Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Just Another Saturday

Not Just Another Saturday

   A usual Saturday used to be dotted by an hour of Science along with 2 hours of Exercise and games at school but when I entered tenth grade, thanks to our math teacher, the remaining 2 hours were soaked up for doing Math activities. Now, the typical Saturday was dotted by an hour-and-half of Science Practicals along with an hour of Math with a break of 30 minutes somewhere in the middle. It was quite boring to be honest, Saturday’s are meant to be holidays but entering 10th grade seems to have changed the situation.

      Anyway, I won’t go on and on sulking about the less amount of play time but I’ll now shift to what made this Saturday, a special Saturday.

    Today started off with the typical Science practicals, The first hour-and-half went in doing some experiments and answering some MCQ’s. It was quite uneventful except the grin that we got on seeing the look on the face of the first-timers getting surprised at the change in the color of the pH paper. Well, we were left off at 11:20 something. And then, well, the school volleyball net had gone past it’s expiry date so we decided to stay in the class and play. And well, thanks to “Spongennis”, we could keep ourselves busy and have loads of fun in the next 40 or so minutes. Aniket, a under-dog, caused a upset over the reigning champions(namely me and Harindra) by eliminating us in 2nd and 1st rounds respectively. He then went on to win the championship and well, that shocked us to be honest. Well, we were interrupted by Shahana Aunty, our maths teacher, coming into the class and then we sat to write our Math Record books like proper students :P that was when the teacher announced her plans for an activity in Math. Our jaws fell open after hearing that, she was talking about a “fashion show” on math. Oh come on! The idea itself was outrageous! Anyway, after a lot of coaxing and all the “masca” she finally decided upon a much more acceptable way of conducting this activity.

   Well, it was almost 12 noon when our class was called down. The whole school was assembled, class 3rd onwards. Anyway, we were told to stand in a line along with the other students, and that is when Swati Aunty called me. I saw a paper in her hand and at once knew what was going on, I was like “Now? It’s going to happen now?”, I knew what was going to happen but then I acted as if I didn’t(:P)(Atleast, I tried to act as if I didn’t). Well, a few weeks ago, during a games period of ours, Mala aunty(our principal) had called me and told me that I had received a cheque or something for my performance in an exam. Then again, a few weeks later, she told the class about it and then told me that she’ll give it to me in the assembly (I went early the next day :P). Anyway, I realized that I was going to get the cheque now. And while my mind was processing all of that, Swati aunty made the announcement “Last year, many students in our school had written exams…blah..blah..blah..Adarsh here has placed within 51-500(I was like “I got 55!! Why not state just that! :P) and has received a cash prize” and then, Mala aunty says “And I’m giving him and equal amount of money along with that. Remember children, whenever you get a prize, I’ll give you the exact same amount from my side.” And then she said something about others should try to participate as well. All this time, I was standing there beside the two aunties and trying to act modest(Oh come on! I’m not a good actor!) I mean, I definitely couldn’t break into giggles so I just tried to put up a face that wasn’t too proud nor too blank, just a face that could show gratitude and happiness(and I know, I was crap at it :P). Anyway, soon the announcement came to a stop and well after a “courtesy applause”(which I actually liked :D) I took the prize from Mala Aunty with a smile and then went and sat in my place. Okay, here’s the catch. As soon as I took my place in my class-line, a guy from the adjacent lines asks me “how much?”. I was like “lol” but then I quickly said “250/-“ and he was like “oh, 250…” LoL. Anyway, after this announcement, some kids were called upon the stage to recite some poetry and all. The next 15 minutes were spent in children spending time to recite some Hindi poetry and all the time the one thing that was going in my mind was…nothing… I mean, seriously. Normal people feel proud after getting a prize like this but hey! From when did Adarsh act human :P …on a serious note, really, I indeed felt nice after receiving the prize but there was no feeling of ‘satisfaction’ like “Phew! Finally all my efforts have paid off.” or something like that. My mind was just blank and it refused to work for the next 10-20 minutes.

  Anyway, we were soon sent to our classes and spent the next 10 minutes playing Spongennis :P
 Well, we had planned to go to Rounak’s house today and as fate would want,(Harichandra and Harindra’s driver) Shiva brought a friend with him today. That made, 6 of us, Myself, HC, H, Ibrahim, Rounak and Sanskriti to sit in the cramped back-seat of a Hyundai Verna. It was very stuffy but thanks to Rounak’s house being situated nearby, we were spared :D
. Anyway, we went as planned and  I had the greatest of times.

As soon as we went, we plugged in Harindra’s walkman into Rounak’s DVD player and heard songs on his home-theatre. The first half and hour wasn’t very eventful, Rounak and Ibrahim sat on rounak’s computer and started installing games and playing them. That left me, Harindra and Harichandra. Well, I and Harindra got tired of watching Rounak and Ibrahim play and decided to do something else. Well, Rounak has this small table in his hall. An idea struck me after I stole a glance at it, Spongennis!!. We cleared it of everything and used it as a court to play the game. Well, we enjoyed playing it as always :D and as always, I pawned him at the game 3-2.

Well, then it was lunch-time. I’d like to take a moment to thank Rounak’s grandmom and mom for making and serving those delicious ‘bread-rolls’ stuffed with ‘aloo’ and coated with some white thing…They were so-so delicious and I’m not kidding, my mouth just watered after thinking about them :P We spent the next 20 minutes of our life in absolute bliss(:D) listening to music and eating those bread-rolls. After round 4 of those bread-rolls, we were on our feet begging Rounak to tell his mom to stop! LoL! After that, I & Harindra played a few more sets of Spongennis when Harichandra comes in and while Harindra busies himself with my ipod touch, I and Harichandra play a few sets of Spongennis and I pawn him 6-2 (:D) That’s when I drag Ibrahim away from the computer and challenge him to a few sets. I defeat him as well(eyes sparkling :P).

Finally, Rounak gets a few playing cards and then we sit to play a game of “bluff” and well, we had the time of our lives playing it. It was so, so, interesting, funny, enjoyable, exciting and 100-other synonyms of fantastic. If you don’t know about it, then it’s a game in which we bluff(if that isn’t obvious) about the cards we have and the objective is to loose all your cards. Well, it was awesome. Ibrahim and Rounak aced the first few games but then I got some much-needed tips from one of them and well, that changed my game. I started bluffing confidently and winning :D . It was so-so much fun!!  Anyway, I and Harindra spent the last half-an-hour playing Splinter Cell : Conviction (The most awesome pc game!!). Well, it was 5:55 something. I wouldn’t have minded staying till 6:30 but then, Ibrahim was in some hurry and Harindra and harichandra also had to go home so, I too had to leave because I’d get a lift by Ibrahim and life would become so much more easier.

Well, that was the end of a wonderful day of my life. Really, I’ll remember this one for sure. It took me 1,400 words to write this and I could still go on and….That’s what made today “A Saturday like no other”.

Until next time.

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