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A good source of energy - Speech.

I have this seminar tomorrow and I have to speak on "Assessing a good source of energy" so I typed the speech down and decided to post it here for you all as a reference. Hope it helps :) 

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Almost all of us present here have come across the law of conservation of energy which states that “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.” Well, then comes the doubt. If it is true then, why is the world facing a shortage of energy?

   That is because energy can exist in different forms like electrical energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy etc. and also because the law that I’ve stated is incomplete. The correct statement of the law is “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed.”    The part about ‘Transformation’ of matter is very important. It explains why we face electric supply shortages.

   Now, let’s move on to what we mean by a good source of energy. An ideal source of energy would be one which à

1.       Emits a high amount of energy : We constantly move our hands almost every instant of the day, it too can be used as a source of energy but, it is not feasible because the energy produced will be too less. But, something like the ‘heating of coal’ emits a lot of energy hence, it is used as a source of energy.

2.       Less Pollution : With Global warming levels already up the roof we cannot afford to chose a source of energy which does tremendous damage to the environment. Burning of fossil fuels releases very large amounts of carbon dioxide which leads to increase in earth’s temperature.

3.       Easily Accessible: Even if the world’s best source of energy was located in Antarctica not many would want to use it because it isn’t easily accessible.

4.       Easy to store and transport: The source of energy must be easy to store and mustn’t degenerate when transported over long distances. Nuclear energy doesn’t score any points in this category because it is extremely difficult to store the nuclear fuel and any untoward incident while transporting it can result in radiation leaks which can be disastrous.

5.       Abundant in nature: An ideal source of energy must be abundant. This is exactly the reason why we are moving over from the conventional forms of energy since they are getting depleted. This is also the reason why we consider solar energy as a lucrative source of energy since it is estimated that the Sun will go on emitting energy at the current rate for 5 billion years from now and that’s a lot of time.

6.       Economical: This one explains itself. If the price of extracting the energy from it’s source is high then nobody will come forward to do it because there will be either less or literally no profit for the manufacturer.
As of now, no source has been found which can satisfy all the above requirements of an ideal source of energy.

 Fossil Fuel is Economical, easy to store and transport, easily accessible and emits a relatively high amount of energy but it pollutes the environment and isn’t abundant in nature.

Nuclear energy emits insane amounts of energy almost a million times than a single atom of coal but it is not abundant in nature and safety of the environment and people comes into question.

Solar energy is easily accessible, doesn’t pollute the energy but it relatively emits a low amount of energy and isn’t economical as the cost of setting it up on a large-scale is very high.

  I can go on and on. Any known source of energy you take will not satisfy atleast one of the said characteristics.

  The day we find a source of energy that can satisfy all the characteristics, that day, the world’s energy needs will finally be solved. But, until that day, we’ll just have to do with what we have.


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