Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hilarious incident at school

Hilarious incident at school

 A rib-tickling incident happened in the class, read on to know what it is!

….So, it was our civics period and for the first time in decades everyone was alert because she was taking an oral test in some chapter. Well, most of the students had answered her questions and only a few remained. 
We were eagerly waiting for her to finish this off and go away so that we can some peace of mind.

   Well, she asked a person in our class “What is the difference between 100 and 65?” That child couldn’t answer it quickly and took out a paper and pen to write it down and then solve it. Aunty smirked and told us “6th class children are better than you all!” and then sent  somebody from our class to bring some kid from the 6th grade to do the sum.

   A kid named ‘Somesh’ came. Well, the teacher asked him “What is the difference between 100 and 65.?” He instantly took the chalk and started writing on the board. The whole class started groaning “Oh come on! We too can do it while writing. Tell him to do it in his mind.” But the teacher just ‘shooe’d’ the class. Well, here’s what the kid wrote.

  He wrote 100 excruciatingly slow as if he was being judged by his neatness :P. The 65 came even slower, by the time he had finished writing the 2 numbers below each other, the whole class was literally shouting at him “Get on with it! We haven’t got all day!”. What he did next was, he cut the 2nd zero(from right) and wrote 9 and then, cut the 1st zero and wrote ‘10’. Next, he subtracted 9-6 and wrote 3. Then, he subtracted 10-5 and wrote 5. He didn’t stop there, he brought down 1. And then, the answer read “135”! The whole class was almost rolling on the floor laughing. We were like “LOL!”. The poor kid was just standing there not realizing the mistake he had made.

  The story just starts here :P.

Then, a girl from our class goes up to the board saying something like, “Kiddo, you have to do it like this.” She went so confidently that we were fooled for a second. She took the chalk and started writing. 15 seconds later, another laughing riot broke in the class. She had just done what the kid had done, repeating the same mistake! We were like “LOL!” again!

  We are still not at the end.

The teacher sends for another student to come. This time it was a kid name “Abdul Hai” He’s a studious sort of a kid(never mind his obesity). Well, we all expected him to do it correctly but alas, god had something else up his sleeves. Well, he writes 100 and 65 below each other and cut’s the 1 and writes 9 beside the 2nd zero(from the right) and 10 beside the first zero and then, 30 seconds later, we broke into yet another laughing riot. We were like “LoL!” this kid got the answer as 165!!. Lmao! Then, the previous kid comes rushing into the class and says “I got it now! The answer is 35!”. But, then, we were too busy laughing to listen to him.

Alright, alright. I know, I haven’t written it interestingly but, it was one hell of an incident and loved every minute of it! You should’ve been there!

Until next time,
Adarsh :)

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