Sunday, June 12, 2011

A and Am -- Chapter 1 -- Back from Vacation

Original Work!!! by SiD[ShakespeareInDisguise]....I'll be known as SiD from this moment onwards.

<Am is back from a Vacation and is greeted by A>

A : Hey, Welcome back Am. How was your little vacation?

Am : ‘Little’? Are you crazy? I’ve been away for 3 months!!!

A : Okay okay. How was it?

Am : I spent every single minute of my time thinking about you.

A : Really?...Aww. So sweet of you.

Am : Nah. I was just kidding.

A : Aah. You got me the there.

Am : You fell for it? Are you serious?

A : Nah. I am not ‘serious’, I’m ‘A’!!!. I thought you remembered my name. So not nice of you!

Am : Don’t get me wrong. I meant. Never mind.

A : I never minded it. I’ll shut up now.

Am : Yeah. You better. Hey, anything I ought to know?

A : Hmmm. Other than the fact that I’m getting an iTouch?

Am : What? You’re getting an iTouch? Who’s helping you rob the bank?

A : Haha. Very funny. I earned it.

Am : Like the Cadbury Bourbon? Just kidding.

A : Nah. You see, I did something?

Am : Tell me, you didn’t steal from me.

A : You didn’t steal from me.

Am : What?

A : You told me to tell it!!

Am : Idiot. Anyway, what else?

A : Hmmm. I read this book. “The monk who sold his Ferrari” By Robin S. Sharma.

Am : Does that ‘S’ in ‘Robin S. Sharma’ stand for stupid? Why in the world would anybody sell their Ferrari?

A : You got it all wrong. Read the book, you’ll know.

Am : Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen me read a book? SheeSh.

A : Come on.

Am : I am really sorry. I can’t. My constitution doesn’t allow me to read books.

A : From when did you become a patriot?

Am : From when did you become an idiot?....Hey…Look.. Patriot and Idiot rhyme.

A : WoW. You’re so imaginative.

Am : That I am.

A : Want me to write a poem on you?

Am : Sure but what will the title be?

A :…Drumroll please…… “Am the Patriotic Idiot.”

Am : …Was that a joke?....Oh…Let’s laugh. HeHe.

A : Okay Okay. Let’s stop now and have some real conversation.

Am : Fine with me. Hey, from when did you become a poet?

A : From yesterday?

Am : Oh. And what made you start writing poems?

A : There is this thing in the air that excites me.

Am : Love?

A : Electro-Static Energy. Duh!

Am : …What does electrostatic energy got to do with poems?

A : Sigh. You’ll never understand.

Am : So make me understand?

A : My pleasure….Go stand under that table.

Am : What?

A : You said you wanted to UNDER – STAND.

Am : Aah. Leave it you’re a moron.

A : Hey!! Who’s got a ‘m’ in their name!! Moron.

<Part 2 : Coming Soon>

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