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My Top 15 songs

My Top 15 Songs

I just decided to compile a list of my top 15 songs and some memories attached to them. So, here they are(For memories, scroll down) :

Read as [Song name – Artist(or movie)] à

My Love -- Westlife

No Matter what – Boyzone

Teardrops on my Guitar -- Taylor Swift

Arey Rey – Happy Days

Hey there Delilah – Plain White T’s

Summer of 69’ -- Bryan Adams

Everything I do, I do it for you – Bryan Adams

Time of Your Life – Greenday

College Days – Gaurav

Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

Vanilla Twilight – Owl City

Chhod Kar – Paul :D

Complicated – Avril Lavigne

Lonely – Akon

Pehli Nazar Mein – Race(Movie)

Those that almost made it :

One in a Million – Hannah Montana
Collide – Howie Day
John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare & Who Says
Eminem – Mockingbird
So Far Away – Staind
What About Now – Westlife
Words – Boyzone

(PS : I had to add a few more songs -- Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield : Sunshine of your love by Cream : Don't Say that by Pawnshop Kings : The house that built me by Miranda Lambert)

Well, that was the list of my top 15 songs and those that almost made it. Here are the memories that are attached to each one of them. Read only if you have some time to waste because my memories are my memories, I doubt it if I was able to write them as nicely as I’d cherished them. I’ll stop my Ramayana and ask you to please not read the below. I just wrote it for myself but I had to post it here.So, don’t glance down!!

My Love by Westlife :
 This song definitely had to be right up here. You see, there is this guy called Paul in our school. He is a great singer and I’m a big fan of his J. So, we had this annual day celebration and I learned from one of my contacts that he was going to sing a song. I became excited and went to him and asked him which song he was going to sing. At the start, he just shunned my question, acting modest, but soon enough he said My Love by Westlife.  I hadn’t heard the second part, so I asked him “What did you say, Westlife?” he replied(sarcastically) “No, Bluelife.” Well, I then heard the song and fell in love with it(as it is with every song that Paul sings/suggests). I then heard him singing it and I was like “fidaa” with it :D. This was song was the start of my English music…you know…collection(?).

No Matter what by Boyzone :
 This song was the very root. My mama/uncle had just gifted me an ipod shuffle. I didn’t exactly have a song collection at that time but thankfully he had already filled it with his songs. Out of the 150-odd songs he had, this was the only English song and I fell in love with this one too. I heard it like, I don’t know, 50-something times and never got bored with it. It’s awesome..such a sweet voice. Definitely deserves a place here.

Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift :
 This song was suggested by my cousin and the very moment I heard it, I knew it was one of the best songs I’d ever hear. I just love Taylor Swift’s voice in this song, it’s so…..nice.

Arey rey – Happy Days :
 I don’t listen to telugu music much but this song sure did captivate me. If I remember right, this was yet another song that Paul suggested. Here’s the incidence : We were in the playground of our school(I think it was a Saturday). Suddenly, simply out of the blue, Paul sings this song and I was like “WoW!”, I knew that it was Arey rey from Happy Days. I kept on bugging him to sing it to me again and everytime he replied “Golden songs are not repeated.”  And I was like “Cut the crap and sing it!” But I guess he had his own way, he only sang it 3 times after that and I cherished every moment of it….I now remember that it was before we went on our second Pune Visit, Paul had asked me to give the lyrics of the song in the train and promised me to sing it then and there and he was a man of his word J.

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s :
 If there is one song that I’d want to play to somebody I love, this would be it! I am sure of it! The lyrics, the melody, they just blow me away.

Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams :
 …Those were the best days of my life……The lyrics, the music, everything is so awesome in this song. A complete classic, suggested by my cousin and the moment I heard it, I was hooked on to it……Those were the best days of my life…..

Everything I do, I do it for you :
 I can’t describe in words to be honest. It’s just way too….there’s no word in the dictionary that can fit here. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with Bryan Adams if you hear this.

Time of Your Life by Greenday :
 I was watching Stunt Mania on MTV, season 3(I think). Then, these group leaders(some girls) were ‘eliminated’ from the show or something and when they were walking back to their camp to get their items, this song played and I was ‘fidaa’ on it. I quickly jotted down some of it’s lyrics and the next thing I did was run a google search and find the song. This song was so awesome, I knew it from the very start but it was only Paul started singing this song that I started to love it. The fact that I can play this on my guitar makes it so much more awesome for me J

College Days by Gaurav :
 My bro suggested this song, surprising eh? He made me listen to it and it was like love on first sight. The melody, slow music, awesome/meaningful lyrics….they just engulfed me and even though I had not experience college till now, the song made me think like I infact did. A must listen. What more? I even played this song during our senior batch’s farewell!

Come on get Higher by Matt Nathanson :
 I once posted my facebook status something like this “I wish that the chorus of Come on get higher would go on and on.” That made me put this song on this list. I just loved the melody and the lyrics.

Vanilla Twilight :
 “……Until I look at my hands and feel sad…coz the spaces between my fingers are right where your’s fit perfectly…..” That line made me include this song here.

Chhod Kar by Paul(yep, you read it right J) :
Paul sang this at his farewell and I was like…captivated by it. As soon as I came home, I searched for this on google. When the google god couldn’t find it, I was surprised. I then sent an sms to Paul asking him where he had…you know…downloaded this song. His reply shocked me, he said “It’s my own song bey.” I was like “That’s impossible…” but soon I had to believe it. It’s an awesome song…The lyrics just touched me deep down….A line goes “Hum Yahaan aaye the Geeli Momb se, Ja Rahen hum ek murthi ban karr…” ‘Yahaan’ refers to school by the way.

Complicated by Avril Lavigne :
 It’s intro made me put up this song right here. An awesome one by Avril.

Lonely by Akon :
 I couldn’t not put this song here, I just had to. It’s lyrics, I deciphered them on my own and that made this song special and added to that, Paul introduced me to it and I’d heard it on my cousin’s mp3(Sansa Shake) during a visit to Shirdi.

Last but not the least.

Pehli Nazar mein (Movie Race) :
This song had to be here. The only hindi song that I love THE MOST!....Pehli Nazar mei.. kaisa jaado kar diya…tera gune baitha mera jiya…kya hoga..kya pata..Tera Gune baithe mera Jiya…..

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