Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scene 1 - R&J the Spoof.

:::::::::::SCENE I ::::::::::::

(4 people, P1,P2,P3 and P4 are having a discussion.)

P1 : Hey, Sachin is definitely the god of cricket. Isn't he?

P2 : Yeah, that's so true.

P3 : WHAT.. You must be kidding. Sachin's no match for Sangakarra

P4 : Yeah, Sachin doesn't play for the love of the game like Sangakarra does

P1 : Mind you. Sachin has carried the burden of the country's cricket for 21 years and you say he doesn't play for the love of the game!! You must really be out of your mind.

p4 to p1 : Mate..we all watched the World-cup final..why are you repeating Virat Kohli's dialogue

P3 : Saw...this shows that they are just copy-cats nothing else!!!

*<Part II>*

Sachin(p5): Guys Guys...Stop the fight. I really don't like being compared with Sangakarra. I think that we are both best in our own style of play.

Sanga (Thinks Sachin is igniting the fight and not stopping it, gets angry) : Hey...What the hell do you think you are doing Sachin??. You know, I know, I am THE BEST. (Goes and Shoves Sachin and Sachin falls to the ground)

(MI supporters get angry) : What the hell did you do!!.. You guys are so dead

[Fight Starts Now]

Everyone(6 of them are fighting) when... Lalith Modi(Prince of Verona)Comes in..

Lalith Modi : STOP this Nonsense!! What the hell do you think you guys are doing? This feud between your teams is causing my image to suffer!! I can't stand it. FROM now on, anyone who fights is going to be banished from the IPL Got it?. NOW DISPERSE!!

He Continues :: Before you all Disperse. Please note that the owner of DC. is going to hold a party celebrating it's win over Mumbai. The Party's a masked party, masks are compulsory. 

Note that MI Supporters not allowed. Now..GET LOST!! Each and Everyone of you.

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