Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My tryst with the School-Van

My tryst with the School-Van

Well, this is yet another nostalgic post from me. Reason for writing it? Well, I spotted my school-van while walking home from the bus stop. Well, it’s been ages since I last spotted it and it sure brought back good memories and it is those memories that have compelled me to write this.
  My tryst with the school-van goes back ages ago.

  Let me remember, maybe I was in 1st  or 2nd  or maybe even earlier. Well, I used to live in Malakpet, the same home in which I am living currently. I used to go in the school-van then. To be honest, I don’t remember much about the time I spent in the van then because no memorable incidents happened except a few here and there…you wanna know what they are?..okay, let me make a confession. I never really cared about food and (Should I tell it?...oh cmon tell it!! Who cares, u were small then!!) okay, here we go. I used to not eat my lunch fully and used to throw it away very cunningly. I used to keep the ‘puri’ in my hand and then go near the window and then, in a sleek moment, used to throw it away :P Anyway, I remember the bus drivers. One of them was “Imran Uncle” and the other was “Basheer Uncle” well I loved them to be honest, I mean they were so friendly and all. Imran uncle was our bus-driver while Basheer uncle was the attendant( Imran uncle used to put our lives at risk by training him in driving the school bus sometime..just kidding about the risk part :P) Well, I really liked them and I’ll remember them forever. Basheer uncle soon went away to another van but Imran uncle stayed on.
   That was when I was very small. I left the school van when I shifted to Gandhi Bhavan which is just 10 minutes from school. I lived there for…let me think, maybe 2 to 3 years.
  Well, in the mid-way somewhere, I lived for a month or two(or was it a year or 2?) with my Uncle and Aunt in Charminar. A friend of mine, Siddharth too lived just a minute away from my house there. Well, I don’t exactly remember but I really liked those days as well. I mean, we(me and Siddharth) along with Aman(his cousin brother) had a great time. We used to make swords, planes out of paper and you know, have immense amounts of fun.

  Then, I don’t remember exactly but I think I shifted to Malakpet again. I was in 6th then. Well, you know, Malakpet is very far from the school, around 6 km of heavy-traffic. My parents dropped me for a month or two but then decided that the school van was a better option. That was how I joined the bus for the most recent time. Well, the driver uncle was again Imran uncle and as always he was very entertaining and I loved him! This time around, I remember more to be honest. I mean, after all I was in 6th, I had a mind that could actually store information :P. Anyway, the first few days I came, I found the van too boring, I mean, it was too quiet for my taste at-least. I then spread my infectious energy to everyone and before I knew, every trip was dotted by so-many games like..Dumb-Charades(Almost became invincible in this!) , some finger-pressing game(ah! Loved this! :P) and, catch-catch and so many other games that made the long 1 and a half hour trip less boring. Actually, I even looked forward to playing them!! I made so many friends this time around and had so much more fun than the first two times combined! I mean, it was so much more fun this time around. Seriously, I made so many new friends who I would’ve not even talked if I wasn’t in the van(….If the people I’m referring to ever read this post, they’ll know!) I mean, seriously, those days were so, so, awesome!! To be honest, I think going in the van was probably the best thing that happened in those two years (If you’re wondering why?...keep wondering, one fine day I’ll let you know! :P).

   Anyway, I finally came into the 8th class. My parents, they want me to do an IIT so, well, they entered me into an IIT foundation institution near my house. Well, I had to go to a class everyday, timings 5:00 am to 7:00, the van used to come at 7:30 and to be honest, I really couldn’t get ready in ten minutes because I reach home from the tuition at 7:20 am. 10 minutes isn’t enough for anything! Getting ready for school is a far-cry. Well, I told my mom that I want to go in an RTC bus or that seemed the only option at that time since I didn’t want to sit on a cramped two-wheeler with my parents every single day and anyway I grew too big to sit on the hood of the motorcycle :P Well, I had to go in a bus everyday and that was the reason I left the school-van.
   Well, I had the option of coming in the bus while returning from school but I told my mom I didn’t want to because I wanted to spend more time with my friends, I mean, yeah! The van was great but, still my friends are even greater :P and anyway I could reach home faster in the bus than the van!.
Well, that was the end of another nostalgic(read as boring) post from me but hey!! Who’s gonna go through the pain to read through it eh? If you did, Thank you for bearing with me if not…as if I care …duh!!

Until tomorrow.

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