Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 5 - R&J The Spoof

* Narrator : Juliet then goes to the only man she trusted in the world to keep her secret. The Friar. She then tells all the events from the very start to the Friar. Here are the events that happen after this. *

Friar : I think I might just be able to help you.

Juliet : Really?

Friar : Yeah. I prepared this drug which can induce you into a death-like coma for a full 24 hours. Your family members will think that you’re dead and take you to the graveyard, I’ll see to that you’re not buried. In the meantime, I’ll call Romeo and tell him the plan.

(Friar calls his assistant over and whispers something in his ear)

Friar : Got it?

Assistant : Yeah.

(Assistant goes over and is bringing a tray full of medicines when he falls down. All the medicines fall down)

Juliet : Oh my god.

(Friar and Juliet help him up)

Friar : Are you all right?

Assistant : I’m like.. the guy who jumps from a 30 floor building and when he reaches the 10th floor a person from a window asks how he is.

Friar : haha very funny…no will you give the drug?

(Assistant picks up two identical bottles)

Assistant (Ponders for 2 seconds) : Now…which one is it?

Friar : FAST!!

Assistant chooses one from them and gives it.

Friar : Here Juliet. (gives the medicine) …… Take one every 8 hours.

Juliet : WHAT!!

Friar : I am so sorry…..I think I got used to giving D-Cold tablets to people.

Juliet : okay. Thanks a lot then. Bye bye. Thanks again for all the help .

Friar : Err..I think you are mistaken that I did it for free.

Juliet : what?

(Friar brings out a sheet)

Friar : I want you to sign here and here (points the places and gives a pen)

(Juliet signs them)

Juliet : what are these?

Friar : I get the movie rights.

Juliet(smiling) : Ha Ha Ha…

Assistant : He’s serious.

(Smile on Juliet’s face fades away but, she goes away without another word)

(Curtains down)

Narrator : Juliet goes home and takes the pill as planned and it works. Her whole family grieves and plans for her burial. The body is taken to the graveyard to be buried but isn’t. That’s when Romeo arrives at the burial place. Here are the events that follow!

::::::::::::Scene 6 follows after this ::::::::::

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