Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Factor : My thoughts on it

X-Factor : My thoughts on it.

My brother, this Monday, introduced me to some reality singing show on Sony. It’s name was X-Factor. It’s something like “Indian Idol” but with a different model. I just wanted to write my views on it and some of it’s singers.

X-factor held it’s auditions in five cities and 116 participants were selected. There are three categories -->

 Under-25 : Over-25 and Groups. Due to X-factors unique model all these three groups are pitted against each other. Each group has a mentor who is going to take their singing to the next level in the following weeks. Sonu Nigam is going to mentor the under-25, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is mentoring the groups while Shreya Ghosal takes on the over-25.Each mentor has to choose 4 members in their team.

Well, that was a very very brief summary of the model of the X-factor. Here are my favorite singers in each group.

Under-25 :
Piyush Kapoor : The moment I saw this guy enter for the auditions, I liked him. He looks like a rock-star and has this awesome beard that I’m a big fan of(It’s the type of beard Marty Schwartz has). Added to that, he has a tattoo of a “Rising Phoenix”. He sings quite well too. I like him and am glad that he’s in top 12.

Shovon Ganguly : I don’t know why but I sort of like this guy. It’s like some….automatic attraction……Maybe it’s because I sort of see myself in him. Anyway, I hope that he does well in this competition.

Over -25 :

Geet Sagar(RJ) : The T.V guys didn’t broadcast his auditions but they showed his recording at the studio in Mumbai. The judges asked him to do a bit of RJ’ing and he did some. I was taken by surprise, he did it so awesomely. I liked his spontaneous thinking, he had no preparations of any kind yet he did it with so much fluency…He has this nice voice that I like a lot! Added to that, I love his beard too. His personality caught my eye, you could say. Shreya Ghosal called him to tell him if he is in her team or not. She asks her if he thinks that it was worth putting his job on the line and leaving everything to sing. He gives such a big, well thought of reply. Shreya says “Tum bohut bolte ho”. I was like lol. She then tells him that he’s selected and he’s elated.
I think there is this one more singer that I want to mention but I’m not able to remember his/her name. I’ll update it ASAP.

Groups :

Last Minute : This is a group consisting solely of girls and I liked sort of liked this group. I think it is because of the incident which lead to them naming their group “Last Minute”. As far as singing goes, they’re quite good and I think they’ll do quite good.

Deewana Group :: I loved these guys. I mean, there is something in them that tells me that they want to go the whole way. They want to go to the very top. There is this “junoon” in them to learn and I liked it a lot.

“Unknown Group” : I do not know this groups name but it consists of four members. They sang “Uff teri ada” in the Goa leg and I liked the way they did it…..….Uff teri ada…uff tera badan..I like the way move..uff…

Well, that was a list of all those whom I liked and could remember. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you posted on what happens every week from now on J.

That’s it for now. See Ya later. 

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