Sunday, June 12, 2011

What next?

What next?

Well, I’ve got good news for you guys. I will most probably be posting every 15 days or something from now on. There’s more, and, thankfully for the love of the god, I will be posting sensible posts and not stuff like what’s going in my head and all that trash which I doubt anyone even likes. They’re going to be informative posts with a tinge of humor and such. Definitely won’t be boring anymore.

  Until next time,



A and Am -- Chapter 1 -- Back from Vacation

Original Work!!! by SiD[ShakespeareInDisguise]....I'll be known as SiD from this moment onwards.

<Am is back from a Vacation and is greeted by A>

A : Hey, Welcome back Am. How was your little vacation?

Am : ‘Little’? Are you crazy? I’ve been away for 3 months!!!

A : Okay okay. How was it?

Am : I spent every single minute of my time thinking about you.

A : Really?...Aww. So sweet of you.

Am : Nah. I was just kidding.

A : Aah. You got me the there.

Am : You fell for it? Are you serious?

A : Nah. I am not ‘serious’, I’m ‘A’!!!. I thought you remembered my name. So not nice of you!

Am : Don’t get me wrong. I meant. Never mind.

A : I never minded it. I’ll shut up now.

Am : Yeah. You better. Hey, anything I ought to know?

A : Hmmm. Other than the fact that I’m getting an iTouch?

Am : What? You’re getting an iTouch? Who’s helping you rob the bank?

A : Haha. Very funny. I earned it.

Am : Like the Cadbury Bourbon? Just kidding.

A : Nah. You see, I did something?

Am : Tell me, you didn’t steal from me.

A : You didn’t steal from me.

Am : What?

A : You told me to tell it!!

Am : Idiot. Anyway, what else?

A : Hmmm. I read this book. “The monk who sold his Ferrari” By Robin S. Sharma.

Am : Does that ‘S’ in ‘Robin S. Sharma’ stand for stupid? Why in the world would anybody sell their Ferrari?

A : You got it all wrong. Read the book, you’ll know.

Am : Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen me read a book? SheeSh.

A : Come on.

Am : I am really sorry. I can’t. My constitution doesn’t allow me to read books.

A : From when did you become a patriot?

Am : From when did you become an idiot?....Hey…Look.. Patriot and Idiot rhyme.

A : WoW. You’re so imaginative.

Am : That I am.

A : Want me to write a poem on you?

Am : Sure but what will the title be?

A :…Drumroll please…… “Am the Patriotic Idiot.”

Am : …Was that a joke?....Oh…Let’s laugh. HeHe.

A : Okay Okay. Let’s stop now and have some real conversation.

Am : Fine with me. Hey, from when did you become a poet?

A : From yesterday?

Am : Oh. And what made you start writing poems?

A : There is this thing in the air that excites me.

Am : Love?

A : Electro-Static Energy. Duh!

Am : …What does electrostatic energy got to do with poems?

A : Sigh. You’ll never understand.

Am : So make me understand?

A : My pleasure….Go stand under that table.

Am : What?

A : You said you wanted to UNDER – STAND.

Am : Aah. Leave it you’re a moron.

A : Hey!! Who’s got a ‘m’ in their name!! Moron.

<Part 2 : Coming Soon>

Last day of holidays

Finally, it’s here. The last day of my holidays. From tomorrow, it’s going to be studies-studies-studies.

    I missed my friend(s), school, teachers, the feeling of a surprise test and all the remaining school-life things a lot. And as always, I look forward to tomorrow. I’ve had enough fun in these days to be honest. Watched late-night movies(nah, not 1am:2am ones…12pm is enough for me :P), watched every single episode of Dexter, had so-many burgers and load-loads of fun.

   My iTouch is coming tomorrow and it will be my only source of entertainment as my laptop is being taken away(confiscated; Actually, I am giving it willingly) by mom. I just hope I won’t get addicted to it a lot and that, it will only remain as just something I own and not something which I cannot live without. Hopefully, it will be a second generation iTouch and not a first generation one but, this ones a big doubt.

    No laptop, means I will no longer be able to type these posts and I’m sad to be honest. I really enjoyed typing these and, they served as great friends of mine. They helped me unravel my tangled mind and I’m quite glad that they could help. Just because my laptop is being taken away doesn’t mean I won’t write, I will indeed write but this time around, I will actually ‘write’ and not ‘type’.

   Hopefully…my guitar will be able to calm me down and soothe my mind like writing these posts did. Well, guitar’s going to be new best friend at home for the next one year I guess(other than my iTouch :P)

   Today passed very uneventfully, I wanted this one thing to happen but it didn’t and I think there’s a logical explanation to that but, I’ll just leave it alone. I am starting to believe that leaving Facebook may not be so hard as it seemed. I mean, I simply have nothing to do on it anymore. Nobody posts, comments, likes my posts/comments/statuses anymore and without them, I have absolutely no proof that I even exist on Facebook. It’s not like ‘nobody’ does it anymore, some of them do it but, they’re too few L. Maybe I got used to atlease 3-4 people commenting and so many likes that I’m starting to miss them L. The only reason I go on to Facebook is – Sigh. If I type it, I am so dead for the rest of my life. Ask me when I’m on my death-bed and I’ll tell you :P

   Hmmm. I am playing Zynga Texas Hold’em nowadays and it’s a good time-pass to be honest. But, something tells me that ‘passing-time’ isn’t a great thing to do L.
I just don’t know what to type anymore. My posts look so meaningless these days because I feel that nobody’s visiting them anymore. I mean, I am indeed getting anonymous page-views but I don’t know from whom. And, I feel like my posts are just way too boring unlike. It’s like there is some hidden gloom beneath my words. Sigh.

Anyway, I am typing for Am these days as he’s back from his vacation. Oh! You didn’t know!! My bad. I’ll post it immediately.


Friday, June 10, 2011

What's going on in my mind


  Well, it's just another random post about random things :P

Hmm. The atmosphere's quiet and surprising my dogs aren't barking at the flower-vendor. Hmmm. If you've read my previous posts, you'll probably know that I'm getting an Ipod Touch well, apparently, I'll get it in 3 days but...I can't wait. I'm so excited. I already downloaded 38 apps for it! I am sorry, I can't help going crazy. It's just that it's going to be my first such gadget and I can't wait! I've already watched so many reviews on it but, none of them was nicely taken. All of them were so boring! The Ipod touch is first generation by the way. I know, it's old but still better than the 5233 I was going to take.

 ....Now, I'm holding my right shoulder. There is this pain there because I'm typing on my laptop. Grrr. I hate it. maybe it is a sign for me to take a small stop. Aah. I don't have the time. I just want to get done with this thin.

.... If you didn't know I just had a legendary match with Pete Sampras. Nah, I'm no Roger Federer. It's just I am so hooked on to Stick-tennis that I played him. Well, I lost :( .

...And..nowadays I'm feeling like I have absolutely no existance online. I mean, before I used to get atleast 10-15 notifications per day and I actually used to communicate with people but now, I hardly get 2 or 3 and all of them are about games!! I am hating it but..maybe because of it, leaving facebook is going to be so much more easier. Even if no one's coming on to facebook, I'm going there for just one single reason (Nah, I'm not going to tell it!! It's sort get the idea I suppose :P..).

 Hmmm...To be honest, I'm dead bored. I liked it a lot more when I was doing those tasks you know. Well, now my head is aching...maybe I should get off the laptop and actually do something!! My mind says no but I control it....That's it..I'm going offline. I'll see you guys later.

Cheers :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

School's been postponed -- Again!!

School’s been postponed – Again!!
Our school was supposed to start on Monday,the 6th of June. Sometime before, I got a phone-call from my school telling that the reopening was postponed to Friday, 10th June. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, because, one half of me was missing my friends while the other half told me that “Come on, you became free just now. Enjoy your holidays!”. I thought, 4 days aren’t gonna hurt.     I was all set to go to school tomorrow when Ibrahim tells me that school was reopening on 13th. I was like, “What?” since I didn’t get any such information. I then, well, I didn’t know what to do. I decided to call school but, I saw others online. So, I asked them all when the school was going to reopen, everyone said “13th!” and I realized Ibrahim was right.

  Anyway, since I got 3 more days of holidays, I just wanted to make a list of all the things I want to do in these 3 days, I mean, I don’t want to waste my time. Well, I’ll start now.

I’ll win all grand-slams on Stick-Tennis. [I liked this game :P]
 — I’ll read “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” once more. [I loved it the first time but I think that I might need to read it again to know the true meaning behind it.]
 — Get better at Stick-Baseball.
Transfer every required thing into my mobile[If I get it!]
Cover all the notebooks [Now, this one’s going to freak me out! I hate covering books!]
Hmmm..Say RIP to my Laptop.
Think and implement things on your “Personalise Room” Task.
Get your guitar out and start practicing.
Download a few themes and apps for my mobile. [If I get it!! Again]
 — Take dingo out for this one last 30 min walk.
Hmmm…one last thing. What can it be……Oh I almost forgot. Study for the Physics test on Sunday and well…rock it!!!

 Hmmm…..Well, that brings an end to the list. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish them all. I really want to, you know. Otherwise, my day would be like – Wake up, Go to Even’s, Come back watch TV till 10, Switch on computer and do trash, eat, computer, sleep(god, I hate this part), computer, TV, Sleep. I wouldn’t do anything…So, I’d want to do something more, you know, I like the feeling that I’ve actually done more than what I would’ve usually done.
Well, I’ll stop now.

 Cheers Adarsh.

Monday, June 6, 2011

List of Teenage Blogs.

EDIT (16th May, 2014) :  I have some good news. I will soon (in ~5-6 weeks) be updating this list with the ~170+ blogs that people have since added in the comments. It will become much easier to find and follow new/good  blogs written by teenagers. I will keep you updated as soon as I start working on it :)

   Well, I started my own blog because I wanted a place where I could express my thoughts and publish them for the world to see. I like writing mostly because it helps me get my head straight. When I stumbled upon this idea of creating blog, I thought ‘Why not?’.

   Being teenagers, we all have this spark of curiosity inside us which makes us want to know about other’s of our age group. Everyone, literally everyone has it and it may probably be the reason you are reading this blog post now. Well, it was that ‘spark of curiosity’ that made me search for other teenage bloggers.

   So, I googled “Teenage Bloggers”. I was welcomed with scattered and unorganized information which really frustrated me. Half the blog links I clicked were either abandoned blogs or were removed from the google databases. It really frustrated me so much that I decided to do something that would help other’s not go through the frustration I went through. Which is why I decided to make a list of all great teenage blogs that I find. (I actually planned to write a detailed review on them but, I postponed it to another day. I’ll just list the blog links with a small(very small) description. I can assure you that all the blogs work and that they’ve enough posts to keep you busy for quite some time.

Well, let’s start then à -- Random things in the life of a Levi from Trinidad and Tobago. --  Mostly a blog for culinary enthusiasts. -- This one’s worth a visit. -- “”I'm a 21 year old girl living in suburban Melbourne, studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree and dressing myself on a very minimal budget. I'm insanely excellent at bargain hunting and op shopping, with a love of ruffles and pearls, ribbons and lace, florals and bows, parties and rock, punk and indie music “” …..It’s something like a dressing blog. -- A blog for sewing enthusiasts….I’m not one of them though :P -- It is a V-log for drama enthusiasts. -- It’s a great blog if you like reading real life stories about someone….Worth a visit. J -- It’s most recent posts have been on the Egyptian uprising. Quite a good blog J -- A blog on all random things by a “Alien in human world”(That’s what the blogger calls herself). -- Hmmm…Another random blog I guess. The title says it all…. though it ain’t a ‘secret’ no more :P -- This one is interesting for sure. The author has written quite nicely and added some humor by inserting animated Gif images. Well, It’s worth a check. -- Random things about a 17 year old from Seattle. -- An interesting blog about another 17 year old. It’s got loads of posts to read and while your time away. I’d recommend this one J. -- Hmmm…Not many posts but some of you may like it. -- Something made me add this one here. -- Hasn’t been updated since late-2009 but it contains 24 posts on travel which you might just want to check out. – A random blog with  very less posts but the one post on facebook made me add this one to the list. -- Random incidents and thoughts of a guy going to medical college. Only 8 posts and hasn’t been updated in a long time but you might want to read those 8 posts. -- Just six posts but all of them are so detailed and well-written that I couldn’t resist not posting the link here. -- “Musings of a poet, pianist and a pre-med student” -- Posts on relationship written by somebody going through a hard time(Not updated in a long time). -- Around 220 posts, you could spend a lot of time here. Hasn’t been updated in an year though. --  Some poems are posted here. Around 15 posts spread over 3 years but the most recent one was today(6th of June,2011). -- Hmmm…Not much I can say about this blog except it’s another random blog. Not updated in a long while though. -- A great blog. I recommend it. In the words of the blogger himself, “Hey there! Just so you have an idea... This blog is about me being a teenager, me being a student, and me being super awesome. So if you're bored, tired with Facebook, or you just want to do something really cool, then go ahead and have fun reading my posts! Tune in and drop by every once in a while. It will be a blast!

 With that last blog I bring to an end this list of mine. When I find more blogs, I’ll make sure to update this. So, here’s what you might want to do.
1 – Bookmark this page : The address of my blog isn’t something that many can remember. So, the safest bet is to bookmark it so that you can see if I’ve added anymore blogs.
2 – Like you all, I too am a blogger. You might want to check my other posts. J

Well, that’s it I guess. Just one more thing, if you want your blog to be added to the list. Send me and email to or post a comment here.
With that.
So long my friend. J
Thanks for reading J

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Holidays of ‘11

Hmmm…Well let me start off by telling that the title of this post, “Holidays of ‘11” finds its roots from the Bryan Adam’s song, Summer of ’69.

 Well, this summer was quite good. I wouldn’t say one of the best because that would be a lie. Well, the first three weeks of the vacation were spent in attending a summer-intensive course at the British council teaching premises at Begumpet. Those three weeks were fun and quite enjoyable. I really liked them a lot. I’ll sure remember the 20 friends that I’d made there for quite some time.

Hmm..what else..This summer will also be the one in which I made the one-of-a-kind deal with mom which resulted in me getting a touch-screen mobile. (Update : I got an iPod Touch instead and it's amazing!)

  To be honest, these holidays weren’t anything like I’d expected them to be. A major part of my time was spent on DotA, AoE and other games but it was a learning experience and I don’t regret it. I managed to write 30 articles on my blog making it the most populated of the 5-7 blogs that I own.

Hmmm… Facebook had sort of lost it’s appeal but some recent conversations I’d had on it made me start liking it all over again. I cherished those conversations. Well, now-a-days I am mostly using fb for posting status updates and for ‘advertising’ my blog.

Well, something made me check the progress of my blog and I’m quite pleased to see that I’ve hit the 200 page-views mark. Well, it may not be great for you but it’s a great confidence boosting factor for me.(Update : I'm now on the 1700 mark)

Sigh…To be honest, I think now-a-days my posts are getting way to boring L. Well, people are telling me it’s good but I think I am not able to use my full potential.

……These were the best days of my life….  Nah…These 5 weeks were good days, pardon good ‘WEEKS’.  I sure will remember them J.

And with this ends another boring post from me….meh(a new expression that I am using quite frequently nowadays :D)

Just something I wanted to write

Just something I wanted to write J

Well, this is just some random post. I have no idea on what I’m going to write, I’m just going to write whatever’s on my mind.

 Currently, the power’s gone and I’m surviving by taking my uncles power connection. Johnny just barked even though there is no one at the gate and I have this irresistible urge to shoo it away. Well, my mind keeps going back to facebook. I just used some app and I got a 64% pass percentage :P . I would’ve got much less, thanks to an A in status updates I managed to get a C. Well, just now, the current’s back on and I’m debating as to whether or not I should go. Naam liye shaitaan haazir. My dad just called me to ask about something about my bro’s office presentation which I was supposed to help him out. I said I did and sneakily, I opened the internet connection as well :P

   Now…I’m waiting for the internet signal to be accepted by my laptop so that I can go back to facebook and ‘apologize’ to HC and strike up a chat with somebody because I am sort of getting bored. Anyways, the signal has reached and I’m connected to the internet. I’ll post what happens next later. Bye bye.

Well, my dad just came asked me what I was doing, I replied “blogging”. He just went away. Well, to be honest I am just trying to get the word-count to 450+ so that I can just stop writing this. I do not mean to say that I don’t like writing but it is just that I so badly want to finish writing 30 articles that I want to do it by hook or by crook. I don’t mean any offense to you readers though.

   Just now my mind shifted to the drama at the British Council. The words “Mind you” said by Sid Charan  came to my mind. 

Well, now the dogs are barking their heads off. Did I say ‘dogs’? My bad. I meant Johnny.  My dad goes out to check who’s there, he shouldn’t have taken that trouble, nobody’s there. Over  the past 1 and a ½ years I’ve learnt that only when both my dogs bark it means that somebody’s come. And…my dog’s are quite clever or it happened co-incidentally. One fine day, I was just lazing on my chair when I heard my dogs bark. I suddenly found something surprising. The bark was continuous but my dogs were sort of saving energy. Maybe some environmentalist bugged their minds. Well, here’s what had happened. Johnny started it, it barked for like 2 seconds then, Dingo took over barking for like 4 seconds and then again Johnny barked for another 4 seconds and when it stopped Dingo barked for 2 seconds. It went on and on with dogs taking periodical rest. It was quite fascinating to me. Really.

Well, my mom just told me to fill the water-bottles(with water...duh!) so, I guess I’ll have to stop writing and anyway I have crossed the 500 word mark so I guess it is an acceptable blog-post.

I’ll be honest with you guys, maybe I should write more of these things. I sort of enjoyed it eenie meenie bit more than the other articles.

See ya for now.

X-Factor : My thoughts on it

X-Factor : My thoughts on it.

My brother, this Monday, introduced me to some reality singing show on Sony. It’s name was X-Factor. It’s something like “Indian Idol” but with a different model. I just wanted to write my views on it and some of it’s singers.

X-factor held it’s auditions in five cities and 116 participants were selected. There are three categories -->

 Under-25 : Over-25 and Groups. Due to X-factors unique model all these three groups are pitted against each other. Each group has a mentor who is going to take their singing to the next level in the following weeks. Sonu Nigam is going to mentor the under-25, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is mentoring the groups while Shreya Ghosal takes on the over-25.Each mentor has to choose 4 members in their team.

Well, that was a very very brief summary of the model of the X-factor. Here are my favorite singers in each group.

Under-25 :
Piyush Kapoor : The moment I saw this guy enter for the auditions, I liked him. He looks like a rock-star and has this awesome beard that I’m a big fan of(It’s the type of beard Marty Schwartz has). Added to that, he has a tattoo of a “Rising Phoenix”. He sings quite well too. I like him and am glad that he’s in top 12.

Shovon Ganguly : I don’t know why but I sort of like this guy. It’s like some….automatic attraction……Maybe it’s because I sort of see myself in him. Anyway, I hope that he does well in this competition.

Over -25 :

Geet Sagar(RJ) : The T.V guys didn’t broadcast his auditions but they showed his recording at the studio in Mumbai. The judges asked him to do a bit of RJ’ing and he did some. I was taken by surprise, he did it so awesomely. I liked his spontaneous thinking, he had no preparations of any kind yet he did it with so much fluency…He has this nice voice that I like a lot! Added to that, I love his beard too. His personality caught my eye, you could say. Shreya Ghosal called him to tell him if he is in her team or not. She asks her if he thinks that it was worth putting his job on the line and leaving everything to sing. He gives such a big, well thought of reply. Shreya says “Tum bohut bolte ho”. I was like lol. She then tells him that he’s selected and he’s elated.
I think there is this one more singer that I want to mention but I’m not able to remember his/her name. I’ll update it ASAP.

Groups :

Last Minute : This is a group consisting solely of girls and I liked sort of liked this group. I think it is because of the incident which lead to them naming their group “Last Minute”. As far as singing goes, they’re quite good and I think they’ll do quite good.

Deewana Group :: I loved these guys. I mean, there is something in them that tells me that they want to go the whole way. They want to go to the very top. There is this “junoon” in them to learn and I liked it a lot.

“Unknown Group” : I do not know this groups name but it consists of four members. They sang “Uff teri ada” in the Goa leg and I liked the way they did it…..….Uff teri ada…uff tera badan..I like the way move..uff…

Well, that was a list of all those whom I liked and could remember. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you posted on what happens every week from now on J.

That’s it for now. See Ya later. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My four days in Stone Age
 I was literally thrown back into the stone age for the last four days. It all started with the fluctuation of current which resulted in our “idiot” box going offline and we had to give it for repair. Then, the “amazing”  washing machine also gave way. Finally, the very electricity supply succumbed to some stupid wires somewhere. We were without current and I assumed my parents would call an electrician as soon as possible but then, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR They didn’t! Wtf. We were without electricity for four long days, no electrical appliance worked except my(my bro’s actually) trusty mp3 player which thankfully worked on batteries.

I hated this. I couldn’t do any effing thing. After 5pm when the light starts to dim and evening announces its arrival, all I could do was go up (not to heaven, but to my grandma’s house in the second-floor) and watch TV till 10:30 and then fall asleep.

 It went on for 3 full days. Actually, the electrician said he’d come yesterday but he was a SOB. He lied that he’d taken the train. Apparently, he was still in his village and would come the next day. I was like so “effing” angry at that guy. Really, at the very mention of his name, my blood curdles. He is a big-fat liar. When I tell my mom that I’ll get some other guy who knows some courtesy to repair the wires but she says “That guy is our family electrician, we should go to him and not anyone else. That’s professional etiquette.” And I was like “Let professional etiquette be damned to hell. Who gives a shit about it?” but mom finally had her way and I had to contain myself from calling somebody else.

   Seriously, I have this irresistible urge to punch this guy in the stomach. I am so freaking angry and I gotta take it out on somebody and he is the ripe target. When my mom called him today, he said he’ll come around/after 12 noon. It’s 2:30 pm and there is still no sign of him. Really, somebody has to teach him a lesson that just because somebody depends on you doesn’t mean that you can take undue advantage of him.  Somebody’s got to teach him punctuality and that as might well be me. GrRrRrRrR. You know something, even wasting my energy typing on him is useless. I might just as well call him now. For once in my life I’ll take advantage of people mistaking me for a “woman”. That’s it I’m going now……………Here’s what happened : I went with the intention of calling him and shouting at him for being so unpunctual but then, my father woke up just when I was taking the mobile and all the air inside me went “phus”. So, I decided to employ strategy number 2. I asked dad if the electricity guy called and my brother overheard us and when my dad replied no, asked me to dial the number. I dialed and my brother had a short conversation with him. When he cut the call, I asked him what happened, where the hell is he? He replied “He’ll come around 5pm”. I was like “Saale, mkc. Kitne der karta be. Tu aaj paanch baje nahi aaya toh…tu mara re. Tere haddi pasli ek kar doonga. BKD.

  You know how I can exact my revenge? What I’ll do is I’ll call another electrician at 5 o’ clock such that he’ll see him working in our house. I’ll then tell him, “You said 12 noon and you came at 5pm. What do you think we are so heavily depended on you? We can indeed get some other people to do this work for us. By lying you lost the tiny bit of respect I have for you. Now GET LOST! And never come back.” He would feel insulted and walk away and I’d be there grinning at what I’d just done.

…….That is just a theory my friend and like all theories it has some contradictions…..which are…. Seriously, you thought I’d say all that?....LoL..never heard a better joke than that. ‘Insulting’ someone is just way out of my league, I could never get myself to hurt that guy.

 So my final thoughts “Jaande. Baccho se kya ladna? Who khuud seekhega sabakh. Ek din beta, tu bas dekh. Kuch bhi..kuch bhi favour pucha na…tu ‘on the spot dead’. Bas dekh.”

Stick cricket – Dominated Srilanka
 I am man of my word J Here’s the first post in my StickCricket Series.
 I played the “World Domination” mode. In this mode, we have to defeat the opposing cricketing nation by chasing their score in 20 overs. Once we defeat the lowest ranked team, we progress to the next time. I had to defeat Srilanka and I did so. Here’s my account of what happened.
(Scroll to the very bottom for the scorecard. But be sure to read my account J)
VVS RCKSTR’s Vs SriLanka
It was match no.5 against SriLanka. For 5 long matches, Srilanka had managed to put off the VVS storm but no longer. Here’s what happened.
Adarsh and Paul, the best opening pair for the Rockstar’s opened the innings as always. The first over was bowled by the best slinger in the world, “THE” Malinga. However, Adarsh didn’t let that haunt him. He smashed him all over the park and the very first over yielded 26 runs. It was a great start to the innings and Paul had to keep it up in the next over. He bettered Adarsh by hitting 28 runs off D. Fernando. The opening pair caused extensive damage to the Srilankan pacemen. They managed to take their score to 213 in just 8 overs. They had accomplished this feat before too but, they just couldn’t take on the spinners and it resulted in them losing the match but not this time.
  Murlitharan was clobbered away for fours and sixes all over the ground by Adarsh but soon Adarsh fell to the wizard’s clever bowling. He was out for 133 off just 36 balls. The coach hoped that this wouldn’t cause a batting order collapse and he was not disappointed. In Adarsh’s absence, Paul took on the spinners and this time, Ajantha Mendis,the guily leg-spinner was at the receiving end. The overs went on and surprising the Rockstar’s managed to keep the required run-rate on check. While Paul was taking on Mendis, Ibrahim managed to show star’s during the day to Thisara Perera, the annoying medium pacer. Ibrahim managed to hit 50 runs off just 15 balls. That was a superb cameo by him. Next in, was Ebadh. He had to face the Ajantha Mendis over and I was a bit scared to be honest. Paul had been taking care of him but Ebadh was new to the crease. The question remained “Can he do it?”. He replied by clobbering Mendis for 4 fours and a Six. But, the very next over, he fell for a doosra by Murali. Paul fell soon. It was Harindra’s and Bradman’s responsibility to see to that Rockstar’s would win. They scrambled for 3’s and saw to that the required run was under 20.
   3 overs left, 55 runs required. Can they do it? Muralitharan bowled the 18th over. I was literally pleading Harindra to hit more than 22 runs and he didn’t disappoint. He clobbered murali for 24 runs in that over. We required 34 from two overs and the Bradman didn’t give SriLanka any respite. He managed to get the required runs down to 15 off the last over. 15 was quite reachable but then, two wickets would change the match and Muralitharan was unpredictable. But, today was not the day. Harindra finished the match in just 3 balls, 6-4 and a 6. He finished at a jaw-dropping 46 off just 11 balls and Bradman at 23 of 5 balls. They both played well under pressure and saw to that they didn’t disappoint us.

Man Of the Match goes to Paul….for his magnificient 168 of just 43 balls.
(Interview soon to come)

My First Gaming Competition
“I was part of the paddle pop Gaming League ‘09” I have a mouse pad which has thing printed on it. That made me write this post on my first ever gaming competition where I was pitted against people I didn’t know.
It was summer vacation when I get this call telling me that I was selected for the Paddle Pop Gaming league. I was surprised, I didn’t remember signing up for anything like this or playing any game which promised this but then struck me. I had played a few games on Zapak and thus I assumed that they must’ve gotten my phone number from there. Anyway, I noted down the address.

   Later in the day, my bro and dad took me to that place. Well, it was my first experience at a gaming centre and I liked the real good lightning in the room. Well, I had to sign-up and then, I was given a T-Shirt (I still have it now <3) Well, I had to wait until I was given a chance to play and till then, my brother and myself went to take a look at the game that I was going to play.

   It was some 3d game with the Paddle Pop’s mascot as it’s main character. We had to go around killing some animals/insects and at last, a level boss. We had to find a chest which would only be opened by solving a puzzle.

Well, I got a lot of time to practice before I played the actual game thanks to a misunderstanding between the organizers. Well, we played the first level. My game plan was simple, leave all the chote bacche and just go and unlock the chest, I felt that I would save time thus going faster. I still think that it was a great idea but it took me way too much time to kill the level boss. I remember a chimpanzee… …it was so damn annoying to kill it. The time that I spent on killing the boss was just way too much. Well, we finished our game. Our scores were recorded.

 I was waiting for the result. I waited for like 15 minutes or something when this organizer sees me strolling and asks me if I have finished the first level, I reply that I indeed have. He asks me something…I don’t understand but I say yes. He then goes and has some sort of a conversation with his fellow-mates.  He then ushers me into a seat for….Level 2. Muhuahahah. I got into level two without actually winning level one thanks to a mis-understanding between the organizers :D

   Well, this time around we had to choose intermediate level and….the competition was way too tough and I lagged behind and eventually lost it L
But, I liked it J and I sure will remember my first gaming competition.

Reader's Digest -- An Awesome magazine

Reader’s Digest
   I remember reading this magazine quite a long time ago. I’d heard many people, even my mom(though she never read it :P), telling that this was a really good magazine. That aroused my curiosity and when my mom brought it in a few days ago, I immediately read it.

   When I’d first read it, a long time ago, I didn’t like it to be honest. I always felt that such magazines were more in advertisements and less in content(They still are). This time around, I like this magazine a lot. The one-liners in it were so damn funny. The content too was mostly what readers wrote and I liked reading real life accounts of many incidents. The jokes were absolutely hilarious. I literally laughed my stomach out(Is there an expression like this? Even if there isn’t, it’s a good one use it!).

@Work : All in a days work ::  I loved this one. It’s based on real-life humorous incidents that actually took place.
Here’s the best one from them. “My Friend, teacher dealing with six-year-olds, had just handed over small plants for the children to take care of as a part of a study program on plant growth. When she saw one of her students holding the pot too close to her face, she told the child not to do so as he might inhale the soil.”But ma’am.” The child replied, “I am giving it carbon-dioxide for photosynthesis.”
I just loved reading that.

Quotes : ...You probably know what it means right? Anyway, here are two great quotes that I liked the most.
“The best time to plant an oak tree was 25 years ago. The second best time is today” – James Carvill
“If you don’t know history, you don’t know anything. You’re a leaf that doesn’t know it’s a part of the tree” – Michael Crichton, Timeline(Knopf)

My Story : Personal stories beyond the call of daily life :::  Loved this one.

Kindness of Strangers :::  Liked reading these too J

Life! Life’s like that ::: This was another humor page. Here’s the best joke among the five published.
“At a jumble sale I sampled a dab of perfume on my wrist. I loved the scent and took two bottles, but was slightly insulted by the label, which read “Dignity Dog.” I brought my items to the fellow in charge, who asked me what kind of dog I had. “I don’t have a dog,” I replied. “Why do you ask?” “Then why are you buying this dog-grooming formula.”
Hahahahahahha Rofl.

Well, those were just a few from the many articles published. I just loved reading them and reader’s digest caught my eye. I’ll keep a look-out for future issues J. Read it, you’ll love it because I’m lovin’ it.

Stick Cricket Series -- Introducer

Stick Cricket – Post #1 – What is it?

If you have been following my blog, you have probably read my DotA series which I unfortunately had to stop it due to addictive circumstances. After the tremendous feedback(...a few likes and comments on fb :D) I’d got for my previous series on DotA I decided to start a whole new series. It’s on Stick Cricket(Yup, I never stop :P) Anyway, here it starts….3…2..1…..Launch.

StickCricket – What is it?
   This is for  those of you haven’t heard about Stick Cricket. It is basically a fun, addictive, amazing, superb and “100 other synonyms for awesome”  flash game based on cricket. It has been around for quite a long time. The first time I remember playing it was when I was really small. I was totally hooked on to it for quite a long time when other games took me away from it. In the next 7-8 years, I was glued to it many many times but each time some other game or person would apply glue-remover and remove me from it. But, if I do not have any other game on my system to play, Stick-cricket would be my one and only choice.

How did I remember it?
   As you probably know, a few days back I was playing Warcraft each and every day when I realized that I was getting addicted to it, I left it. It was only yesterday that I was on facebook and I do not know why but suddenly, I pressed ctrl+t and typed in I then couldn’t resist playing a few games and I fell for it. I went on playing and playing and playing. Managed to hit two double-tons through Paul and Ibrahim. I myself was able to hit a few centuries. To be honest, the only reason that I am writing a series on it is because I was out of ideas for articles and I felt that I could write on this one.

You hit two double-tons? I don’t get it. How could Paul and Ibrahim play?
     No worries, everybody gets this doubt J. Well, here’s how I would explain them – You see, they didn’t play with me. I mean, I created my own school team consisting of – Myself,”Dawood” Ibrahim, “John” Paul, Ebadh “Khan”, “See” Harindra and others were Bradman, Tendulkar bhai, Warny, “The Pigeon”, “Gillete” Gillespe. So, basically, I named a player after them. I control them but I like to think as if they themselves hit those runs. So, practically I hit the double-tons but technically they hit it.

Okay Okay. I get it. What else?
  Glad that you understood my “Ramayana” :D What else? Nothing much I guess. I am just going to post here when I play dominate a country in the “World Domination” mode or when I hit a superb score. Stay tuned for them. J

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Top 15 songs

My Top 15 Songs

I just decided to compile a list of my top 15 songs and some memories attached to them. So, here they are(For memories, scroll down) :

Read as [Song name – Artist(or movie)] à

My Love -- Westlife

No Matter what – Boyzone

Teardrops on my Guitar -- Taylor Swift

Arey Rey – Happy Days

Hey there Delilah – Plain White T’s

Summer of 69’ -- Bryan Adams

Everything I do, I do it for you – Bryan Adams

Time of Your Life – Greenday

College Days – Gaurav

Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

Vanilla Twilight – Owl City

Chhod Kar – Paul :D

Complicated – Avril Lavigne

Lonely – Akon

Pehli Nazar Mein – Race(Movie)

Those that almost made it :

One in a Million – Hannah Montana
Collide – Howie Day
John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare & Who Says
Eminem – Mockingbird
So Far Away – Staind
What About Now – Westlife
Words – Boyzone

(PS : I had to add a few more songs -- Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield : Sunshine of your love by Cream : Don't Say that by Pawnshop Kings : The house that built me by Miranda Lambert)

Well, that was the list of my top 15 songs and those that almost made it. Here are the memories that are attached to each one of them. Read only if you have some time to waste because my memories are my memories, I doubt it if I was able to write them as nicely as I’d cherished them. I’ll stop my Ramayana and ask you to please not read the below. I just wrote it for myself but I had to post it here.So, don’t glance down!!

My Love by Westlife :
 This song definitely had to be right up here. You see, there is this guy called Paul in our school. He is a great singer and I’m a big fan of his J. So, we had this annual day celebration and I learned from one of my contacts that he was going to sing a song. I became excited and went to him and asked him which song he was going to sing. At the start, he just shunned my question, acting modest, but soon enough he said My Love by Westlife.  I hadn’t heard the second part, so I asked him “What did you say, Westlife?” he replied(sarcastically) “No, Bluelife.” Well, I then heard the song and fell in love with it(as it is with every song that Paul sings/suggests). I then heard him singing it and I was like “fidaa” with it :D. This was song was the start of my English music…you know…collection(?).

No Matter what by Boyzone :
 This song was the very root. My mama/uncle had just gifted me an ipod shuffle. I didn’t exactly have a song collection at that time but thankfully he had already filled it with his songs. Out of the 150-odd songs he had, this was the only English song and I fell in love with this one too. I heard it like, I don’t know, 50-something times and never got bored with it. It’s awesome..such a sweet voice. Definitely deserves a place here.

Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift :
 This song was suggested by my cousin and the very moment I heard it, I knew it was one of the best songs I’d ever hear. I just love Taylor Swift’s voice in this song, it’s so…..nice.

Arey rey – Happy Days :
 I don’t listen to telugu music much but this song sure did captivate me. If I remember right, this was yet another song that Paul suggested. Here’s the incidence : We were in the playground of our school(I think it was a Saturday). Suddenly, simply out of the blue, Paul sings this song and I was like “WoW!”, I knew that it was Arey rey from Happy Days. I kept on bugging him to sing it to me again and everytime he replied “Golden songs are not repeated.”  And I was like “Cut the crap and sing it!” But I guess he had his own way, he only sang it 3 times after that and I cherished every moment of it….I now remember that it was before we went on our second Pune Visit, Paul had asked me to give the lyrics of the song in the train and promised me to sing it then and there and he was a man of his word J.

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s :
 If there is one song that I’d want to play to somebody I love, this would be it! I am sure of it! The lyrics, the melody, they just blow me away.

Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams :
 …Those were the best days of my life……The lyrics, the music, everything is so awesome in this song. A complete classic, suggested by my cousin and the moment I heard it, I was hooked on to it……Those were the best days of my life…..

Everything I do, I do it for you :
 I can’t describe in words to be honest. It’s just way too….there’s no word in the dictionary that can fit here. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with Bryan Adams if you hear this.

Time of Your Life by Greenday :
 I was watching Stunt Mania on MTV, season 3(I think). Then, these group leaders(some girls) were ‘eliminated’ from the show or something and when they were walking back to their camp to get their items, this song played and I was ‘fidaa’ on it. I quickly jotted down some of it’s lyrics and the next thing I did was run a google search and find the song. This song was so awesome, I knew it from the very start but it was only Paul started singing this song that I started to love it. The fact that I can play this on my guitar makes it so much more awesome for me J

College Days by Gaurav :
 My bro suggested this song, surprising eh? He made me listen to it and it was like love on first sight. The melody, slow music, awesome/meaningful lyrics….they just engulfed me and even though I had not experience college till now, the song made me think like I infact did. A must listen. What more? I even played this song during our senior batch’s farewell!

Come on get Higher by Matt Nathanson :
 I once posted my facebook status something like this “I wish that the chorus of Come on get higher would go on and on.” That made me put this song on this list. I just loved the melody and the lyrics.

Vanilla Twilight :
 “……Until I look at my hands and feel sad…coz the spaces between my fingers are right where your’s fit perfectly…..” That line made me include this song here.

Chhod Kar by Paul(yep, you read it right J) :
Paul sang this at his farewell and I was like…captivated by it. As soon as I came home, I searched for this on google. When the google god couldn’t find it, I was surprised. I then sent an sms to Paul asking him where he had…you know…downloaded this song. His reply shocked me, he said “It’s my own song bey.” I was like “That’s impossible…” but soon I had to believe it. It’s an awesome song…The lyrics just touched me deep down….A line goes “Hum Yahaan aaye the Geeli Momb se, Ja Rahen hum ek murthi ban karr…” ‘Yahaan’ refers to school by the way.

Complicated by Avril Lavigne :
 It’s intro made me put up this song right here. An awesome one by Avril.

Lonely by Akon :
 I couldn’t not put this song here, I just had to. It’s lyrics, I deciphered them on my own and that made this song special and added to that, Paul introduced me to it and I’d heard it on my cousin’s mp3(Sansa Shake) during a visit to Shirdi.

Last but not the least.

Pehli Nazar mein (Movie Race) :
This song had to be here. The only hindi song that I love THE MOST!....Pehli Nazar mei.. kaisa jaado kar diya…tera gune baitha mera jiya…kya hoga..kya pata..Tera Gune baithe mera Jiya…..