Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cheers to Chess

 Over the past few days, I’ve grown a liking for chess. Here’s how it all started –

It was last Saturday when our P.E. sir called my class and told us that inter-school competitions were scheduled for November. Well, he then said something like “We’re going to participate in all the sports, throw-ball, volleyball, dodge-ball, kho-kho etc. but main Volleyball.” Well, then, he asks me “Do you know how to play chess?” Well, I replied “Yes.” There was another sir beside him who asked “Can you defeat me in a game of chess?” Well, I used to play chess as a past-time. I mean, I never really put my mind into it and I don’t think I was even an amateur in it, lesser than that! But, I shrug my shoulders and reply “Maybe.” He then asks “Who else plays in your class?”, I reply 3 others. Then, he says “One Saturday, we’ll arrange a tournament of chess in the school and the top three are going to represent the school.” I just nod in approval.

  Well, a normal person wouldn’t have thought twice about it but, hey! who said I was normal? I made a resolution then and there that, I’m going to practice playing chess and learn more about it by November. I mean, I most certainly would’ve lost if I had not prepared, I’m damn sure about that!

  Well, not the next day but a few days later, I download an application for my iTouch. It was a 100-odd page e-book on the rules of chess and a few tactics and I was surprised that I didn’t even know most of the basic rules and to be honest, I realized that chess was indeed interesting. I then downloaded yet another map and there, I stumbled upon some “chess puzzles”. They were awesome and solving them just resulted in me getting more of an interest in this board game.

  Soon came August the First. Now, my internet speed doubles/trebles during the first 7 days and I like to download all that I can in that period. So, I searched youtube for chess videos. I was surprised at the find. I found so so many informative videos that I at once began downloading all of them. (Proudly says) I now have 58 of the best chess videos.

  Well, I was surprised to know how much people have studied chess and that it really is a mind game. You need to understand so many tactics and I didn’t even know that there is a specific reason for each move and realized that chess indeed requires the use of your brain.

   It really took me by surprise, I learn so many things like the “The Queen’s Gambit”/The Kings Gambit, Alekhine Defense, Sicillian Defense, London Opening, Ruy Lopez opening, Bobby Fischer Trap and etc.

  I have all of the videos on my iTouch now and I’ve gone over most of them and have learnt loads of things. But, I have one complaint. Why did this thing happen when my exams were so near? I mean, it’s like I’m addicted to chess and I just leave my school work. I really have to work on stopping procrastinating things.

   However, I’m just better than the below-below-average player now. Defeat a friend of mine 4 times in 5games but I still have a long way to go before I can become a good player and thankfully, I indeed have the time required. November is quite far away.

Cheers to Chess :P

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