Sunday, June 5, 2011

Holidays of ‘11

Hmmm…Well let me start off by telling that the title of this post, “Holidays of ‘11” finds its roots from the Bryan Adam’s song, Summer of ’69.

 Well, this summer was quite good. I wouldn’t say one of the best because that would be a lie. Well, the first three weeks of the vacation were spent in attending a summer-intensive course at the British council teaching premises at Begumpet. Those three weeks were fun and quite enjoyable. I really liked them a lot. I’ll sure remember the 20 friends that I’d made there for quite some time.

Hmm..what else..This summer will also be the one in which I made the one-of-a-kind deal with mom which resulted in me getting a touch-screen mobile. (Update : I got an iPod Touch instead and it's amazing!)

  To be honest, these holidays weren’t anything like I’d expected them to be. A major part of my time was spent on DotA, AoE and other games but it was a learning experience and I don’t regret it. I managed to write 30 articles on my blog making it the most populated of the 5-7 blogs that I own.

Hmmm… Facebook had sort of lost it’s appeal but some recent conversations I’d had on it made me start liking it all over again. I cherished those conversations. Well, now-a-days I am mostly using fb for posting status updates and for ‘advertising’ my blog.

Well, something made me check the progress of my blog and I’m quite pleased to see that I’ve hit the 200 page-views mark. Well, it may not be great for you but it’s a great confidence boosting factor for me.(Update : I'm now on the 1700 mark)

Sigh…To be honest, I think now-a-days my posts are getting way to boring L. Well, people are telling me it’s good but I think I am not able to use my full potential.

……These were the best days of my life….  Nah…These 5 weeks were good days, pardon good ‘WEEKS’.  I sure will remember them J.

And with this ends another boring post from me….meh(a new expression that I am using quite frequently nowadays :D)


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