Monday, July 18, 2011

...Random ramblings :P

It’s my second post of the day. I just couldn’t resist writing it :P

It’s 4:42 pm now and I’ve approx 5 hours till 10:00 pm which is the time by which I usually sleep. In these 5 hours, I have to complete loads of homework….How I wish I didn’t procrastinate L ….. Anyway, I’ve got loads of work to do, so I’m gonna say goodbye to this laptop for the next whole week….before I do that, I’m going to copy a few songs into my iTouch. And, I’m planning to lock away my laptop for the next full week, it just eats away all of my time….I’m gonna access facebook from my ipod touch, it’s less addictive!

  And, if all goes according to the plan, I’m going to watch Transformers : The Dark of the Moon next Sunday……Aah…Can’t wait to watch it!!

…My mom comes and says something like “Next year, 7 to 7 college, and extra 5 hours of studying….toh next year yeh(laptop) bhi nahi chee sakta….”…..Oh come on mom!! I know what I’m up against, I don’t need you to remind me again and again….It’s moments like these that spoil my mood to be honest.

Anyway, plugging in my iTouch now..After I copy the required songs, I’m gonna lock away this laptop as promised until next Sunday…when I’m going to post a review of Transformers :P

…..So, Until next time J.

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