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Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell” – Review

Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell” – Review

 I bought it on Saturday, 16th July, 2011 and finished it at 9:18 Am today(18th July,2011).

   Now that’s fast and I usually complete books within 3 days only if I like them a lot. There you go, my one line statement on this book. It’s a great book written by a great author. I’d recommend this one to you and get ready to experience a thrilling ride through the 385 pages.

   Jeffrey Archer is at his belligerent best as he magically transports us into the realm of the story within the first few pages. Some writers take a long time to do this but not Archer, this is his forte. Before you know, you magically associate yourself with the protagonist, Harry Clifton. Actually, the book is written from the view of various people in the story. I personally haven’t read many books of this format and I don’t prefer this but Jeffrey has used it to the best of his ability. The story written from different people’s perspective just adds to the suspense and thrill of the book.

 I usually read the first 100-150 pages of the book to see if it’s up to the mark, if it is, I finish it soon but if it isn’t then I take my own good time to finish it. In this case, the book managed to weave a charm around me and kept me excited. Instead of the usual 150 pages, I went on to read till page no. 225 when I forced myself into sleep as I didn’t want to miss tuition tomorrow :P That explains how interesting the book is.

   Today, I started off at page 250(yup! I read only 25 pages yesterday because of several un-nameable reasons :P). I started at around 6:40 am, and I like, locked myself into it’s world, throwing a deaf ear to my mom’s ‘requests’ to bring something from the grocery shop but then, she insisted me and finally I had to concede ground and run her errand but when I got back, I saw to that I wasn’t disturbed until I finished the book. The book said something like “You will face the unexpected at the last page” and it sure did end at a cliff-hanger!!*Curses Jeffrey Archer*. The end was so, so, well-plotted. I mean, it was like the serials that we watch, every episode ends with some questions un-answered so that we’ll watch the next episode. This book was no different from those serials, Archer ended the book on such a note that I want to buy the next book in the series as soon as it comes out!! I honestly can’t wait to know what happens next!!

  Final Verdict? – It’s a good book, worth every penny and time.

Rating? – 8.7/10 (It lost 0.3 because of the effing ending :P)

Should I read it? – Definitely!!!

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Adarsh :)

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  1. This is the second Jefferey Archer that i have read and i must say i can see a pattern emerging; I absolutely love his books !!!!!!!!!!

    I loved his writing style, it really does keep you hooked on to the book. Not once did i get bored reading this book neither did i have to force myself through it.

    Do pick it up and give it a read and i will end it there as i dont want to include any spoilers !!!!