Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unit Tests finally over(Not Exactly :P)

  Our unit-tests officially ended today. Last week, I was literally shivering at the very thought of it but now, I’m as cool as a cucumber. 

  How did I write my exams? I’m going to be modest and reply “okay. Just okay. ” I mean, I’ve written them with minimum preparation and I honestly wasn’t expecting great results but it looks like I’ve put in enough effort for the teachers to be satisfied with my marks. Will be getting a 35/40 in Social, 36-something in science, 30-something in Hindi, 33-something in English and 38 in Math. Well, these marks won’t do in the first summative but, for the time-being, they are good enough to avoid any lectures from anyone but, I’m still a bit scared :P

   The first summative starts in little less than a month now and I’m quite confident about doing well in them. Geography no longer scares me. However, I will have to put in enough effort. I mean, a genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Alright, Alright, I violated the copyrights of Thomas Alva Edison, so what? He can’t sue me because he’s dead!

  Anyway, let’s keep studies aside. I’ve got some real articles coming up soon. I mean, not the usual rant, some real good articles that are aimed at increasing the quality of my blog and also to get in more visitors.

I’ll go start writing them now.

See ya soon,

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