Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 2 - R&J The Spoof

‎:::::::::::‎:::::::::::Scene 2‎:::::::::::‎:::::::::::

(All DC supporters have attended the party and are having a chat)

P8 : Phew. This plan actually worked out. So, we’re finally in here. Now what?

P9(Romeo) : Now…we search for Gayathri, a single glimpse of hers is going to make my day.

P8 and p9 starting scanning the room for signs of Gayathri.

<Everybody start dancing now>

<Suddenly , Juliet just passes by Romeo, he just gets a glimpse and bam! Love on first sight! He keeps on looking at her in admiration.>

P9(to p8) : Hey, who’s that?

P8 : Don’t even think about it.She’s out of your reach bro.

P9 : Which is exactly why I’ve worn a mask.

<Romeo keeps dancing and soon he moves from his place beside p8 to go to p10)

<Romeo(p9) and Juliet(p10) are dancing>

<P10 out of curiosity takes out p9's mask to see who he really is.>

<<<That's when p11(Juliet's Cousin) spots P9 and recognizes him as a rival supporter.
When he sees them getting friendlier and friendlier, his blood curdles. >>>

P11 Quickly takes out his cell-phone and calls Siddharta Mallya

P11 : Hey Sid, I think your future fiancee is going rogue.

P12(Sid mallya) : What!! ? It can't be.

P11 : It is so. I'll call you back when I know later.

P12 : Wait Wait Wai.....(Phone get's cut off)
: Oh my god, P10's gone rogue Dammit.

p12 Quickly put's a call to P10's dad, p13

P12 : Hey...Do you even know what your daughter's doing? She's gone rogue.

P13 : What!! ?

<Call ends due to bad connection>
P11 goes to P13 and tells.

P11 : Uncle, I bring this news to you with a heavy heart. Your daughter's gone rogue.

P13 : What?? It's true?

P11 : Yeah, I just saw her dancing with P9, our archrival.

P13(feigns a bout of giddyness ) : Oh my god.

P11 : Don't worry uncle, I'll avenge this here and now. I'll kill P9.

P13 (Realising he's too good an actor) : No No. Don't do anything stupid. If word leaks out, our franchise is so dead. Don't do it now for god's sakes. We'll see later. We just don’t have the money to pay them if they sue us!

P11 : Okay, Okay. Whatever you say. But, trust me, I’m going to pay back that “ROMEO” soon!
P13 : As you wish but, not today.
<<Party's over>>

P9 and P10 bid each other goodbye.

P9 he quickly opens his mobile and texts something to Juliet, asking his friend the number.

P10 runs to her room and checks her mobile when she hears a beep. 

P10 : OH my Dear God. It's Romeo, from where did he get my number.....Who care's...let's see what he has texted.

<<Brief Pause>> <<Squeals with Joy>>

I can't believe it!! 
Romeo's just proposed to me!!

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