Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caught red-handed, left unscathed.

Caught red-handed but left unscathed

   Saturday’s have become so eventful, learnt a lesson today which I probably would’ve never come across in any text-book. Thanks to Ibrahim and Rounak for teaching it to me and a special thanks to a policeman. Curious to know what happened? Read on.

  To be honest, I was never really expecting this experience anytime soon.

   Well, my friend Ibrahim had changed houses a few weeks back and I wanted to visit his new house. Today was the perfect time so, we(Ibrahim, Rounak and me) went to his house. Well, we had a great time at his place, thanks to Gears of War and the ever interesting board game, “Bluff”.

  Soon, it was 6 o’ clock and we were getting bored and had to go home, so we decided to call it a day. Rounak had to go his tuition and I to a bus-stop, Ibrahim had promised to drop us both on his dad’s motorbike. I readily agreed thinking that he was going to drop us both one by one. Only when we were outside that I realized that he was going to take both of us at once. I was like “Wtf”, I’d never ridden 3-on-a bike in my entire life and I made a big fuss about it but then, Ibrahim used his powers of persuasion and made me agree to it. To make things worse, Rounak drove the motorbike. Now, think for a second. 3 15-year-old’s driving a Bajaj Discover on the treacherous Indian roads with a driver who doesn’t drive great. 

Anyway, we started soon.

   I sure as hell was scared and kept on cursing them every single second. I was like “WTH, slow down..slow down.” – “Dekh ke chala baap.” – “Aage dekh be..” – “Arey o..Tu teekh se chala na!”.. lol. I kept on muttering to god every single second to prevent any untoward accident. Well, suddenly, absolutely out of nowhere, 2 policemen appear and stop the bike. I was like “Crap..Crap..Crap..Shit..Shit..Shit..” I never was caught red-handed by the traffic police like this and it sure made my heart beat faster. Infact, I could actually feel my heart-beat without even touching my chest. Anyway, we all got down(there wasn’t anything else that we could do!).

  The policemen(there were 2, but let’s consider only one because the other one hardly spoke) well asked for license and you know other stuff. He knew that we didn’t have anything but still he asked for it. Well, then Ibrahim and Rounak were telling “Arey Uncle, late hogaya tha. Isliye bike pe jaare.” And you know, other excuses. But, that policeman just kept mocking us. Well, after a few minutes, even Rounak got down from the bike.

   While all this was going on, I was just at the back, mum, not speaking a word. I just decided that they two knew how to handle a situation better. Well, then Ibrahim asked the policeman to leave us this time, when he didn’t approve of it, he told him to talk with his father. He took Rounak’s cell-phone and dialed a number. The number was ringing. The policeman was talking something like “When we were kids, we didn’t even have shorts. Look at you people now.” – He spotted Rounak sweating profusely, he actually touched Rounak’s forehead feigning as if he was wiping off sweat and mockingly said “Ohh look, you are sweating. Why didn’t you tell your dad to give you car with AC.” I was like “Wtf” but didn’t tell anything. He kept quiet for the next 10-15 seconds during which I asked Rounak “Aren’t the police supposed to respect us?” Well, I spoke in English, a language that the policeman obviously didn’t know. Well, I said it too fast for him to grasp it and he looked sort of ‘surprised’ if I may say.

  Ibrahim realized that he’d dialed the wrong number and again re-dialled.

 That was when the policeman grew suspicious and told something which suggested that we were just fooling around with him. He was running out of topics to mock us, so he turned to the cell-phone. He said something like “Tumko Cellphone kyu hona? Call karne ke liye? Game(a) khelne ke liye?..”(Why do you need a cell-phone for? To Call? To Play Games?) Well, that really exhausted my patience. I’m a person who expects respect and believe in “Give respect, Take Respect.” The policeman obviously wasn’t giving me respect so, why give him respect! The cell-phone wasn’t clearly any of his concern. So, I replied “Aapko Kyun?”(Why do you ask?) He said “huun?”(What?).

   That was when Rounak whispered “Adarsh, keep quiet.” And I realized that staying silent was the best option since back-so I when he asked “what?” I just replied “nothing.” And he kept quiet.

   All this time, nobody was lifting the phone while Ibrahim was calling. Well, then suddenly, out of nowhere. The policeman asks him where he lives, Ibrahim replied “Yaheen hi. AC Guards, Mehboob Mansion.”(Nearby, AC Guards, Mehboob Mansion) That shuts of the police guy for a few seconds but then he asks me where do I live. I replied “Malakpet” He asks, what are you doing here then? I actually was going to the bus-stop but at the time, it felt appropriate for me to lie to him. I replied “I’m going to tuition with this guy.”

  I’m a terrible liar, but playing so many rounds of bluff today probably improved my lying skills. He accepted my answer as a true one, I indeed had evidence, I had an effing bag on!

  I don’t know why, but he again asked me(out of the three, why did he pick me? I’ll probably never find the answer to this but contemplatings’ not gonna hurt). He asked “What does your father do?” Now, my father works as a senior account in the Postal department. I replied “Government Officer”(Actually he’s an employee but, officer just came out of my tongue that time.) The policeman was taken aback. My friends said that his “Phat gai”(Like, he sort of got scared…something like that). He quickly asked me “Which department?” I had to reply “Postal Services” several times before he got that right.

   As soon as he heard my answer, Ibrahim’s dad finally lifted the phone and Ibrahim gave it to the policeman telling “li jiye baat kariye.”(Here you go, talk with my dad.)

  The policeman started with “Sir, main Omainguda police station se baat kar raha hoon. Aapke bacche triple riding kar rahe the aur pakde gaye"(I'm talking from Omainguda police station. Your kids were caught triple riding..)……he went aside and talked after that.

  I don’t really remember what conversation that we three had then but, a few minutes later, the policeman comes and hands the phone to Ibrahim. Ibrahim asks “Kya Huya?”(What happened?) the policeman just signals us to go off.

  I was like “WTH, we were left scot-free! Yaahuu” I really never expected to be left without a fine. Well, within seconds we climbed aboard the bike, this time Ibrahim was driving it(He’s a far better driver than Rounak if you ask me! He’s got loadsa experience :P). We like set off like a jet, the conversation we had till we reached Rounak’s tuition was probably the most nice. I mean, we were all so jubilant. I mean, I for one was shocked.

  Ibrahim explained to me that they let them off because most probably his father had a connection somewhere with the policeman. His dad is something like a very reputable CA at the Income Tax bhavan nearby. Well, I was like “whoa.”

  We soon dropped Rounak off and we were now heading towards my bus stop. Well, I felt so much more safer in Ibrahim’s hand’s now. I mean, he drives like a pro :P. Anyway, we chatted and chatted and laughed and laughed and, I must say, that conversation was so, so awesome!! Man, I really loved it.

Soon, he dropped me and we parted ways.

Man, this was one experience!! I’d never really expected it to happen anytime soon. It really did teach me something. “Not to drive a bike when you’re under-aged?”….Heck no!! It taught me “All you need, is a phone call to Ibrahim’s dad.” :P

  Anyway, it was one hell of a day. One of the most memorable, if I may say.

Until next time.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Bucket List : 101 things to do before I die

101 things I want to do before I die

What’s a bucket-list?
It’s basically a list of all the things that you want to do before you die, a list of all the dreams/goals/feelings that you wish to achieve before you become one with nature.

Why create a bucket-list?
 Many of us feel like we’re doing something of note every single day of our lives but I’m sure 99% of those tasks will be just day-to-day activities which aren’t satisfying. Creating a bucket list helps you in clearing your mind, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to do. How many times have we wasted our time by watching TV when we were bored? Millions for me, I did so because I didn’t have anything else to do but, by having a bucket-list, I can spend some time on it rather than spending it on TV.

Create your bucket-list.
Creating a bucket-list is a highly entertaining process, it makes you think, you can focus on your life and gain significant clarity of your wants.

My Bucket-List

Here’s my bucket listJ.

     1.       Go for a full-day paintballing trip with my friendsShooting others is something I’ve always wanted to do.
     2.       Write a thriller novel – Ever since I read Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer, I’ve always wanted to write a novel of my own which has “Adarsh Rao” printed in big capital letters on the cover-page :P

     3.       Create a comic-strip – Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is my daily diet of laughter…blame him for this!

     4.       Visit the land of the Pyramids – Ancient Egypt has always managed to fascinate me.

    5.       Read every single Jeffrey Archer book – Jeffrey Archer is one heck of a writer, unlike any other I’ve ever read. All four of his books that I’ve read have managed to magically engulf me in them and that isn’t something that happens often.

    6.       Make my room ‘Jaw-dropping’ – Something I’ve been postponing for decades :P

    7.       Learn painting – Painting never really was my forte.

    8.       Get a beautiful handwriting  -- Does this need any explanation?

    9.       Read 5001 books(stories, novels and all) – Considering the ‘book-lover’(a.k.a ‘worm’) I am, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, an average of 100 books a year! Equals around 10 books a month! Now, I’ll need to become a sanyasi to achieve that! But, it is very much on my list.

    10.   Own an iPhone – Ever since I got an iPod Touch, I’ve been dreaming about an iPhone.

    11.   White-water rafting – This isn’t something that you get to do everyday.

    12.   Learn to use a rifle – Ah. I’ve always envied Rambo.

13.   Own a 1TB portable hard-disk – 1 TeraByte of memory! My largest was 60 gb :P

    14.   Paint my own room – I’ll have to learn painting for this (Check #7)

15.   Use a Vacuum-cleaner :P – I’ve never used a vacuum cleaner in my life and I’d very much like to use one just to get an idea of how a black-hole feels when it is sucking every damn thing.

16.   Own an iMac – I want to know what the fuss is all about.

    17.   Meet Stephen Hawking – This guy’s a living genius. I’ve never read any of his books but he’s ‘great’ over here!

18.   Meet a 33rd degree Mason – Blame “The Lost Symbol” for this!

19.   Write a touching poem – I never really liked poetry but it is slowing growing on me.

    20.   Learn to play a guitar like a professional and piano like Beethoven – Aah. Blame Bryan Adams for this :P

21.   Learn how to short-circuit a car (It’s called by some name, can’t seem to remember it!) – It might be a skill that I might never use but when the time comes, I’ll be glad that I learnt it”. By the way, that was from a book called “The Sigma Protocol” by Robert Ludlum. PS : It struck me now. It's called "Hot-wiring" a car.

22.   Wear a Calvin-Klein suit – I wanna try this suit on.

23.   Create my own private sanctuary – Dexter showed me the importance of one and well, I hope to find my own ‘Dark Passenger’ in it.

24.   Reach 80kgs(I’m 43 now :P) – I guess I’m sick and tired of looking sick and tired :P

     25.   Call up every single teacher who ever taught me and tell them how invaluable they were!(When I become 3 decades old) – No explanation necessary!

26.   Learn photography – I’ve taken some great snaps but, I want to take a course just to be sure that I was a born photographer.

27.   Own a high powered camera – Those cameras with those protruding lenses have always been something I desired. Just for the look you know :P

    28.   Have a best-friend for life -- As far as I know, I already have a few but let’s see how long they last.

29.   Learn to sing – Something I might never be able to do but I still want to try!

     30.   Live upto the age of 67 – Somehow, I have no qualms about dying at 67 unlike a friend of mine who wants to live for 120 years :P

31.   See the world end – Now, don’t you go on cursing me!

32.   Witness a third-world war – I missed the first two world-wars and have no intention of missing the third.

    33.   Write over 5000 blogposts on my blog.

34.   Build a website – Always wanted to do this.

35.   Improve my designing skills in Photoshop – Just for the sake of it!

36.   Design and wear my own T-shirts – It would be so kewl you know.

    37.   Get the first rank in any Olympiad – I was sort of compelled to write it against the wishes of A. Am just forced me into writing this but, coming first would rock!

38.   Build an eco-friendly house – Ab. Environment ke liye kuch to karna padega na.

39.   Find a 4-leaved clover – Aaah…I loved Enid Blyton.

40.   Grow a liking for tomatoes (Ewww at them now!) – I hate tomatoes but, I’d like to grow a liking for them just for the sake of taking part in the ‘Tomatino’ festival in Spain.

    41.   Ski down a mountain. – Always envied those guys.

42.   Try my hand at snowboarding!

43.   Climb Mount Everest. – Don’t laugh! I wanna stand on the top of the world….blame it on the carpenter’s song “Top of the world” :D

44.   Visit Antarctica – The only continent that most people on this Earth don’t visit. I wanna change that. Wait, is Antarctica a continent?

45.   Fly over the Bermuda Triangle! – Something else that has awed me.

    46.   Become a physicist at ISRO/NASA. Physics is my favorite subject and I wouldn’t mind taking it up as a profession.

47.   Change the world! – Deep down inside me, something tells me that I wasn’t born on this earth to just do some normal job and then expire, I was born to do something great, something that would shatter the very foundations of change the world!

48.   Spend more time with my dogs – My dogs curse me every morning when I don’t take them for a walk.

49.   Tell my family how much I love them! – I’ve never told them so but, I plan to do so sometime soon!

    50.   Be the ‘real’ me! – Be the real me!
51.   Visit the moon. – Some nights, I just stare at it as though it holds some deep secret. I dream of visiting it.

52.   Survive a natural disaster. – I’ve always thought myself to be more of a survivor type(see  #61)

    53.   Drive atleast 13 types of vehicles – 2 down, 11 to go!

54.   Throw a grenade and shout “Fire in the Hole!” –  :D

55.   Learn Swimming! – I have no desire to die by drowning. And, I want to get a feel of buoyancy.

    56.   Fly a jet. – I don’t mean a private jet, I mean the ones that the IAF and RAF use!

57.   Render my services for the national army during war. – I’ve always wanted to serve in the army!

58.   Visit Area 51 and know the truth.

59.   Pay a visit to Loch Ness and see “Nessie”, the Loch Ness monster!

60.   Gamble in a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. – Blame the fascinating depiction of the “Montecito” in “Las Vegas”.

61.   Survive after getting lost in various places --Blame Bear Grylls for this!

    62.   Visit the Grand Canyon. –

63.   Go on a sight-seeing trip to the Galapagos. – These islands have always fascinated me ever since I read something about evolution starting here.

64.   Visit both the poles. – To make sure if any of them is made up of candy and possibly find Santa’s toy-making factory :P

65.   Find what happened to the protagonists of “Hills have eyes 2” – O_O.

66.   See an Aurora Borealis in real. – They adorned my desktop for ages, it’s time to see one for real.

    67.   See another sun-dog. – It was an amazing sight the first time around, would die to see it again for real.

68.   Get a degree from a good college. – Aah. Who wouldn’t want to?

69.   Stroke a Tiger, a cheetah and a lion! – Tired of stroking them on my note-books.

70.   Experience true friendship. – You know, the type where the other person knows what you are going to say without you uttering a single word.

71.   Meet Jeffrey Archer – ….The creator of “The Prisoner of Birth”…He’s just awesome!

72.   Make a difference in someone’s life – Something I’ve been trying to do but never really was successful.

73.   Prove to the world that the universe isn’t what the scientists say it is. – No idea why, but I feel that the scientist are lying about something. The world isn’t what they say it is. It’s different. I won’t believe them until I go into outer space.

    74.   Go deep into nature’s own abode  -- Rainforests of Amazon!

75.   Learn Archery – Just in case the guns stop working.

76.   Go on a world trip. – Who wouldn’t?

    77.   Prove that the very foundations that this earth was built on were wrong. – There’s something about this world that I don’t understand. See #73.

78.   Taste that ‘bread omlette’ again -- During my trip to Nepal, somewhere on the way to the border. The bus driver stopped somewhere for breakfast. There, I ate this lip-smacking’ bread-omlette’ that my mouth waters at the very thought of it now. I want to taste it once more, just once more.

79.   Get full marks(100 on 100) in math! –Man, this is something that always manages to dodge me! I get 98,97,99 but never a 100!

80.   Play professional cricket. – I have a feeling that I might just turn out to be the next Dirk Nannes.

81.   Make atleast 5 strangers, friends. – Nothing beats turning a stranger into a friend.

82.   Stop procrastinating.

83.   Study the basics of psychology. – Love this subject and just want to stay more informed.

    84.   Get rid of your poker-face :P – Aaah. Not really, I like it this way :P
85.   Listen to Bryan Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you” Live! – Words can’t explain this.

86.   Be the owner of a large super-market chain.

87.   Be the best me that I can ever be!

88.   Spread my new-found experiences/knowledge with others.  -- That’s why I blog, right?

    89.   Participate in a social movement. – Just for the feel of it!

90.   Live a life! – Duh!

91.   Create a video-game. – Not really. But, I wouldn’t mind creating the next Resistance(video-game series.)

92.   Play through a video-game on the highest difficulty possible. – All the games I ever completed were on ‘easy’ difficulty or ‘amateur’ for that matter. Nothing could be better than defeating the computer on ‘SuperHuman’ or ‘Insane’.

93.   Grow a side-burn like “Scott Owen” (PawnShop kings). – I just love that style!

94.   Get 100,000 thousand likes on your facebook page by the time you turn 67. – I am hungry for more likes and comments on my status updates and dream of being the next Paulo Cohelo.

    95.   Contact aliens. – You know, actually contact them. If I’m on a roll, I could even be an ambassador.

96.   Realise the real reason for me coming to this earth and work towards it. – See #47.

97.   Win a gold-medal in any sport. – Always wanted to but silver was as far as I could get. :P

98.   Achieve enlightenment. – Just for the feel!

99.   Experience true love.
    100.                        Do a job that I love

101.                        <I’m going to leave this one blank.>

   102. Study at MIT

   103. Stay awake for 48 hours.
   104. Move an object telekinetically

Phew! Finally I’m done with the 101 things to do before I die. I’m planning to make it 201 but I’ll postpone that to a later date.

I’ve created my bucket-list, the question is when are you going to do it? (my apologies to those
who’ve done it, sorry for doubting you :P)

Edited :  1 --Created on July 29th, 2011.
                2 – Edited on – 19th August,2011. <Added description and changed a few.>
               3 -  11th October - Updated list to 104 ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would I care if the world ended?

Would I care if the world ended?

  A facebook comment of mine reads -“‎..... Yeah ... It's a sign. Something’s gonna happen!! I so hope that the world ends :P”.

A friend of mine IM’s me asking “Do you really want the world to end?” Now, that got me thinking. I mean, while posting the comment I had not given that a second thought but now after my friend posed this question to me, my mind started thinking. I replied “Not exactly….” And thankfully that person did not poke me with more explanation.

  But, that sure made me think and ask myself if I’d care if the world ended. Well, here are my thoughts.

My mind asked me “Would you care if the world ended tomorrow or the day after or even today?”

My Answer:  To be honest, I couldn’t care less if the world ended tomorrow. I mean, there’s nothing that I look forward to. I don’t really look forward to spending time with my friends at school, I sure do have loads of fun with them but that isn’t something I look forward to eagerly everyday. I couldn’t care less about school. Oh come on! No kid in their right senses would look forward to school a.k.a studies. And, other than these two things, there isn’t much that happens in my life. I don’t go anywhere like classes or something or do something that I love.

My typical day starts with studies, is followed with studies and then with some hours of homework and ends with sleep. Well, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would look forward to this.

Everyday’s the same except a few things that I learn here and there. Currently, I’m doing some other stuff than just the monotonous homework but I don’t think that it is enough to make me look forward to it.

So, in a sentence – I couldn’t care less if the world ended soon.

……But, somewhere deep down inside me, something tells me that I don’t believe what I’m writing and that it’s false. I indeed like the fun that I have with my friends, the countless games of Spongennis that I play with my friends, the gossiping and all. It is indeed something that I look forward to. I mean, school would’ve been boring without them. And, I indeed treasure the chat’s I have with some people on facebook. I really look forward to chatting with them(even if it’s for a few minutes only). Hmmm…What else do I live for? Well, I like to believe that I’ve come to this world to do something  extraordinary(and by this I don’t mean becoming a successful money-earner). The world ending soon would mean that I wouldn’t know what my destiny was and I never could fulfill it.

So, part of me doesn’t care but the other part tells me that I’m lying to myself. I don’t know whom to believe.

Here’s another question that is posed to my mind – “What would you do if the world was going to end in a hour?”
My Answer: Hmm. One hour, that equals 60 minutes. In 60 minutes, a two-billion year old Earth is going to be wiped off. There’s nothing much that I can do about it. I don’t really know what I’ll do to be honest. That’s the point of the question, to make you think!! Okay…. Maybe I’ll call up a girl I like and tell her that I love her….Aww…You would’ve if you had one :P….Get serious!!....Okay, Okay…Chill dude….Hmm..I’ll either spend it in solitude thinking over my life or maybe I’ll spend it with my parents, holding their hands….That’s all?...What do you want me to do?...Write a novel?...Grow up!!

“What would you do if the world was going to end in day?”
My Answer:  I’d either call up every single person I ever knew or….I’d rather write a big-big-big blogpost on all the people I ever knew and their memories.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in a week?”
My Answer: 7 days is a lot of time. I’d probably go around trying to do the 101 things that I’ve always wanted to do J.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in a month?”
My Answer: Same!

 “What would you do if the world was going to end in an year?”
My Answer: Same!

“What would you do if the world was going to end in 5 years?”
My Answer: Live a normal life upto 4 years and spend the fifth year doing the things I’d always wanted to do.

“What would you do if the world was going to end in 10 years?”
My Answer: Live Life to the fullest!

Sigh, that’s just me. I mean, I really wonder what you all would do if you had just some time left on this planet.\
I don’t really know what to type here. To be honest, I think that nobody in this world ever looks forward to another day except those with “Soul-friends”, you know, the unseparable friends who have the best of times with each other and can’t spend time without them…..
Man, I really think I got to go see a psychiatrist :P
 ….Are you kidding me?....Don’t even try to go to a psychiatrist, you wouldn’t want him turning mad :P

So, that’s it.
Until next time then J.

Monday, July 25, 2011

TV....a thing of the past.

 T.V, the device on which I spent countless hours when I was a kid now isn't so significant anymore.

Until a few months back, I'd grown a liking for the serials that aired on StarWorld like, Dexter, Las Vegas, Castle, White Collar, Friends, Modern Family and all. I used to stay up till late in the night to watch them. Before that, I used to watch a movie everyday on StarMovies.

But, surprisingly, I don't find myself on the TV much now. To be honest, it's been quite a long time since I last spent 1-2 hours on the TV. I mean, I haven't even switched it on in the past 2-3 days. If I used to spend 14 hours a week on the TV before, it's been reduced to....maybe 2-3 hours a week. And, no! I'm not kidding. I'm completely serious.

The time that I was spending on the TV is now being spent in silent contemplation of the to-do tasks and reading the newspaper. And, I find that I have much more time now than before and that not watching the TV has an immense effect.

I felt like writing this after reading this post on some blog here -->

Seriously, that blog is a frikkin treasure trove!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something unusual.

  Not just another Sunday.

Now, the typical Sunday’s consist of hours of killing boredom by HW and stuff. But, today, that typical didn’t even feature in my scheme of things.

  It all started off with a friend of mine freaking all over me on Facebook chat. Aakarsh(name changed on request :P) apparently had a hard time by some guy who was harassing him. What made it worse was that, my bro, Harindra posed as me and chatted with him. Damn, I can almost hear him cussing me :P. It was only later that he realized the truth and even accepted when I said “Harindra’s a nutter.”

  Anyway, my father then suggested that we(he,my bro and me) go to my uncle’s house for a brief visit. You know, just a courtesy call.

 I got more than what I’d asked for.

  We went around 1pm after having our lunch. Once there, usually, I just check his book-shelves and all those things. I mean, I don’t exactly feel home at his place but then, I don’t think I’m supposed to.

  Anyway, while there, I suddenly remembered something. A few months(or is it years?) ago, I had given my uncle a Spy Pen. I honestly don’t know why I thought about that, really it was all out of the blue. Or, maybe it had something to do with Aakarsh’s incident.

   Anyway, I felt like asking him for it. So, I asked my uncle what happened to that spy pen. He said “oh that one? Let me check, it must be here somewhere.” He then went to the adjoining room to search for it. After a few minutes, I heard a scream “oh My God, oh My God.”. I was like “SheeSh, why is my uncle shouting like that?” If Am would’ve been with me, he would’ve said “No worries, it must be just another mosquito. Don’t worry yourself with him.” But hey, I’m a cat and haven’t you heard? “Curiosity killed the cat.” My senses took the better of me and I went in to the adjoining room to see what was going on. My uncle was there, with a box out of it’s place. I went over near it, and I spotted hundreds of termites and was like “WTH.” My dad and bro soon came inside. Soon, we realized that, the termites had not just attacked the box in which the spy pen was kept but even the adjoining cupboards as well.

  Now, my uncle decided that his place could do with some cleaning. So, he, my dad and bro, started dusting off everything and helping my uncle. And, you know me, I just left the work to them and suddenly, I still don’t know why. It’s like some super-power controlled me. I went and sat on my uncle’s laptop and suddenly started searching for games. He doesn’t have many but I satisfied myself with the usual Solitaire or other such games. It wasn’t even five minutes when my uncle saw me playing.

  His face turned from ‘normal’ to “insanely angry” in like a split-second. It was as if the devil had possessed him. He left his work and came near me and sort-of scolded me. Well, to be honest, I couldn’t stand it. I mean, hell, even if it was the president, I would’ve given him a back-answer. Anyway, I replied angrily something-like “Well, if you don’t keep your house clean. There’s nothing I can do about it!”

 Man, you should’ve seen the anger on his face turn to I-don’t-know-what-word-fits-here.(I was like “SheeSh. What the hell did I just do?) I mean, he like, lost his cool and screamed. He said something like “GET OUT IDIOT....AND DONT EVER EVER TOUCH MY THINGS AGAIN........IF YOU COME HERE AGAIN....I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL DO TO YOU.”

It was then, that I realized what I’d done. I mean, I’d acted on the spur of the moment and well, I messed it all up. However, I didn’t exit just then. I mean, my uncle just went off and did what he was doing last. It was only after sometime that I left coz I was shell-shocked to act.

  Well, I’m telling the truth. I felt terrible about what I’d just done. I kept cursing myself for saying that and to be honest, I felt heart-broken. Nobody was there to comfort me, or to you know, tell me that everything was going to be all right. I just went home and sort-of locked myself in my room to spend some time thinking over.

  Well, soon, my father tapped on the door and told me to come out. I was sort-of scared. I mean, I wasn’t exactly sorry for what I’d done but I didn’t feel good about the incident.

  Well, I went out. There wasn’t much else I could do, except suicide(lol…just kidding :P). My father began scolding/telling me that what I’d done was wrong. Oh come on! I didn’t need him to tell me that. But hey, he had to tell me that! Well, he went on droning for the next 10-20 minutes but I had the usual “I-don’t-give-a-shit face” on despite my best efforts and he just left me alone.

   We usually go to a nearby library every Sunday and today was not exception(despite the incident). Well, the visit to the library helped me a lot. The ‘Air-conditioned’  rooms cooled my brain and I spent less time reading books and more time thinking of what I’d do now. I indeed had an open book in front of me but that was just for show. I felt terrible and wanted to do something to make up. All I could do was think.

  I thought and thought and thought. I finally remembered a friend of mine(@HC : This was meant for entertainment purpose :P). I remembered how he’d once apologized through a letter. Suddenly, it struck me. 
Why not do the same? Writing won’t kill!

  There wasn’t much talk in the vehicle, after all, it was an awkward day.

The moment we reached home, I immediately tore a piece of paper and started writing my apology. For the first time, I realized that my friend(you know which one!) was right when he said that “writing cool’s you off immensely. It helps you get over things.”

 To be honest, I hadn’t written letters like this before but, there’s always a first.

  I found myself drowning myself in the letter. I mean, I was oblivious to everything. I sat in a corner of our house so that I’d get some peace to write it. (I actually wrote it and didn’t type it!). To my surprise, I just went on and on and on. It wasn’t short and sweet like my usual letters. I actually wrote my feelings on that paper and they were so many!

  It took me quite some time to write that letter and when I’d finished. I didn’t read it again to check for any mistakes. After all, it was from my heart.

 But now that I’d written it another problem arised. How in god’s name was I going to give it to my uncle. I mean, I wrote so much and I didn’t feel like throwing it away or keeping it to myself. It didn’t take long for an answer to present itself. I realized I could use a messenger. I approached my father, gave him this note in a folded form and told him to give it to my uncle. I could’ve added “It’s classified, don’t read it!” but I didn’t.
 And, as expected of anyone, my father read it. I was in the same room when he read it and kept looking at his face to see his reaction. Once he’d finished reading it…man…he was proud of me. He took a bar-one out of his ‘everlasting supply box’ and gave it to me. That’s got to be the best chocolate I’ve tasted in a long time. 
Well, I even giggled when he looked at me with that expression on his face after reading the letter.

  He went after 5-10 minutes to give it to my uncle J. Like my friend, I just couldn’t resist posting it on facebook for the world to know and as well as to maintain a record sort of of when this happened. So, I typed a status updated but posted it as a note. I was just online for a minute to post it and went offline. That was when, my friend started flooding the note with idiotic comments and I was like “WTF. Leave my effing post alone. LoL.”

Okay, here’s the catch. That didn’t happen to me but it happened to a friend of mine. I just read this note of his on facebook and well, it like, I don’t know…It sort of possessed me and I couldn’t help writing this.

Man, I gotta become a story teller :P.

Most of the above is made-up except the concrete facts which were taken from the note.

I’m now gonna call that friend up and tell him to read this blog post.

Until next time :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I made a promise with myself :)

Studies have shown that if people make their promises to an audience, they are more likely to try and achieve them……I made that one up :P….but, I got you!.

   Anyway, I wrote this exam called IEO last year and placed 55th internationally which led to me getting a cash-prize of 250 INR(approx 6 dollars). Now, I know that it is the amount that an average pizza guy earns in the US in one hour, but hey! it was my first such cash prize and I indeed liked it. I posted it as my facebook status and received 24 likes with 23 comments which really motivated me to do even better.

 So, I came 55th in the exam. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even touch a grammar book, in other words, I didn’t prepare an iota. Now, I’m not lying, I really really didn’t prepare for it. Inspite of that, I got 42/50 which got me 55th rank. So, what if I prepared for the exam thoroughly? I mean, I could have easily got the remaining 8 marks if only I had studied right?

  The prize for the 1st rank is 1,00,000 INR(Approx 2500$). Now, that’s loads of money. I could get everything I ever desired. Ranging from an Iphone 4 to an iPod Touch 4g to a Gibson acoustic guitar. So, I was like “Why not work hard for it?”, “Why not write the exam awesomely by preparing for it?”.

  You get the rest. So, I’m just writing this post to make a promise to myself that I’m going to do everything I can to come 1st in this examination. Well, an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4g and a Gibson Acoustic guitar is enough motivation for me :P. Other than that, I’d thoroughly enjoy the glory. Seriously, 1st internationally, that’s insane! I came 55th, I got so much appreciation and praise from my mates, I can’t imagine if I come 1st….Other than that, I wish to leave my school on a high.

…..”I promise to myself that I am going to do all that I can to come first.” …There you go, the promise. J

Until Next Time.

Adarsh J

In which language do you think in?

Which language do you think in?

 I was just wondering, which language do you guys think in? I mean, do you think in your native language or adopt another language(like me :P).

  My native tongue is ‘telugu’ and I used to think in that language until I was…somewhere between 9 and 11 or, maybe when I turned 13. It was somewhere during this period that I changed my thoughts to English. I mean, I no longer think in telugu, all my thoughts are in English.

  Most people prefer to think in their native tongue but I ain’t one of them. I don’t know why, I just transferred my thoughts to English. I indeed do think in my native tongue sometimes but most of the time it is in English.

 I cannot say the transition was easy, it wasn’t meant to be. For close to 11-12 years I think in one language and then suddenly shift into another. Now, that is going to need some time to settle. But, it will soon pass trust me. Just stick with your choice.

So, which language do you think in?

Monday, July 18, 2011

My first post from my iPod Touch :)

The title says it all....maybe I'll use my itouch from now on to post on my blog rather than my computer becuase then I'd be able to stop wasting a lot of time on the computer... And typing on my itouch is also quite a breeze.... But still, I have no idea when my fingers are going to get fatigued and godforbid the spellings :P.... Anyway, the app I'm using now is crap tbh....I'm going in search of a better, bye!!!!

...Random ramblings :P

It’s my second post of the day. I just couldn’t resist writing it :P

It’s 4:42 pm now and I’ve approx 5 hours till 10:00 pm which is the time by which I usually sleep. In these 5 hours, I have to complete loads of homework….How I wish I didn’t procrastinate L ….. Anyway, I’ve got loads of work to do, so I’m gonna say goodbye to this laptop for the next whole week….before I do that, I’m going to copy a few songs into my iTouch. And, I’m planning to lock away my laptop for the next full week, it just eats away all of my time….I’m gonna access facebook from my ipod touch, it’s less addictive!

  And, if all goes according to the plan, I’m going to watch Transformers : The Dark of the Moon next Sunday……Aah…Can’t wait to watch it!!

…My mom comes and says something like “Next year, 7 to 7 college, and extra 5 hours of studying….toh next year yeh(laptop) bhi nahi chee sakta….”…..Oh come on mom!! I know what I’m up against, I don’t need you to remind me again and again….It’s moments like these that spoil my mood to be honest.

Anyway, plugging in my iTouch now..After I copy the required songs, I’m gonna lock away this laptop as promised until next Sunday…when I’m going to post a review of Transformers :P

…..So, Until next time J.

Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell” – Review

Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell” – Review

 I bought it on Saturday, 16th July, 2011 and finished it at 9:18 Am today(18th July,2011).

   Now that’s fast and I usually complete books within 3 days only if I like them a lot. There you go, my one line statement on this book. It’s a great book written by a great author. I’d recommend this one to you and get ready to experience a thrilling ride through the 385 pages.

   Jeffrey Archer is at his belligerent best as he magically transports us into the realm of the story within the first few pages. Some writers take a long time to do this but not Archer, this is his forte. Before you know, you magically associate yourself with the protagonist, Harry Clifton. Actually, the book is written from the view of various people in the story. I personally haven’t read many books of this format and I don’t prefer this but Jeffrey has used it to the best of his ability. The story written from different people’s perspective just adds to the suspense and thrill of the book.

 I usually read the first 100-150 pages of the book to see if it’s up to the mark, if it is, I finish it soon but if it isn’t then I take my own good time to finish it. In this case, the book managed to weave a charm around me and kept me excited. Instead of the usual 150 pages, I went on to read till page no. 225 when I forced myself into sleep as I didn’t want to miss tuition tomorrow :P That explains how interesting the book is.

   Today, I started off at page 250(yup! I read only 25 pages yesterday because of several un-nameable reasons :P). I started at around 6:40 am, and I like, locked myself into it’s world, throwing a deaf ear to my mom’s ‘requests’ to bring something from the grocery shop but then, she insisted me and finally I had to concede ground and run her errand but when I got back, I saw to that I wasn’t disturbed until I finished the book. The book said something like “You will face the unexpected at the last page” and it sure did end at a cliff-hanger!!*Curses Jeffrey Archer*. The end was so, so, well-plotted. I mean, it was like the serials that we watch, every episode ends with some questions un-answered so that we’ll watch the next episode. This book was no different from those serials, Archer ended the book on such a note that I want to buy the next book in the series as soon as it comes out!! I honestly can’t wait to know what happens next!!

  Final Verdict? – It’s a good book, worth every penny and time.

Rating? – 8.7/10 (It lost 0.3 because of the effing ending :P)

Should I read it? – Definitely!!!

Until next time,
Adarsh :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Just Another Saturday

Not Just Another Saturday

   A usual Saturday used to be dotted by an hour of Science along with 2 hours of Exercise and games at school but when I entered tenth grade, thanks to our math teacher, the remaining 2 hours were soaked up for doing Math activities. Now, the typical Saturday was dotted by an hour-and-half of Science Practicals along with an hour of Math with a break of 30 minutes somewhere in the middle. It was quite boring to be honest, Saturday’s are meant to be holidays but entering 10th grade seems to have changed the situation.

      Anyway, I won’t go on and on sulking about the less amount of play time but I’ll now shift to what made this Saturday, a special Saturday.

    Today started off with the typical Science practicals, The first hour-and-half went in doing some experiments and answering some MCQ’s. It was quite uneventful except the grin that we got on seeing the look on the face of the first-timers getting surprised at the change in the color of the pH paper. Well, we were left off at 11:20 something. And then, well, the school volleyball net had gone past it’s expiry date so we decided to stay in the class and play. And well, thanks to “Spongennis”, we could keep ourselves busy and have loads of fun in the next 40 or so minutes. Aniket, a under-dog, caused a upset over the reigning champions(namely me and Harindra) by eliminating us in 2nd and 1st rounds respectively. He then went on to win the championship and well, that shocked us to be honest. Well, we were interrupted by Shahana Aunty, our maths teacher, coming into the class and then we sat to write our Math Record books like proper students :P that was when the teacher announced her plans for an activity in Math. Our jaws fell open after hearing that, she was talking about a “fashion show” on math. Oh come on! The idea itself was outrageous! Anyway, after a lot of coaxing and all the “masca” she finally decided upon a much more acceptable way of conducting this activity.

   Well, it was almost 12 noon when our class was called down. The whole school was assembled, class 3rd onwards. Anyway, we were told to stand in a line along with the other students, and that is when Swati Aunty called me. I saw a paper in her hand and at once knew what was going on, I was like “Now? It’s going to happen now?”, I knew what was going to happen but then I acted as if I didn’t(:P)(Atleast, I tried to act as if I didn’t). Well, a few weeks ago, during a games period of ours, Mala aunty(our principal) had called me and told me that I had received a cheque or something for my performance in an exam. Then again, a few weeks later, she told the class about it and then told me that she’ll give it to me in the assembly (I went early the next day :P). Anyway, I realized that I was going to get the cheque now. And while my mind was processing all of that, Swati aunty made the announcement “Last year, many students in our school had written exams…blah..blah..blah..Adarsh here has placed within 51-500(I was like “I got 55!! Why not state just that! :P) and has received a cash prize” and then, Mala aunty says “And I’m giving him and equal amount of money along with that. Remember children, whenever you get a prize, I’ll give you the exact same amount from my side.” And then she said something about others should try to participate as well. All this time, I was standing there beside the two aunties and trying to act modest(Oh come on! I’m not a good actor!) I mean, I definitely couldn’t break into giggles so I just tried to put up a face that wasn’t too proud nor too blank, just a face that could show gratitude and happiness(and I know, I was crap at it :P). Anyway, soon the announcement came to a stop and well after a “courtesy applause”(which I actually liked :D) I took the prize from Mala Aunty with a smile and then went and sat in my place. Okay, here’s the catch. As soon as I took my place in my class-line, a guy from the adjacent lines asks me “how much?”. I was like “lol” but then I quickly said “250/-“ and he was like “oh, 250…” LoL. Anyway, after this announcement, some kids were called upon the stage to recite some poetry and all. The next 15 minutes were spent in children spending time to recite some Hindi poetry and all the time the one thing that was going in my mind was…nothing… I mean, seriously. Normal people feel proud after getting a prize like this but hey! From when did Adarsh act human :P …on a serious note, really, I indeed felt nice after receiving the prize but there was no feeling of ‘satisfaction’ like “Phew! Finally all my efforts have paid off.” or something like that. My mind was just blank and it refused to work for the next 10-20 minutes.

  Anyway, we were soon sent to our classes and spent the next 10 minutes playing Spongennis :P
 Well, we had planned to go to Rounak’s house today and as fate would want,(Harichandra and Harindra’s driver) Shiva brought a friend with him today. That made, 6 of us, Myself, HC, H, Ibrahim, Rounak and Sanskriti to sit in the cramped back-seat of a Hyundai Verna. It was very stuffy but thanks to Rounak’s house being situated nearby, we were spared :D
. Anyway, we went as planned and  I had the greatest of times.

As soon as we went, we plugged in Harindra’s walkman into Rounak’s DVD player and heard songs on his home-theatre. The first half and hour wasn’t very eventful, Rounak and Ibrahim sat on rounak’s computer and started installing games and playing them. That left me, Harindra and Harichandra. Well, I and Harindra got tired of watching Rounak and Ibrahim play and decided to do something else. Well, Rounak has this small table in his hall. An idea struck me after I stole a glance at it, Spongennis!!. We cleared it of everything and used it as a court to play the game. Well, we enjoyed playing it as always :D and as always, I pawned him at the game 3-2.

Well, then it was lunch-time. I’d like to take a moment to thank Rounak’s grandmom and mom for making and serving those delicious ‘bread-rolls’ stuffed with ‘aloo’ and coated with some white thing…They were so-so delicious and I’m not kidding, my mouth just watered after thinking about them :P We spent the next 20 minutes of our life in absolute bliss(:D) listening to music and eating those bread-rolls. After round 4 of those bread-rolls, we were on our feet begging Rounak to tell his mom to stop! LoL! After that, I & Harindra played a few more sets of Spongennis when Harichandra comes in and while Harindra busies himself with my ipod touch, I and Harichandra play a few sets of Spongennis and I pawn him 6-2 (:D) That’s when I drag Ibrahim away from the computer and challenge him to a few sets. I defeat him as well(eyes sparkling :P).

Finally, Rounak gets a few playing cards and then we sit to play a game of “bluff” and well, we had the time of our lives playing it. It was so, so, interesting, funny, enjoyable, exciting and 100-other synonyms of fantastic. If you don’t know about it, then it’s a game in which we bluff(if that isn’t obvious) about the cards we have and the objective is to loose all your cards. Well, it was awesome. Ibrahim and Rounak aced the first few games but then I got some much-needed tips from one of them and well, that changed my game. I started bluffing confidently and winning :D . It was so-so much fun!!  Anyway, I and Harindra spent the last half-an-hour playing Splinter Cell : Conviction (The most awesome pc game!!). Well, it was 5:55 something. I wouldn’t have minded staying till 6:30 but then, Ibrahim was in some hurry and Harindra and harichandra also had to go home so, I too had to leave because I’d get a lift by Ibrahim and life would become so much more easier.

Well, that was the end of a wonderful day of my life. Really, I’ll remember this one for sure. It took me 1,400 words to write this and I could still go on and….That’s what made today “A Saturday like no other”.

Until next time.