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Top 20 facebook statuses

 Here’s a list of my top 20 Facebook statuses.

1.       Is proud after finishing a puzzle in 6 months, the box said 2-3 years.

2.       Karma, I have a list of people you missed.

3.       Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger, but they will never be you.

4.       That awkward moment when you have 10 tabs open and you cant figure out which one the music is coming from.

5.       I wish falling in love had traffic lights, so that I would know if I should: Go for it, slow down, or just stop.

6.       I hate those moments when, ITS A PICTURE PERFECT MOMENT, AND YOU DON`T HAVE A CAMERA.

7.       The awkward moment when you put a new profile picture on facebook, and someone likes your old one...

8.       When you type your password in the username section and you have to hope no one saw it.

9.       I hate it when I yell someone`s name and they don`t hear me, I feel stupid.

10.   Believe it or not, I was not always as awesome as I am today.

11.   If my parents really knew me, I`d be screwed. ♥

12.   My graduation speech: "I`d like to thank Google, Google & uhh..Google."

13.   There are 6,775,235,741 people in the world. Why let one ruin your life?

14.   I wasn’t born on this earth to please you.

15.   Theres always a little truth behind every "i`m kidding".

16.   Like if you use Rock Paper Scissors for serious decisions

17.   Apple and Blackberry should team up and make a phone called the Pie...

18.   ______█████████

19.   You kids are 11 and you have cellphones already? Who do you talk to? Sponge bob??

20.   When my teacher says "get out" it means I`ve won the argument.

And that is the end of it...Part 2 coming soon :)

How to Add More Friends on Facebook?

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How to download youtube videos from the internet.

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Top 10 songs for September, 2011.

Top 10 songs for September :

(PS : For Links to their youtube videos, Visit -- CLICK HERE)

1. Please Forgive Me - Bryan  Adams. 

2. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

3. Here I am - Bryan Adams

4. The Climb - Miley Cyrus

5. The Reason -- Hoobastank

6. Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls

7. My Love -- Westlife

8. Come on Get Higher -- Matt Nathanson

9. I shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley

10. Iridescent -- Linkin Park.

Collection of 60 inspiring quotes

Here is my collection of 60 inspiring quotes that I've come across. Hope you like the list :)

Don’t wait for your ship to come in. Swim out to meet it.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas Edison

It is always better to fail in doing something than excel in doing nothing.

What most folks need is an alarm clock that will ring when it is time for them to rise to the occasion.

Good resolutions are like babies in church; they should be carried out immediately. – Charles M. Sheldon

Most people are willing to change not because they see the light but because they feel the heat.

Criticizing another’s garden doesn’t keep the weeds out of your own.

Don’t be content to be a chip off the old block – be the old block itself – Winston Churchill

No one is immune to problems. Even the lion has to fight off flies.

Following the path of least resistance is what makes men and rivers crooked – Larry Bielat.

Many of us have heard opportunity knocking at our door but by the time we unhooked the chain, pushed back the bolt turned two locks – and shut off the burglar alarm --- it was gone!

Don’t ask “What if it doesn’t work?” Ask instead “What if it does?”

Never judge a person’s horsepower by his exhaust.

Forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them more.

With some people you spend a evening; with others you invest it.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts – John Wooden

There are a lot of ways to become a failure, but never taking a chance is the most successful.

In the presence of trouble, some people grow wings; others buy crutches.

God made you an original, not a copy.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come – Victor 
When we do what we can, God will do what we can’t.

Don’t die until you’re dead.

It’s the person who doesn’t need a boss that’s usually selected to be the one.

There are two kinds of men who never amount to very much: Those who cannot do what they are told, and 
those who can do nothing else – Cyrus H.K. Curtis

If what you did yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.

Many people seem to think that opportunity means a chance to get money without earning it.

Success is a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

God’s gifts are never loans; they are always deposits.

People are funny; they spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people they 
don’t like.

By perseverance the snail reached the ark – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Fear and worry are interest paid on something you may never own.

How many people you know became successful at something they hate?

The best helping hand you will ever find is at the end of your own arm.

Always tell the truth and you will never have to remember what you said. – T.L. Osborn

Don’t spend a dollar’s worth of time for ten cents worth of results.

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow – Swedish Proverb.

Noise produces nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as though she has laid an asteroid. – Mark Twain.

Remember: It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that makes all the difference.

Gain control of your time and you will gain control of your life.

A flawed diamond is more valuable than a perfect brick.

The future arrives one hour at a time.

It’s your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. Make the best use of it!

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there – Edwin Louis Cole

It’s better to be alone than in the wrong company.

If a thousand people say something foolish, it’s still foolish. Truth is never dependent upon consensus of opinion.

There is one guaranteed formula for failure and that is to try and please everyone.

Fear of becoming a has-been keeps some people from becoming anything—Eric Hoffer

Say no to many good ideas. Say yes to the great one.

The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed ---- or did you fail because you stopped trying?

One person with passion is greater than ninety-nine who have only an interest.

It is better to die for something than it is to live for nothing – Dr. Bob Jones Sr.

In confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength but through perseverance.

A genius is someone who shoots at a target no one sees and hits it.

Worry is a darkroom where negatives are developed.

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other – Eric Hoffer.

You’re like a teabag – not worth much till you’ve been through some hot water.

Nothing dies quicker than a new idea in a closed mind.

The average man doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life but wishes for another one which will last forever. – Anatold France.

It is not a man with a motive but the man with a purpose who prevails.

Don’t grumble because you don’t have what you want. Be thankful you don’t get what you deserve.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



  Today is the 30th of August, just one more day before this month ends and another one starts in my life(and a billion others around the globe.) Since this month is never going to come back, I thought why not just post something about it on my blog to serve as a memoir for this memorable month.(now, my English teacher would call that sentence a ‘I forgot the word’. The letter ‘m’ is repeated thrice.)

    Hmm. Let’s start off with books(duh!). Read two quite-good novels. The first one was bought off some road-side book shop while the other was given to me by a friend of mine. Let’s stop with using ‘first one’ and ‘second one’. The 2 books were – Digital Fortress by Dan brown and Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon respectively. Let me write(type rather) a few lines about each of them.

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown: This one was suggested to me by a friend of mine. Not exactly suggested, she told me that she’s reading it and it was good so, decided to see whether it was as good as she was telling. Well, I must say, I got more than what I had bargained for. The book was another meticulously crafted thriller from Danny boy(lol!). The gist at the back wasn’t so inviting but I’ve known amazing books with terrible gist’s in other words, I’d seen worse.  It deals with some code-breaking machine called the TRANSLTR and then, some guy with the name of Ensei Tankado engineers an ‘unbreakable’ code which defies the ‘some unpronounceable Russian name’ theory. Well, that is but a small part of the thrilling ride that will take you from the streets of spain( can’t remember which place exactly. I forgot :P) to 10 floors underneath the surface of the earth. The ending was what made this book amazing. I was literally on my feet dying to know how it would end. A really-good read. 8.6/10.

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon : I got this one from a friend of mine. I asked him if he had any Sidney Sheldon and he answered back with a surprising ‘yes’ and well, that could mean only one thing. He lent me it(or rather, I made him lend it to me :P) while I lent him the “Digital Fortress”. Hmm. The book’s quite good. The start was quite amazing and it left blazing trails but they soon cooled down and I expected a much better ending after all the hype in the middle pages but then, I think Sidney wanted to write a sequel to this. Sadly, he passed away but some other guy wrote it in his name. It’s a very old novel. 1982. But, it’s quite a good read but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about the ending. I’d rate this one a 7.6 to 8.1/10.

  Well, those were two of the novels that I’ve read this month. I’m planning to read two more the next month and I’ll probably make that a monthly goal.

August wasn’t spent entirely in reading those two books though. Infact, those two books just took about 5 days of my time. 2-4 hours each day. The first one, Digital fortress took 3 days while the latest one, Master of the game took me just 2 days. It was too interesting for me to put it down.

Anyway, coming back, most part of August was spent in preparing for my unit-tests. I’d be a big fat liar if I said that. I mean, I hardly prepared for them! But, I feel like it’s time to take my exams seriously, sadly, my mind doesn’t agree.

August was also a good month for my blog. I completely changed the theme and got a few quick fixes here and there. I received a total of 223 page views for this month and though that isn’t great, it’s atleast something J. Also,  this blog finally managed to feature on the Alexa rankings with a not-so-great rank of 19.million!

  Hmm..What else? August also became the month in which I managed to my first ‘pull-up’. I’m not sure what that’s called but ‘pull-up’ sounds good :P You know the thing where we pull ourselves up after catching hold of something. I practiced volleyball and even push-ups(!) Aah. I could literally feel my muscles hardening :P 
But now, I’m back to my old self and they’re back to their original state :P!

   ……August hasn’t really been great in terms of ‘productive’ things done but it’s been quite a learning experience. Hope September’s better J.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

A good source of energy - Speech.

I have this seminar tomorrow and I have to speak on "Assessing a good source of energy" so I typed the speech down and decided to post it here for you all as a reference. Hope it helps :) 

(PS: If you do indeed decide to use it, don't forget to let me know in the comments. And, if you want to use it for other websites, don't forget to link me back :)


Almost all of us present here have come across the law of conservation of energy which states that “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.” Well, then comes the doubt. If it is true then, why is the world facing a shortage of energy?

   That is because energy can exist in different forms like electrical energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy etc. and also because the law that I’ve stated is incomplete. The correct statement of the law is “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed.”    The part about ‘Transformation’ of matter is very important. It explains why we face electric supply shortages.

   Now, let’s move on to what we mean by a good source of energy. An ideal source of energy would be one which à

1.       Emits a high amount of energy : We constantly move our hands almost every instant of the day, it too can be used as a source of energy but, it is not feasible because the energy produced will be too less. But, something like the ‘heating of coal’ emits a lot of energy hence, it is used as a source of energy.

2.       Less Pollution : With Global warming levels already up the roof we cannot afford to chose a source of energy which does tremendous damage to the environment. Burning of fossil fuels releases very large amounts of carbon dioxide which leads to increase in earth’s temperature.

3.       Easily Accessible: Even if the world’s best source of energy was located in Antarctica not many would want to use it because it isn’t easily accessible.

4.       Easy to store and transport: The source of energy must be easy to store and mustn’t degenerate when transported over long distances. Nuclear energy doesn’t score any points in this category because it is extremely difficult to store the nuclear fuel and any untoward incident while transporting it can result in radiation leaks which can be disastrous.

5.       Abundant in nature: An ideal source of energy must be abundant. This is exactly the reason why we are moving over from the conventional forms of energy since they are getting depleted. This is also the reason why we consider solar energy as a lucrative source of energy since it is estimated that the Sun will go on emitting energy at the current rate for 5 billion years from now and that’s a lot of time.

6.       Economical: This one explains itself. If the price of extracting the energy from it’s source is high then nobody will come forward to do it because there will be either less or literally no profit for the manufacturer.
As of now, no source has been found which can satisfy all the above requirements of an ideal source of energy.

 Fossil Fuel is Economical, easy to store and transport, easily accessible and emits a relatively high amount of energy but it pollutes the environment and isn’t abundant in nature.

Nuclear energy emits insane amounts of energy almost a million times than a single atom of coal but it is not abundant in nature and safety of the environment and people comes into question.

Solar energy is easily accessible, doesn’t pollute the energy but it relatively emits a low amount of energy and isn’t economical as the cost of setting it up on a large-scale is very high.

  I can go on and on. Any known source of energy you take will not satisfy atleast one of the said characteristics.

  The day we find a source of energy that can satisfy all the characteristics, that day, the world’s energy needs will finally be solved. But, until that day, we’ll just have to do with what we have.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Editing spree.

Hey there,
                   I ran out of ideas for a new blog-post so, I decided that I'll be editing all the posts here to enrich the reader experience(:P) in words of a Spartan fighter "EDITING SPREE!" (I know, lame joke)
  I never edit(or rather, I never did until now). I usually type everything and without giving it a second glance, I just post it over here. But, as I reread my articles now and then, I found that there were many-many errors which a person of my *coughs* 'calibre' *coughs* ought not to make. I've been postponing the task since eternity and well, I'm not going to do that today. I'll be spending the next 3-4 days on editing all my previous posts and if time permits, I'll be adding an image to each one of them to make the reading experience better.

I better get going.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hilarious incident at school

Hilarious incident at school

 A rib-tickling incident happened in the class, read on to know what it is!

….So, it was our civics period and for the first time in decades everyone was alert because she was taking an oral test in some chapter. Well, most of the students had answered her questions and only a few remained. 
We were eagerly waiting for her to finish this off and go away so that we can some peace of mind.

   Well, she asked a person in our class “What is the difference between 100 and 65?” That child couldn’t answer it quickly and took out a paper and pen to write it down and then solve it. Aunty smirked and told us “6th class children are better than you all!” and then sent  somebody from our class to bring some kid from the 6th grade to do the sum.

   A kid named ‘Somesh’ came. Well, the teacher asked him “What is the difference between 100 and 65.?” He instantly took the chalk and started writing on the board. The whole class started groaning “Oh come on! We too can do it while writing. Tell him to do it in his mind.” But the teacher just ‘shooe’d’ the class. Well, here’s what the kid wrote.

  He wrote 100 excruciatingly slow as if he was being judged by his neatness :P. The 65 came even slower, by the time he had finished writing the 2 numbers below each other, the whole class was literally shouting at him “Get on with it! We haven’t got all day!”. What he did next was, he cut the 2nd zero(from right) and wrote 9 and then, cut the 1st zero and wrote ‘10’. Next, he subtracted 9-6 and wrote 3. Then, he subtracted 10-5 and wrote 5. He didn’t stop there, he brought down 1. And then, the answer read “135”! The whole class was almost rolling on the floor laughing. We were like “LOL!”. The poor kid was just standing there not realizing the mistake he had made.

  The story just starts here :P.

Then, a girl from our class goes up to the board saying something like, “Kiddo, you have to do it like this.” She went so confidently that we were fooled for a second. She took the chalk and started writing. 15 seconds later, another laughing riot broke in the class. She had just done what the kid had done, repeating the same mistake! We were like “LOL!” again!

  We are still not at the end.

The teacher sends for another student to come. This time it was a kid name “Abdul Hai” He’s a studious sort of a kid(never mind his obesity). Well, we all expected him to do it correctly but alas, god had something else up his sleeves. Well, he writes 100 and 65 below each other and cut’s the 1 and writes 9 beside the 2nd zero(from the right) and 10 beside the first zero and then, 30 seconds later, we broke into yet another laughing riot. We were like “LoL!” this kid got the answer as 165!!. Lmao! Then, the previous kid comes rushing into the class and says “I got it now! The answer is 35!”. But, then, we were too busy laughing to listen to him.

Alright, alright. I know, I haven’t written it interestingly but, it was one hell of an incident and loved every minute of it! You should’ve been there!

Until next time,
Adarsh :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - The Spoof

Rome and Juliet – The Spoof

I went to this English summer-camp(sort of) thing in May,2011. Well, we had to do some play. My group decided on a spoof of “Romeo and Juliet”. Well, we wrote a totally new script, so I thought why not share it with the world.(We named it "Once upon a time in Hyderabad".)

Anyway, let’s start.

  The play is divided into 6 scenes (including  1 half). It can have a total of 19 characters, though, this script was further edited to downsize the cast to 15. But, no worries, It’s the original one and can fit a total of 19 people.

Here are the links where you can find them. à

(PS : I’m really sorry about the black background. I don’t know why it is coming like that. Hope it doesn’t spoil your reading experience. Really sorry!)

There you go, I’ve divided the play into 6 digestable scenes. Again, I’m sorry about the background. 
Hopefully I can make it proper in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


Scene 6 - R&J The Spoof

<<Romeo upon learning about Juliet’s death goes to the graveyard were Juliet’s body is kept>>

P9(Romeo) : Oh my dear god, what’s this. The love of my life is dead, what other reason do I have to live.

(Friar overhears Romeo lamenting and enters)

Friar : Maybe Cricket??....Just kidding. She’s not dead mate, she’s asleep.

P9 : Dead, Asleep. Both are the same…right?

Friar : She came to me the day you were banished stating her love for you, I was touched by it and decided to help her. So, I got my hands on a drug which induces you into sleep for 24 hours with absolutely no pulse at all. I gave her the drug and to everyone she’s dead….Just 2 and ½ hours remain.

(p9 pinches the Friar)

Friar : Ouch!

P9 : I’m not dreaming then?

Friar : No, you’re not.

P9 : Juliet’s not dead then…I am so relieved. Can you please wait with me till she gains consciousness?

Friar : Sure.

(Narrator : They both wait for 3 hours but still Juliet shows no signs of waking up)

Romeo : Why isn’t she still awake?

Friar : What do I know?

Romeo(In an angry tone) : You are startin…

(A call to Friar’s mobile interrupts them)

Friar : It’s my second.

Friar(barks at his assistant) : What?

Assistant : ummm….

Friar : This is not a day for umm’s….what is it that you want to tell?

Assistant : err….umm….I messed up the drug….

Friar : You messed up the WHAT?

Assistant : The drug…I gave her poison instead.

Friar : WHAT!!! You are so dead.

<<Assistant quickly ends the call>>

<<Friar with a sullen face goes over to Romeo>>

Romeo : What was that call about?

Friar : …….I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Romeo : What bad news?? Get on with it!

Friar : My assistant messed up the drug……your Juliet is really dead.

Romeo : WHAT!!
(Falls onto his knees beside Juliet and starts sobbing)

<< A ball suddenly out of nowhere hits Romeo on the head and he slumps down. >>

<< Friar quickly goes over to Romeo and checks his pulse at his neck and shakes his head. >>

Friar : God willed that Romeo die and he did.

<< Friar goes and collects the ball that hit Romeo >>

Friar : Something’s written on this…I can’t read it without my specs.

(The Friar calls a passerby near him)

Friar : Hey..can you read?

Passerby : Yes, I can.

Friar : Can you read what’s written on this?

Passerby : Let me see (takes the ball in his hands) ……. I……… P……. L….Yes.. that’s it..IPL..that’s what written on this.

Friar : Who’s batting?

Passerby : Sachin.

Friar : Sigh…It has ended where it has started.
:::: Curtains down :::: THE END

That my friends is the end. I'd like to thank you for spending some time reading this. Thanks! Hope you had a great time reading this.

Please let me know your thoughts over here -->

Please share it if you found it worthy of it. Thanks :)


Scene 5 - R&J The Spoof

* Narrator : Juliet then goes to the only man she trusted in the world to keep her secret. The Friar. She then tells all the events from the very start to the Friar. Here are the events that happen after this. *

Friar : I think I might just be able to help you.

Juliet : Really?

Friar : Yeah. I prepared this drug which can induce you into a death-like coma for a full 24 hours. Your family members will think that you’re dead and take you to the graveyard, I’ll see to that you’re not buried. In the meantime, I’ll call Romeo and tell him the plan.

(Friar calls his assistant over and whispers something in his ear)

Friar : Got it?

Assistant : Yeah.

(Assistant goes over and is bringing a tray full of medicines when he falls down. All the medicines fall down)

Juliet : Oh my god.

(Friar and Juliet help him up)

Friar : Are you all right?

Assistant : I’m like.. the guy who jumps from a 30 floor building and when he reaches the 10th floor a person from a window asks how he is.

Friar : haha very funny…no will you give the drug?

(Assistant picks up two identical bottles)

Assistant (Ponders for 2 seconds) : Now…which one is it?

Friar : FAST!!

Assistant chooses one from them and gives it.

Friar : Here Juliet. (gives the medicine) …… Take one every 8 hours.

Juliet : WHAT!!

Friar : I am so sorry…..I think I got used to giving D-Cold tablets to people.

Juliet : okay. Thanks a lot then. Bye bye. Thanks again for all the help .

Friar : Err..I think you are mistaken that I did it for free.

Juliet : what?

(Friar brings out a sheet)

Friar : I want you to sign here and here (points the places and gives a pen)

(Juliet signs them)

Juliet : what are these?

Friar : I get the movie rights.

Juliet(smiling) : Ha Ha Ha…

Assistant : He’s serious.

(Smile on Juliet’s face fades away but, she goes away without another word)

(Curtains down)

Narrator : Juliet goes home and takes the pill as planned and it works. Her whole family grieves and plans for her burial. The body is taken to the graveyard to be buried but isn’t. That’s when Romeo arrives at the burial place. Here are the events that follow!

::::::::::::Scene 6 follows after this ::::::::::

Next Scene :
Previous Scene :

Scene 4 - R&J The Spoof

Scene 4 (Events resulting Juliet Death and Romeo getting to know it)

*(Narrator :Here are the events that follow the previous scene)*

Juliet : Romeo said he would call me at 4 : 00, it’s already 4:10.

Juliet’s Friend : Don’t worry, he’ll call soon.

Juliet : He’s very punctual, I wonder what’s happened today?

(Juliet starts fiddling with her mobile and moving back and forth and when suddenly it starts ringing, Juliet startled drops the mobile)

(She quickly picks it up)

Juliet : oh my’s romeo.

(Picks the call up)

Juliet : Hello Romeo…is that you?

Caller : …My name is sheela………If you want this as your dial-tone press 5, to check other songs press 2.

(Juliet cuts off the phone angrily)

Juliet : Stupid Advertisment!!

JF2(friend no.2) : Do you know why you get so many advertisement calls on your mobile

Juliet : No idea!!

JF2 : Get Idea 3g..Super-fast internet, live chatting..and added to that live news.

Juliet : Shut up please.

JF : We are not watching the movie “UP” are we?

JF2 : Nope…

Juliet : Will you guys please stop making fun of me!!

(JF3 enters running)

Juliet : whoa whoa whoa….why are you running?

JF3(Panting) : I’ve got bad news.

Juliet : Not again…..

JF3(Panting) : Romeo’s been banished!!

Juliet : god.

(She passes out)

JF3 : Quickly!! Call 911.

( JF2 takes out her mobile and gives it to JF3 who dials a number)

Caller : If you want cops.. Press 1 : If you want entertainment.. Press 2…If you want ring-tones press 3…

JF3 to JF2 : It’s going to take a while….

*(Narrator : 5 minutes later)*

Caller : If you want the local doctor press 27.

(JF3 quickly Presses 27)

JF3 : Hey doc..Juliet’s passed out what should I do?

Doc : I’d recommend taking a Blood test and a CT Scan first. Don’t forget to recommend my name first though.

JF3 : (Sarcastically)haha. Very funny. Now…should I bring her to you?

Doc : I’m afraid it’s not possible now, I’m in Australia.

JF2 : WHAT!!

(Snatches the mobile from JF3 and ends the call).

(After a second)

JF2 : Oh my god…It cost me 49 Rupees. Mom’s gonna kill me….all because of you JULIET!!!

(Juliet opens her eyes, her friends help her to a seat.)

Juliet : I hear what you said JF2!! ….GET LOST!!

(JF, JF2 and JF3 go away)

[Curtains down]

Next Scene :
Previous Scene :

Scene 3 - R&J The Spoof

Scene 3 (Brawl + Death + Banishment)
[[ The day after the party ]]

Tybalt(P11) and his friend are having a chat when they spot Romeo and Mercutio coming.

Tybalt : Hey look who’s coming.

Tf : Isn’t that Romeo?

Tybalt : Yes, he is. Hey…do you know that he attended yesterday’s party?

Tf : No way…it was for DC supporter’s only.

Tybalt : Yes way….And I’m going take my revenge now.

(Tybalt goes over to Romeo while his friend stays there.)

Tybalt : I saw you at the party yesterday.

Romeo : So what? Many people saw me….what’s the big deal?

Tybalt(Angered) : Are you trying to make me look like a clown?

Romeo : Nah…you are already a clown, what’s the use of making you look like one.

(Romeo and Mercutio start walking away, Tybalt angered, takes out his shoe and throws it but instead of hitting romeo, it hits Mercutio right on the back of his head where his medulla is located.)

Mercutio(falling down) : Romeo…these are my last words…….. Avenge my death.

Romeo : Yes Mercutio, I will.

(and with that Mercutio dies. Romeo gets up angered, takes the shoe that Tybalt threw.)

Romeo : Taste your own medicine!! (throws the shoe at Tybalt aiming for his head, but instead it hits Tybalt in the stomach so he doesn’t die instead he falls down, alive)

(Romeo collects the shoe)

Romeo : I am not going to let you die without suffering.

(Thrust the shoe into his face)

Tybalt : No..No…No……….(He dies)

(Romeo then smells the shoe himself and ewww…pushes it away.)

Romeo : Doesn’t this guy ever take a bath or something?

Tybalts Friend : OH NO!! What have you done Romeo….you have killed Tybalt…I’m gonna report it right away.

*Narrator : Tybalts Friend then goes over to the Sheriff and reports Tybalt’s death. The angered Sheriff then banishes Romeo.*

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Scene 2 - R&J The Spoof

‎:::::::::::‎:::::::::::Scene 2‎:::::::::::‎:::::::::::

(All DC supporters have attended the party and are having a chat)

P8 : Phew. This plan actually worked out. So, we’re finally in here. Now what?

P9(Romeo) : Now…we search for Gayathri, a single glimpse of hers is going to make my day.

P8 and p9 starting scanning the room for signs of Gayathri.

<Everybody start dancing now>

<Suddenly , Juliet just passes by Romeo, he just gets a glimpse and bam! Love on first sight! He keeps on looking at her in admiration.>

P9(to p8) : Hey, who’s that?

P8 : Don’t even think about it.She’s out of your reach bro.

P9 : Which is exactly why I’ve worn a mask.

<Romeo keeps dancing and soon he moves from his place beside p8 to go to p10)

<Romeo(p9) and Juliet(p10) are dancing>

<P10 out of curiosity takes out p9's mask to see who he really is.>

<<<That's when p11(Juliet's Cousin) spots P9 and recognizes him as a rival supporter.
When he sees them getting friendlier and friendlier, his blood curdles. >>>

P11 Quickly takes out his cell-phone and calls Siddharta Mallya

P11 : Hey Sid, I think your future fiancee is going rogue.

P12(Sid mallya) : What!! ? It can't be.

P11 : It is so. I'll call you back when I know later.

P12 : Wait Wait Wai.....(Phone get's cut off)
: Oh my god, P10's gone rogue Dammit.

p12 Quickly put's a call to P10's dad, p13

P12 : Hey...Do you even know what your daughter's doing? She's gone rogue.

P13 : What!! ?

<Call ends due to bad connection>
P11 goes to P13 and tells.

P11 : Uncle, I bring this news to you with a heavy heart. Your daughter's gone rogue.

P13 : What?? It's true?

P11 : Yeah, I just saw her dancing with P9, our archrival.

P13(feigns a bout of giddyness ) : Oh my god.

P11 : Don't worry uncle, I'll avenge this here and now. I'll kill P9.

P13 (Realising he's too good an actor) : No No. Don't do anything stupid. If word leaks out, our franchise is so dead. Don't do it now for god's sakes. We'll see later. We just don’t have the money to pay them if they sue us!

P11 : Okay, Okay. Whatever you say. But, trust me, I’m going to pay back that “ROMEO” soon!
P13 : As you wish but, not today.
<<Party's over>>

P9 and P10 bid each other goodbye.

P9 he quickly opens his mobile and texts something to Juliet, asking his friend the number.

P10 runs to her room and checks her mobile when she hears a beep. 

P10 : OH my Dear God. It's Romeo, from where did he get my number.....Who care's...let's see what he has texted.

<<Brief Pause>> <<Squeals with Joy>>

I can't believe it!! 
Romeo's just proposed to me!!

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