Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Gaming Competition
“I was part of the paddle pop Gaming League ‘09” I have a mouse pad which has thing printed on it. That made me write this post on my first ever gaming competition where I was pitted against people I didn’t know.
It was summer vacation when I get this call telling me that I was selected for the Paddle Pop Gaming league. I was surprised, I didn’t remember signing up for anything like this or playing any game which promised this but then struck me. I had played a few games on Zapak and thus I assumed that they must’ve gotten my phone number from there. Anyway, I noted down the address.

   Later in the day, my bro and dad took me to that place. Well, it was my first experience at a gaming centre and I liked the real good lightning in the room. Well, I had to sign-up and then, I was given a T-Shirt (I still have it now <3) Well, I had to wait until I was given a chance to play and till then, my brother and myself went to take a look at the game that I was going to play.

   It was some 3d game with the Paddle Pop’s mascot as it’s main character. We had to go around killing some animals/insects and at last, a level boss. We had to find a chest which would only be opened by solving a puzzle.

Well, I got a lot of time to practice before I played the actual game thanks to a misunderstanding between the organizers. Well, we played the first level. My game plan was simple, leave all the chote bacche and just go and unlock the chest, I felt that I would save time thus going faster. I still think that it was a great idea but it took me way too much time to kill the level boss. I remember a chimpanzee… …it was so damn annoying to kill it. The time that I spent on killing the boss was just way too much. Well, we finished our game. Our scores were recorded.

 I was waiting for the result. I waited for like 15 minutes or something when this organizer sees me strolling and asks me if I have finished the first level, I reply that I indeed have. He asks me something…I don’t understand but I say yes. He then goes and has some sort of a conversation with his fellow-mates.  He then ushers me into a seat for….Level 2. Muhuahahah. I got into level two without actually winning level one thanks to a mis-understanding between the organizers :D

   Well, this time around we had to choose intermediate level and….the competition was way too tough and I lagged behind and eventually lost it L
But, I liked it J and I sure will remember my first gaming competition.

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