Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last day of holidays

Finally, it’s here. The last day of my holidays. From tomorrow, it’s going to be studies-studies-studies.

    I missed my friend(s), school, teachers, the feeling of a surprise test and all the remaining school-life things a lot. And as always, I look forward to tomorrow. I’ve had enough fun in these days to be honest. Watched late-night movies(nah, not 1am:2am ones…12pm is enough for me :P), watched every single episode of Dexter, had so-many burgers and load-loads of fun.

   My iTouch is coming tomorrow and it will be my only source of entertainment as my laptop is being taken away(confiscated; Actually, I am giving it willingly) by mom. I just hope I won’t get addicted to it a lot and that, it will only remain as just something I own and not something which I cannot live without. Hopefully, it will be a second generation iTouch and not a first generation one but, this ones a big doubt.

    No laptop, means I will no longer be able to type these posts and I’m sad to be honest. I really enjoyed typing these and, they served as great friends of mine. They helped me unravel my tangled mind and I’m quite glad that they could help. Just because my laptop is being taken away doesn’t mean I won’t write, I will indeed write but this time around, I will actually ‘write’ and not ‘type’.

   Hopefully…my guitar will be able to calm me down and soothe my mind like writing these posts did. Well, guitar’s going to be new best friend at home for the next one year I guess(other than my iTouch :P)

   Today passed very uneventfully, I wanted this one thing to happen but it didn’t and I think there’s a logical explanation to that but, I’ll just leave it alone. I am starting to believe that leaving Facebook may not be so hard as it seemed. I mean, I simply have nothing to do on it anymore. Nobody posts, comments, likes my posts/comments/statuses anymore and without them, I have absolutely no proof that I even exist on Facebook. It’s not like ‘nobody’ does it anymore, some of them do it but, they’re too few L. Maybe I got used to atlease 3-4 people commenting and so many likes that I’m starting to miss them L. The only reason I go on to Facebook is – Sigh. If I type it, I am so dead for the rest of my life. Ask me when I’m on my death-bed and I’ll tell you :P

   Hmmm. I am playing Zynga Texas Hold’em nowadays and it’s a good time-pass to be honest. But, something tells me that ‘passing-time’ isn’t a great thing to do L.
I just don’t know what to type anymore. My posts look so meaningless these days because I feel that nobody’s visiting them anymore. I mean, I am indeed getting anonymous page-views but I don’t know from whom. And, I feel like my posts are just way too boring unlike. It’s like there is some hidden gloom beneath my words. Sigh.

Anyway, I am typing for Am these days as he’s back from his vacation. Oh! You didn’t know!! My bad. I’ll post it immediately.


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