Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stick Cricket Series -- Introducer

Stick Cricket – Post #1 – What is it?

If you have been following my blog, you have probably read my DotA series which I unfortunately had to stop it due to addictive circumstances. After the tremendous feedback(...a few likes and comments on fb :D) I’d got for my previous series on DotA I decided to start a whole new series. It’s on Stick Cricket(Yup, I never stop :P) Anyway, here it starts….3…2..1…..Launch.

StickCricket – What is it?
   This is for  those of you haven’t heard about Stick Cricket. It is basically a fun, addictive, amazing, superb and “100 other synonyms for awesome”  flash game based on cricket. It has been around for quite a long time. The first time I remember playing it was when I was really small. I was totally hooked on to it for quite a long time when other games took me away from it. In the next 7-8 years, I was glued to it many many times but each time some other game or person would apply glue-remover and remove me from it. But, if I do not have any other game on my system to play, Stick-cricket would be my one and only choice.

How did I remember it?
   As you probably know, a few days back I was playing Warcraft each and every day when I realized that I was getting addicted to it, I left it. It was only yesterday that I was on facebook and I do not know why but suddenly, I pressed ctrl+t and typed in I then couldn’t resist playing a few games and I fell for it. I went on playing and playing and playing. Managed to hit two double-tons through Paul and Ibrahim. I myself was able to hit a few centuries. To be honest, the only reason that I am writing a series on it is because I was out of ideas for articles and I felt that I could write on this one.

You hit two double-tons? I don’t get it. How could Paul and Ibrahim play?
     No worries, everybody gets this doubt J. Well, here’s how I would explain them – You see, they didn’t play with me. I mean, I created my own school team consisting of – Myself,”Dawood” Ibrahim, “John” Paul, Ebadh “Khan”, “See” Harindra and others were Bradman, Tendulkar bhai, Warny, “The Pigeon”, “Gillete” Gillespe. So, basically, I named a player after them. I control them but I like to think as if they themselves hit those runs. So, practically I hit the double-tons but technically they hit it.

Okay Okay. I get it. What else?
  Glad that you understood my “Ramayana” :D What else? Nothing much I guess. I am just going to post here when I play dominate a country in the “World Domination” mode or when I hit a superb score. Stay tuned for them. J

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