Friday, August 19, 2011

Lie to me - Star World

Lie to Me – Star World
  Getting hooked to the T.V once again I guess. A friend of mine suggested me to watch “Lie to me”, told me that it was a good serial. Well, what more can I say? Curiosity killed the cat. It was coming one day and well, I just saw it to see if what my friend said was indeed true, if it really was that good. Well, here is a brief summary and my thoughts on it.

  It’s a serial about a lie detection agency. I mean, these guys are some kind of psychologists and can know when a person is lying by just observing their face. They get called by the F.B.I(not anymore though) and other people to solve their cases.

This agency consists of 4 people. The boss(not exactly but you can call him that) Dr. Cal Lightman. He prefers Dr.Lightman though. Man, I just love this guy. I mean, he’s “eccentric”(I don’t know what this word means but it fits well here :P). He isn’t like a normal guy, he’s different. His walk, his actions, his style they are so different. He’s the boss though and an extremely intelligent guy if you ask me. The actor plays the role brilliantly. Then comes another woman, I don’t know her name. She apparently used to work under this Dr. Lightman but now she’s partners with him and they both have a thing going on between them :D. Then there’s Loker, he’s an assistant. He is some sort of a graduate and doesn’t exactly like the job but he keeps on working nevertheless. I like him :P. Then, there’s this another assistant. This one’s a woman though and man, she’s so nice! :P. LoL! I meant like, she is another lie detector and tries to copy Lightman but trust me, she’s still got a far-far way to travel.

  Well, you know, stuff happens. They get called and they solve the case. It’s as simple as that but, the actors need to be commended for their great acting. I especially like the Dr. Lightman one. He’s so into the role you know.

  I’ve watched around 3-4 episodes from Season 3 until now and well, it’s not bad. The latest one was the ‘mining episode’, I’ll probably write a summary on that later.

 The acting is good but I’m afraid the plot doesn’t match up to it. It doesn’t get me involved into the story and I think the director is to be blamed too. I know I shouldn’t compare but, honestly, Castle, Dexter and Las Vegas were so much better and I’d pick any of them over this. ‘Lie to me’ makes a good watch but it just isn’t good enough.

My rating : 8.2/10

Working on a summary for the ‘mining’ episode of Lie to me, check it out soon.

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