Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would I care if the world ended?

Would I care if the world ended?

  A facebook comment of mine reads -“‎..... Yeah ... It's a sign. Something’s gonna happen!! I so hope that the world ends :P”.

A friend of mine IM’s me asking “Do you really want the world to end?” Now, that got me thinking. I mean, while posting the comment I had not given that a second thought but now after my friend posed this question to me, my mind started thinking. I replied “Not exactly….” And thankfully that person did not poke me with more explanation.

  But, that sure made me think and ask myself if I’d care if the world ended. Well, here are my thoughts.

My mind asked me “Would you care if the world ended tomorrow or the day after or even today?”

My Answer:  To be honest, I couldn’t care less if the world ended tomorrow. I mean, there’s nothing that I look forward to. I don’t really look forward to spending time with my friends at school, I sure do have loads of fun with them but that isn’t something I look forward to eagerly everyday. I couldn’t care less about school. Oh come on! No kid in their right senses would look forward to school a.k.a studies. And, other than these two things, there isn’t much that happens in my life. I don’t go anywhere like classes or something or do something that I love.

My typical day starts with studies, is followed with studies and then with some hours of homework and ends with sleep. Well, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would look forward to this.

Everyday’s the same except a few things that I learn here and there. Currently, I’m doing some other stuff than just the monotonous homework but I don’t think that it is enough to make me look forward to it.

So, in a sentence – I couldn’t care less if the world ended soon.

……But, somewhere deep down inside me, something tells me that I don’t believe what I’m writing and that it’s false. I indeed like the fun that I have with my friends, the countless games of Spongennis that I play with my friends, the gossiping and all. It is indeed something that I look forward to. I mean, school would’ve been boring without them. And, I indeed treasure the chat’s I have with some people on facebook. I really look forward to chatting with them(even if it’s for a few minutes only). Hmmm…What else do I live for? Well, I like to believe that I’ve come to this world to do something  extraordinary(and by this I don’t mean becoming a successful money-earner). The world ending soon would mean that I wouldn’t know what my destiny was and I never could fulfill it.

So, part of me doesn’t care but the other part tells me that I’m lying to myself. I don’t know whom to believe.

Here’s another question that is posed to my mind – “What would you do if the world was going to end in a hour?”
My Answer: Hmm. One hour, that equals 60 minutes. In 60 minutes, a two-billion year old Earth is going to be wiped off. There’s nothing much that I can do about it. I don’t really know what I’ll do to be honest. That’s the point of the question, to make you think!! Okay…. Maybe I’ll call up a girl I like and tell her that I love her….Aww…You would’ve if you had one :P….Get serious!!....Okay, Okay…Chill dude….Hmm..I’ll either spend it in solitude thinking over my life or maybe I’ll spend it with my parents, holding their hands….That’s all?...What do you want me to do?...Write a novel?...Grow up!!

“What would you do if the world was going to end in day?”
My Answer:  I’d either call up every single person I ever knew or….I’d rather write a big-big-big blogpost on all the people I ever knew and their memories.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in a week?”
My Answer: 7 days is a lot of time. I’d probably go around trying to do the 101 things that I’ve always wanted to do J.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in a month?”
My Answer: Same!

 “What would you do if the world was going to end in an year?”
My Answer: Same!

“What would you do if the world was going to end in 5 years?”
My Answer: Live a normal life upto 4 years and spend the fifth year doing the things I’d always wanted to do.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in 10 years?”
My Answer: Live Life to the fullest!

Sigh, that’s just me. I mean, I really wonder what you all would do if you had just some time left on this planet.\
I don’t really know what to type here. To be honest, I think that nobody in this world ever looks forward to another day except those with “Soul-friends”, you know, the unseparable friends who have the best of times with each other and can’t spend time without them…..
Man, I really think I got to go see a psychiatrist :P
 ….Are you kidding me?....Don’t even try to go to a psychiatrist, you wouldn’t want him turning mad :P

So, that’s it.
Until next time then J.


  1. Where are the list of 101 things???

  2. ....Coming soon....Infact, I'm working on them right now...


    There you go.....

    I'm a man of my word :P

  4. .....Was going over old posts from my blog.....

    Your question should have been "Where IS the list of 101 things?".

    I wonder how I missed it the first time around :P