Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 6 - R&J The Spoof

<<Romeo upon learning about Juliet’s death goes to the graveyard were Juliet’s body is kept>>

P9(Romeo) : Oh my dear god, what’s this. The love of my life is dead, what other reason do I have to live.

(Friar overhears Romeo lamenting and enters)

Friar : Maybe Cricket??....Just kidding. She’s not dead mate, she’s asleep.

P9 : Dead, Asleep. Both are the same…right?

Friar : She came to me the day you were banished stating her love for you, I was touched by it and decided to help her. So, I got my hands on a drug which induces you into sleep for 24 hours with absolutely no pulse at all. I gave her the drug and to everyone she’s dead….Just 2 and ½ hours remain.

(p9 pinches the Friar)

Friar : Ouch!

P9 : I’m not dreaming then?

Friar : No, you’re not.

P9 : Juliet’s not dead then…I am so relieved. Can you please wait with me till she gains consciousness?

Friar : Sure.

(Narrator : They both wait for 3 hours but still Juliet shows no signs of waking up)

Romeo : Why isn’t she still awake?

Friar : What do I know?

Romeo(In an angry tone) : You are startin…

(A call to Friar’s mobile interrupts them)

Friar : It’s my second.

Friar(barks at his assistant) : What?

Assistant : ummm….

Friar : This is not a day for umm’s….what is it that you want to tell?

Assistant : err….umm….I messed up the drug….

Friar : You messed up the WHAT?

Assistant : The drug…I gave her poison instead.

Friar : WHAT!!! You are so dead.

<<Assistant quickly ends the call>>

<<Friar with a sullen face goes over to Romeo>>

Romeo : What was that call about?

Friar : …….I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Romeo : What bad news?? Get on with it!

Friar : My assistant messed up the drug……your Juliet is really dead.

Romeo : WHAT!!
(Falls onto his knees beside Juliet and starts sobbing)

<< A ball suddenly out of nowhere hits Romeo on the head and he slumps down. >>

<< Friar quickly goes over to Romeo and checks his pulse at his neck and shakes his head. >>

Friar : God willed that Romeo die and he did.

<< Friar goes and collects the ball that hit Romeo >>

Friar : Something’s written on this…I can’t read it without my specs.

(The Friar calls a passerby near him)

Friar : Hey..can you read?

Passerby : Yes, I can.

Friar : Can you read what’s written on this?

Passerby : Let me see (takes the ball in his hands) ……. I……… P……. L….Yes.. that’s it..IPL..that’s what written on this.

Friar : Who’s batting?

Passerby : Sachin.

Friar : Sigh…It has ended where it has started.
:::: Curtains down :::: THE END

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