrap it up now. My mind is on the 100th post that I'm going to make soon. It's going to be something that I'm going to go over and over in the next 1 year so, it better be good right? I go to write it.

See ya!


Saturday, September 3, 2011



   That’s the word that has been bugging me for the last 3 days. No more though.

 It all started with a simple youtube search for ‘physics’. It enlightened me that MIT lectures were open to the public. I started cursing myself for not knowing that before. Curiosity then took me to the MIT website.

   It was curiosity that made me read through the various parts of the website. I realized that this was what I was searching for. I stripped the website bare, taking in every piece of information that I could find. Once I had exhausted the conventional sources of energy, I turned to the non-conventional. Namely, the blogs kept by the MIT students, alumni and staff. It turned out to be a treasure trove. I gained immense knowledge about the college and with each passing moment, a resolve in me started growing bigger and bigger.

Yesterday, it became uncontrollable and I knew what I had to do. I made a promise with myself that I was going to get into the MIT.

Today, I read some more blogs and my thought that ‘This is it!’ just grew stronger and stronger and I resolved to tell mom. I’d been giving her coded signals from the past few days but she didn’t understand. I decided that I’ll have to tell her directly. So, I went into the kitchen and asked her innocently “Mum, you had something about MIT na. What is it?” My mother then acted like she had regained some old forgotten memory and started chattering excitedly. 5 minutes later, I realized that I’d got the official ‘go-ahead’ and there’s nothing else that can stand in my way (not that the former really mattered but…Aah. Forget it!)

So, it’s up to me now. 3rd September, 2011. That’s 2 and a-half years to prepare for MIT. And, I know that I’m going to. I just hope the steam that is driving me now holds it’s ground for the next 30 months.

It’s a rough journey ahead though and I’ll have put in every possible effort that I can.

30 months. Just 30 months….


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Transforming this blog

 Alright guys. Here’s the deal. I’m going to change this blog and divide it up into smaller sub-blogs.
I’ve decided to take up blogging a bit more seriously. So, I’ve decided to open up sub-blogs which are going to concentrate on specific issues and not like this one in which I post everything that comes into my mind.

…So, I’m going to remove every post which doesn’t deal with the aim of this blog which reads “A peek into the life of a usual teenager.” I’m going to move those posts to another blog in which I’m going to post all similar such posts.

Here are the blogs that I’m going to start from now on.

About Everything and Nothing : This one’s going to stay as it is.

A teenager’s understanding of science: I’m going to post all my new discoveries of science here. I mean, every new thing I read is going to be evaluated here.

A google a day: It’ll give out the answer to a google a’s questions.

A how-to manual: Here, I’ll be posting answer to the questions I come across on yahoo answers.

…It’s just in the starting stage. Wait for a few more days for further news J.

Update : The last two blogs were scrapped. The second one, well, I have created it but am yet to post anything.
But, I've created another blog. Check this --> Road to MIT