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My Bucket List : 101 things to do before I die

101 things I want to do before I die

What’s a bucket-list?
It’s basically a list of all the things that you want to do before you die, a list of all the dreams/goals/feelings that you wish to achieve before you become one with nature.

Why create a bucket-list?
 Many of us feel like we’re doing something of note every single day of our lives but I’m sure 99% of those tasks will be just day-to-day activities which aren’t satisfying. Creating a bucket list helps you in clearing your mind, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to do. How many times have we wasted our time by watching TV when we were bored? Millions for me, I did so because I didn’t have anything else to do but, by having a bucket-list, I can spend some time on it rather than spending it on TV.

Create your bucket-list.
Creating a bucket-list is a highly entertaining process, it makes you think, you can focus on your life and gain significant clarity of your wants.

My Bucket-List

Here’s my bucket listJ.

     1.       Go for a full-day paintballing trip with my friendsShooting others is something I’ve always wanted to do.
     2.       Write a thriller novel – Ever since I read Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer, I’ve always wanted to write a novel of my own which has “Adarsh Rao” printed in big capital letters on the cover-page :P

     3.       Create a comic-strip – Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is my daily diet of laughter…blame him for this!

     4.       Visit the land of the Pyramids – Ancient Egypt has always managed to fascinate me.

    5.       Read every single Jeffrey Archer book – Jeffrey Archer is one heck of a writer, unlike any other I’ve ever read. All four of his books that I’ve read have managed to magically engulf me in them and that isn’t something that happens often.

    6.       Make my room ‘Jaw-dropping’ – Something I’ve been postponing for decades :P

    7.       Learn painting – Painting never really was my forte.

    8.       Get a beautiful handwriting  -- Does this need any explanation?

    9.       Read 5001 books(stories, novels and all) – Considering the ‘book-lover’(a.k.a ‘worm’) I am, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, an average of 100 books a year! Equals around 10 books a month! Now, I’ll need to become a sanyasi to achieve that! But, it is very much on my list.

    10.   Own an iPhone – Ever since I got an iPod Touch, I’ve been dreaming about an iPhone.

    11.   White-water rafting – This isn’t something that you get to do everyday.

    12.   Learn to use a rifle – Ah. I’ve always envied Rambo.

13.   Own a 1TB portable hard-disk – 1 TeraByte of memory! My largest was 60 gb :P

    14.   Paint my own room – I’ll have to learn painting for this (Check #7)

15.   Use a Vacuum-cleaner :P – I’ve never used a vacuum cleaner in my life and I’d very much like to use one just to get an idea of how a black-hole feels when it is sucking every damn thing.

16.   Own an iMac – I want to know what the fuss is all about.

    17.   Meet Stephen Hawking – This guy’s a living genius. I’ve never read any of his books but he’s ‘great’ over here!

18.   Meet a 33rd degree Mason – Blame “The Lost Symbol” for this!

19.   Write a touching poem – I never really liked poetry but it is slowing growing on me.

    20.   Learn to play a guitar like a professional and piano like Beethoven – Aah. Blame Bryan Adams for this :P

21.   Learn how to short-circuit a car (It’s called by some name, can’t seem to remember it!) – It might be a skill that I might never use but when the time comes, I’ll be glad that I learnt it”. By the way, that was from a book called “The Sigma Protocol” by Robert Ludlum. PS : It struck me now. It's called "Hot-wiring" a car.

22.   Wear a Calvin-Klein suit – I wanna try this suit on.

23.   Create my own private sanctuary – Dexter showed me the importance of one and well, I hope to find my own ‘Dark Passenger’ in it.

24.   Reach 80kgs(I’m 43 now :P) – I guess I’m sick and tired of looking sick and tired :P

     25.   Call up every single teacher who ever taught me and tell them how invaluable they were!(When I become 3 decades old) – No explanation necessary!

26.   Learn photography – I’ve taken some great snaps but, I want to take a course just to be sure that I was a born photographer.

27.   Own a high powered camera – Those cameras with those protruding lenses have always been something I desired. Just for the look you know :P

    28.   Have a best-friend for life -- As far as I know, I already have a few but let’s see how long they last.

29.   Learn to sing – Something I might never be able to do but I still want to try!

     30.   Live upto the age of 67 – Somehow, I have no qualms about dying at 67 unlike a friend of mine who wants to live for 120 years :P

31.   See the world end – Now, don’t you go on cursing me!

32.   Witness a third-world war – I missed the first two world-wars and have no intention of missing the third.

    33.   Write over 5000 blogposts on my blog.

34.   Build a website – Always wanted to do this.

35.   Improve my designing skills in Photoshop – Just for the sake of it!

36.   Design and wear my own T-shirts – It would be so kewl you know.

    37.   Get the first rank in any Olympiad – I was sort of compelled to write it against the wishes of A. Am just forced me into writing this but, coming first would rock!

38.   Build an eco-friendly house – Ab. Environment ke liye kuch to karna padega na.

39.   Find a 4-leaved clover – Aaah…I loved Enid Blyton.

40.   Grow a liking for tomatoes (Ewww at them now!) – I hate tomatoes but, I’d like to grow a liking for them just for the sake of taking part in the ‘Tomatino’ festival in Spain.

    41.   Ski down a mountain. – Always envied those guys.

42.   Try my hand at snowboarding!

43.   Climb Mount Everest. – Don’t laugh! I wanna stand on the top of the world….blame it on the carpenter’s song “Top of the world” :D

44.   Visit Antarctica – The only continent that most people on this Earth don’t visit. I wanna change that. Wait, is Antarctica a continent?

45.   Fly over the Bermuda Triangle! – Something else that has awed me.

    46.   Become a physicist at ISRO/NASA. Physics is my favorite subject and I wouldn’t mind taking it up as a profession.

47.   Change the world! – Deep down inside me, something tells me that I wasn’t born on this earth to just do some normal job and then expire, I was born to do something great, something that would shatter the very foundations of change the world!

48.   Spend more time with my dogs – My dogs curse me every morning when I don’t take them for a walk.

49.   Tell my family how much I love them! – I’ve never told them so but, I plan to do so sometime soon!

    50.   Be the ‘real’ me! – Be the real me!
51.   Visit the moon. – Some nights, I just stare at it as though it holds some deep secret. I dream of visiting it.

52.   Survive a natural disaster. – I’ve always thought myself to be more of a survivor type(see  #61)

    53.   Drive atleast 13 types of vehicles – 2 down, 11 to go!

54.   Throw a grenade and shout “Fire in the Hole!” –  :D

55.   Learn Swimming! – I have no desire to die by drowning. And, I want to get a feel of buoyancy.

    56.   Fly a jet. – I don’t mean a private jet, I mean the ones that the IAF and RAF use!

57.   Render my services for the national army during war. – I’ve always wanted to serve in the army!

58.   Visit Area 51 and know the truth.

59.   Pay a visit to Loch Ness and see “Nessie”, the Loch Ness monster!

60.   Gamble in a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. – Blame the fascinating depiction of the “Montecito” in “Las Vegas”.

61.   Survive after getting lost in various places --Blame Bear Grylls for this!

    62.   Visit the Grand Canyon. –

63.   Go on a sight-seeing trip to the Galapagos. – These islands have always fascinated me ever since I read something about evolution starting here.

64.   Visit both the poles. – To make sure if any of them is made up of candy and possibly find Santa’s toy-making factory :P

65.   Find what happened to the protagonists of “Hills have eyes 2” – O_O.

66.   See an Aurora Borealis in real. – They adorned my desktop for ages, it’s time to see one for real.

    67.   See another sun-dog. – It was an amazing sight the first time around, would die to see it again for real.

68.   Get a degree from a good college. – Aah. Who wouldn’t want to?

69.   Stroke a Tiger, a cheetah and a lion! – Tired of stroking them on my note-books.

70.   Experience true friendship. – You know, the type where the other person knows what you are going to say without you uttering a single word.

71.   Meet Jeffrey Archer – ….The creator of “The Prisoner of Birth”…He’s just awesome!

72.   Make a difference in someone’s life – Something I’ve been trying to do but never really was successful.

73.   Prove to the world that the universe isn’t what the scientists say it is. – No idea why, but I feel that the scientist are lying about something. The world isn’t what they say it is. It’s different. I won’t believe them until I go into outer space.

    74.   Go deep into nature’s own abode  -- Rainforests of Amazon!

75.   Learn Archery – Just in case the guns stop working.

76.   Go on a world trip. – Who wouldn’t?

    77.   Prove that the very foundations that this earth was built on were wrong. – There’s something about this world that I don’t understand. See #73.

78.   Taste that ‘bread omlette’ again -- During my trip to Nepal, somewhere on the way to the border. The bus driver stopped somewhere for breakfast. There, I ate this lip-smacking’ bread-omlette’ that my mouth waters at the very thought of it now. I want to taste it once more, just once more.

79.   Get full marks(100 on 100) in math! –Man, this is something that always manages to dodge me! I get 98,97,99 but never a 100!

80.   Play professional cricket. – I have a feeling that I might just turn out to be the next Dirk Nannes.

81.   Make atleast 5 strangers, friends. – Nothing beats turning a stranger into a friend.

82.   Stop procrastinating.

83.   Study the basics of psychology. – Love this subject and just want to stay more informed.

    84.   Get rid of your poker-face :P – Aaah. Not really, I like it this way :P
85.   Listen to Bryan Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you” Live! – Words can’t explain this.

86.   Be the owner of a large super-market chain.

87.   Be the best me that I can ever be!

88.   Spread my new-found experiences/knowledge with others.  -- That’s why I blog, right?

    89.   Participate in a social movement. – Just for the feel of it!

90.   Live a life! – Duh!

91.   Create a video-game. – Not really. But, I wouldn’t mind creating the next Resistance(video-game series.)

92.   Play through a video-game on the highest difficulty possible. – All the games I ever completed were on ‘easy’ difficulty or ‘amateur’ for that matter. Nothing could be better than defeating the computer on ‘SuperHuman’ or ‘Insane’.

93.   Grow a side-burn like “Scott Owen” (PawnShop kings). – I just love that style!

94.   Get 100,000 thousand likes on your facebook page by the time you turn 67. – I am hungry for more likes and comments on my status updates and dream of being the next Paulo Cohelo.

    95.   Contact aliens. – You know, actually contact them. If I’m on a roll, I could even be an ambassador.

96.   Realise the real reason for me coming to this earth and work towards it. – See #47.

97.   Win a gold-medal in any sport. – Always wanted to but silver was as far as I could get. :P

98.   Achieve enlightenment. – Just for the feel!

99.   Experience true love.
    100.                        Do a job that I love

101.                        <I’m going to leave this one blank.>

   102. Study at MIT

   103. Stay awake for 48 hours.
   104. Move an object telekinetically

Phew! Finally I’m done with the 101 things to do before I die. I’m planning to make it 201 but I’ll postpone that to a later date.

I’ve created my bucket-list, the question is when are you going to do it? (my apologies to those
who’ve done it, sorry for doubting you :P)

Edited :  1 --Created on July 29th, 2011.
                2 – Edited on – 19th August,2011. <Added description and changed a few.>
               3 -  11th October - Updated list to 104 ;)


  1. i love this post...might do one myself!

    Check out my blog?

    Thankyou <3

  2. Wow!! Cool one!! :)

    Im done with #8, 11, 28, 79, 80, 81 and 85 on ur list and i guess 94 will come soon too :P

  3. The numbers have disappeared - btw i loved reading it again :)

  4. Fixed a few, will fix the remaining later :)