Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tired of people asking to rate them!

Tired of people asking to rate them

 I’m an avid facebook user and countless times I’ve seen somebody’s status being “ 

RATE ME: (1) Crazy (2)GF/BF Type (3)Talkative (4)Sarcastic (5)Loveable (6)Sexy (7)Strong (8)Dumb (9)Spoiled (10)Weird (11)Wild (12) Goofy (13)Funny (14)Awesome (15)Amazing (16)Beautiful (17)Cute (18)Rude (19)Simple (20)Sexy (21)The Best (22)Freak (23)Quiet. :D

Now, not all such statuses are like this but they’re similar. This is one from a long time ago.

  I personally don’t like these statuses and I am never going to put something like this as my status. Why? Because I don’t want other people to judge me. I can indeed be my own judge. Sometimes, to know what people think of you, this might be useful but, you must ask it to them personally. I mean, if you post it as a status update on facebook it’s for the world to see.

Suppose I thought that the person who has posted this as their status update to be mean. I don’t think that I would comment “24” because that would make me ‘mean’ to the whole world for calling somebody names and soon I’d have the world behind me.

  But, suppose that person asked me a conversation. I may still not say because I don’t want to hurt them but that’s a different matter. People like me, blunt people I mean, may actually say that the person is mean. But, that comment stays between the person and you(unless the other one spreads it like a wildfire.) That way, it’s so much more better. Why tell the world what you think of somebody? I don’t see any reason in it.

 Why don’t I put it as a status update? – I refuse to acknowledge it, but, part of me thinks that I might get a comment which I wouldn’t like and most people would simply choose to ignore it. The other part, well, it doesn’t care what people think about it.

Hmmm. This wasn’t exactly a great post from me. But, it was something that I had to write down!

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