Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 4 - R&J The Spoof

Scene 4 (Events resulting Juliet Death and Romeo getting to know it)

*(Narrator :Here are the events that follow the previous scene)*

Juliet : Romeo said he would call me at 4 : 00, it’s already 4:10.

Juliet’s Friend : Don’t worry, he’ll call soon.

Juliet : He’s very punctual, I wonder what’s happened today?

(Juliet starts fiddling with her mobile and moving back and forth and when suddenly it starts ringing, Juliet startled drops the mobile)

(She quickly picks it up)

Juliet : oh my’s romeo.

(Picks the call up)

Juliet : Hello Romeo…is that you?

Caller : …My name is sheela………If you want this as your dial-tone press 5, to check other songs press 2.

(Juliet cuts off the phone angrily)

Juliet : Stupid Advertisment!!

JF2(friend no.2) : Do you know why you get so many advertisement calls on your mobile

Juliet : No idea!!

JF2 : Get Idea 3g..Super-fast internet, live chatting..and added to that live news.

Juliet : Shut up please.

JF : We are not watching the movie “UP” are we?

JF2 : Nope…

Juliet : Will you guys please stop making fun of me!!

(JF3 enters running)

Juliet : whoa whoa whoa….why are you running?

JF3(Panting) : I’ve got bad news.

Juliet : Not again…..

JF3(Panting) : Romeo’s been banished!!

Juliet : god.

(She passes out)

JF3 : Quickly!! Call 911.

( JF2 takes out her mobile and gives it to JF3 who dials a number)

Caller : If you want cops.. Press 1 : If you want entertainment.. Press 2…If you want ring-tones press 3…

JF3 to JF2 : It’s going to take a while….

*(Narrator : 5 minutes later)*

Caller : If you want the local doctor press 27.

(JF3 quickly Presses 27)

JF3 : Hey doc..Juliet’s passed out what should I do?

Doc : I’d recommend taking a Blood test and a CT Scan first. Don’t forget to recommend my name first though.

JF3 : (Sarcastically)haha. Very funny. Now…should I bring her to you?

Doc : I’m afraid it’s not possible now, I’m in Australia.

JF2 : WHAT!!

(Snatches the mobile from JF3 and ends the call).

(After a second)

JF2 : Oh my god…It cost me 49 Rupees. Mom’s gonna kill me….all because of you JULIET!!!

(Juliet opens her eyes, her friends help her to a seat.)

Juliet : I hear what you said JF2!! ….GET LOST!!

(JF, JF2 and JF3 go away)

[Curtains down]

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