Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Ramblings - 2

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post so I thought why not write another one for you all.

Well, recently, a desire to decorate my room came inside me. I mean, suddenly, I wanted to make my room personalized. To be honest, it didn’t come suddenly, I read it in a blogpost on somebody else’s blog.

  Anyway, I wanted to make my room inspiring, a place where I could gather my thoughts, a place where I wished to spend more time, a place which would bring the creative side out of me. I looked at some pictures of her room and I stumbled upon a brain-wave. I gave my room a complete make-over. Here’s how.

Previously, there used to be 2 beds on the either side of the study table which used to be in the centre of the room. Well, I just pushed my bed to the centre and moved the study-table to the corner of my room and vola! There was so much more free place in the room and it looked as though the table had grown bigger since I could now keep so much more of my stuff on it because of it being aligned to a wall.

  Then, during another brainstorming session, another bulb lit inside me. Why not divide my room into two halves. Something like a “split-personality”, half of the room would be strictly for studies while the other half for all activities like you know, stuff.

  So, I instantly removed the other bed and brought yet another table into the room. This one, I aligned to the opposite wall. Now, I had two distinct places. I brought my speakers/laptop, everything except books to this table. And now, I felt like a major change had taken place. Now, I had a designated space for each activity.

 Next, I had some spare thermocol, so, I just pasted it on the wall and started using it as a notice board using board pins. I stuck the best Comic strip on it, you know, for a lighter moment while studying.

Still, I felt like the room was not complete. Something was missing. That was when I decided to create my own posters and stick them across my room. This process took 3 weeks but today, I got the fruit and I’m glad I spent considerable amount of time on them because now, my room looks very very me. It sort of resonates of me now. But, trust me, there is still another continent to travel.

I’ll be uploading some pictures of my room soon. Watch out for them J.

By the way, I wrote this from my “Extra stuff” table and it felt so much nice :D


Until Next Time,


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