Friday, July 22, 2011

In which language do you think in?

Which language do you think in?

 I was just wondering, which language do you guys think in? I mean, do you think in your native language or adopt another language(like me :P).

  My native tongue is ‘telugu’ and I used to think in that language until I was…somewhere between 9 and 11 or, maybe when I turned 13. It was somewhere during this period that I changed my thoughts to English. I mean, I no longer think in telugu, all my thoughts are in English.

  Most people prefer to think in their native tongue but I ain’t one of them. I don’t know why, I just transferred my thoughts to English. I indeed do think in my native tongue sometimes but most of the time it is in English.

 I cannot say the transition was easy, it wasn’t meant to be. For close to 11-12 years I think in one language and then suddenly shift into another. Now, that is going to need some time to settle. But, it will soon pass trust me. Just stick with your choice.

So, which language do you think in?

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