Monday, May 23, 2011

My Ps1 games -- Memories (Part 1)

 I will mention all the Ps1 games that I’ve owned till today and write a few words on each of them.

Road Rash 3d : This was my staple diet for gaming when I was a kid, I’ve played it on both, the PC as well as on the Ps1. The PC version was fun but the Ps1 version rocked. In road rash 3d, we have to complete a series of games in order to gain enough money to upgrade/buy a newer bike. Whenever I used to play this game, the T.V would be mine for 2-4 hours. I would not leave it until I’d managed to upgrade my bike to a level 2. How I wish I had a memory card, I could’ve finished this game then but…still, Road Rash 3d accounted for a lot of my gaming time.

NBA Shootout 2000 : My uncle being a NBA fan, buying this game for the Ps1 didn’t seem weird. I personally didn’t love Basketball and hence didn’t play this game much when I first got my Ps1 but, when I grew a bit older, the other games failed to amuse me and I played this game on my Ps3(Ps1 games can be played on a Ps3!!). This game was responsible for me getting to know how actually basketball is played, I learn everything about time-outs, three-pointers, slam dunk and such. It was responsible for planting a seed of basketball in me. It hasn’t sprouted yet :D

Driver : When I look back and take a look at this game, I laugh at how I and my uncle(yeah, he too) were complete idiots!! When the game started, we were in this underground parking room without any task what so ever. We tried almost everything, literally, EVERYTHING!! But, we still could not get an idea on how to move on. Infact, on my uncle’s advice, I literally banged through every inch of the wall present in hopes that one of it could break and I could go out in the open world! Not being able to get out of that  parking space was my first experience of being held a prisoner(I am not kidding!!). After hours of trying, my uncle said “It’s a great game, try later and find a way out.” I like, made myself promise myself that I’d somehow find a way out. 4-6 years later, when I had my Ps3, I inserted this disc into my Ps3 hoping that I’d be able to fulfill my promise and vola! I was like, shocked to see how easy it was. We had to complete a set of stunts so as to gain a license for driving in the outer world. I was like stunned, I still do not know why we didn’t get the idea then. However, once I managed to break the Da Vinci code and get out in the open world, the game lost it’s taste and I didn’t play it much.

Racing : To be honest, I doubt it if I ever played this game even 3 times in my whole life. It was crap and a total waste of money.

Tennis : This was quite a good game, I remember playing it with my cousin bro and my bro many times. It wasn’t awesome but it sure was a good way to while my time away.

Bowling : This again was a bit like NBA Shoot-out. It made me aware of all the types of games in bowling and actually made me realize that it was quite a good game. I remember the ecstatic feelings I felt when I managed to get a “STRIKE!!” :D

Those were my first 6 games, I’ll post the rest later. J

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