Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 3 - R&J The Spoof

Scene 3 (Brawl + Death + Banishment)
[[ The day after the party ]]

Tybalt(P11) and his friend are having a chat when they spot Romeo and Mercutio coming.

Tybalt : Hey look who’s coming.

Tf : Isn’t that Romeo?

Tybalt : Yes, he is. Hey…do you know that he attended yesterday’s party?

Tf : No way…it was for DC supporter’s only.

Tybalt : Yes way….And I’m going take my revenge now.

(Tybalt goes over to Romeo while his friend stays there.)

Tybalt : I saw you at the party yesterday.

Romeo : So what? Many people saw me….what’s the big deal?

Tybalt(Angered) : Are you trying to make me look like a clown?

Romeo : Nah…you are already a clown, what’s the use of making you look like one.

(Romeo and Mercutio start walking away, Tybalt angered, takes out his shoe and throws it but instead of hitting romeo, it hits Mercutio right on the back of his head where his medulla is located.)

Mercutio(falling down) : Romeo…these are my last words…….. Avenge my death.

Romeo : Yes Mercutio, I will.

(and with that Mercutio dies. Romeo gets up angered, takes the shoe that Tybalt threw.)

Romeo : Taste your own medicine!! (throws the shoe at Tybalt aiming for his head, but instead it hits Tybalt in the stomach so he doesn’t die instead he falls down, alive)

(Romeo collects the shoe)

Romeo : I am not going to let you die without suffering.

(Thrust the shoe into his face)

Tybalt : No..No…No……….(He dies)

(Romeo then smells the shoe himself and ewww…pushes it away.)

Romeo : Doesn’t this guy ever take a bath or something?

Tybalts Friend : OH NO!! What have you done Romeo….you have killed Tybalt…I’m gonna report it right away.

*Narrator : Tybalts Friend then goes over to the Sheriff and reports Tybalt’s death. The angered Sheriff then banishes Romeo.*

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