Monday, July 11, 2011

A Call

Okay, here’s what happened.

   Remember me writing that I went to some Summer Intensive camp at the British council premises in Begumpet? Well, I made a few friends and met some 20 people there. I attended that camp during my summer holidays for a period of 3 weeks and to be honest, I really loved it there. The activities were great and class-mates even greater :P. I really can’t think of any better way of spending my holidays.

Long story cut short, here’s what happened -->

 Well, I was busy writing my civics class-work when suddenly my mom called my name and when I asked her what, she said I had a call. The first thought that came into my mind was that either Ibrahim or the H brothers had called. I took the phone from the window of my room and when I glanced at the screen it was an unknown number. I assumed it to be Ahmed(a friend of mine whose number still isn’t stored in my mobile) but couldn’t think of a reason why he was calling me. I instantly put the phone near my ear and said “hello”, the dialer too said ‘hello’. For a second, I couldn’t realize who it was so I again said hello and the caller repeated ‘hello’ the second time around , the voice seemed familiar, my mind instantly started recollecting all the voices that I’d encountered and suddenly it struck me that the voice sounded like “Vishnu”, a friend I made at that summer-camp, when he said “Hi Adarsh, did you recognize me?” my ‘suspicions’ turned true. It indeed was Vishnu. A grin instantly enveloped my face and then I started wondering why he called me. He said “It was a long time since I talked with you, so I called you.” I replied “oh!”, the next second was silent from both ends, then my mind told me “C’mon Adarsh, say something!” and then I asked him the most common question “How are you?” he replied with a quick-one-second “Fine”, I waited for another second hoping that he would ask me the same question again, when he didn’t I realized it wasn’t going to come so I said “So….” He then suddenly changed the topic to Harry Potter, he said “Hey, Harry Potter is releasing on 15th.” He hadn’t exactly invited me, but blame my over-enthusiastic mind which always freezes on surprising moments, I replied “oh yeah!” and then I was like he was inviting me and others, so I asked “which Show?” LoL. He replied “I mean, are you going to watch it?” I replied “Nah, I’m gonna go watch the Transformers on Saturday.”. He then instantly said “Have you called any of our friends”. Oh come on!! He didn’t even give me a hint that he changed the topic. So, I said “Nope, I’m going with my school friends.” He maybe got irritated and said “Arre, not that re. I mean, the friends at the camp.” It was then that my slow brain had realized that he had already changed the topic and was talking about something else. I almost cursed myself for being so foolish :P. Anyway, I come back to my senses and have a brief chat with him in which I ask him for Santosh’s(Another friend of mine) number. Then he cuts off(rather we both cut-off :P) the phone.
 (( I couldn’t stop myself from writing, I don’t mean no offense to you Vishnu(and Karthik)…It’s just that I don’t think that this call was an original thought from either of you, I am guessing that your dad suggested you to make these calls….if the call was your own idea then I’m terribly sorry for doubting you, it’s just that I’m consider myself some sort of a detective :P)

   I’m not done yet :P

  The reason for writing this(I left my civics homework to write this!!) is that – Once Vishnu cut-off the phone, I was surprisingly very happy, really very happy. I couldn’t stop grinning/smiling. I started to think, why was I so happy? I mean, what was in the phone call that made me so happy? After a few minutes of pondering I realized that the fact that made me happy was that somebody I knew, who I had not met in a long-time remembered me and actually put a phone-call to me. The fact that he thought of me made me happy and it’s not often that I get casual phone-calls like this so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I felt happy, I’m damn sure other’s are no different. It made me realize that people feel happy when you call them up in the most unexpected times and have a quick chat with them, you know, just ask about how they are doing and all the casual chat. It makes them feel happy that somebody they knew remembered about them and they think about them, it also makes the caller feel nice that he called up somebody he knew.  Well, I for one prefer text-messages and chatting over the internet than actually talking to someone and this call taught me that there is a world of difference between chatting and actually talking. I mean, I did indeed chat with some of my friends from there in the facebook group that I had created but none of them, I repeat, none of them had made me feel so happy than this one call!

     Actually, I want to call up a few of my friends, people I’ve known in the last few years who’ve left the school and chat with them for a few minutes to let them know that I’ve been thinking about them but, somehow I’m back to square one, I just cannot muster up enough courage to call them. Maybe I’ll do it but on a later day.

  I had loads of Civic’s home-work to do and I left it to write this post and it’s almost 9 o’ clock here which means I have around another hour  to complete and I don’t think I’ll be able to complete it but hey, who cares!! I have this feeling of satisfaction after writing this and it’s worth the punishment I’ll be getting from the teacher tomorrow!!

Until tomorrow.

(Richard Castle from ‘Castle’ is responsible for this one :P It’s in some episode in season one.  When Kate says ‘night’ to Castle, he replies ‘until tomorrow’ which is when Kate asks him “why can’t you just say ‘night’ like a normal person?”. Castle replies “I’m a writer and writer’s say ‘night’.”)

…..Okay, Okay. Stop cursing me!! I’ll shut up now :D :P

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  1. ....I just had a chat with an old friend of mine, Paul.....and, I loved every second of it :)