Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unit Tests......Fish them :D

  I don’t know, I just felt like writing this. It’s been quite a few days since I last posted and that’s maximum amount of time I can survive without blogging. 

So, what’s going on with me now?

  Our unit-tests are starting in 4 days and I’m really trying to study for them.  We only have 5 subjects which makes things a lot easy for me but, I’m still sort of scared about these exams. I mean, I know everything that’s there in the lessons. I can answer most of the questions than an average student but the thing that scares me is that I feel like I haven’t studied much. I have to study more and more.

  The five subjects are English, Social, Math, Science and Hindi. Here are my views on them.

-          English :  This subject never really was a challenge for me. I mean, I don’t need to prepare much for this exam but something tells me that I’m becoming over-confident about it. Which, if you ask me is probably true. Expecting 33-35/40.

-          Math : This is another subject which I’m quite confident about but something inside tells me that I need more practice. L This subject also has a jinx. I never manage to get full marks. However I’m expecting 39-40/40.

-          Hindi : I really am not a big fan of this subject but it is important that I get good marks in this because it is going to be the deciding factor for my A1 grade. Expecting 34-36/40 but I think I’m going to get something around 30’s L.

-          Science : This subject is indeed easy and I like reading it but I find biology blood-sucking. I mean, I really don’t like reading it. That’s the reason why I’ll never become a doctor. Expecting good marks, somewhere around 38’s.

-          Social : History and Civics and Economics, I can manage. Geography is the one that irritates me. I’ve got this one hell-of-a teacher. Almost every exam she scolds me and tells me to write long answers for geography. She says “This won’t do in the exam, Adarsh.” God, don’t I hate it when she says that! That’s probably the reason I’ve grown to hate geography. History, Civics and Economics, I can write them anyday. Just Fish that Geo.

 Phew, there you go the five subjects that I have to write an exam on. Total marks for the five are 200. I need to get something around 180/200 to get 90 Percent. So, let’s see. 39 in math, 37 in Science, 35 in English, 34 in Hindi and 36 in Social. That adds up to 81/200. Phew, that’s about the 90% mark which is A1 grade and my goal. So, I’m guessing that’s the marks I must get right?

  On an ending note, all that looks quite plausible. Just need some intelligent revision with an open mind.

Until next time,


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