Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Ps1 games -- Memories (Part 2)

My Ps1 Games – Memories (Part 2)

Here is the continuation if it. Enjoy J

Rainbow Six : Lone Wolf – I remember playing it just once when I’d first got my Ps1, It was just way too hard and I used to get killed so many times that I left it. Then, once my Ps3 came and I got hooked to Resistance : The Fall of Man, I become aware of FPS games. I then, took this game out and started playing and this time around, I was so much more cautious and learn from my mistakes, not making them again. Graphics aren’t great but they’re good for a Ps1 game and I didn’t spend weeks on this game but it sure did engulf few of my hours though. I then got stuck at a level and left it. I’ll sure play it again though J.

The Legend of the Dragoon : My uncle spent 14$ on this game but he didn’t know that I didn’t exactly like RPG’s(It’s changed with the entry of Warcraft though). This was a four-cd game and the absence of a memory card made me leave it alone. It was deemed to be the game of the year…definitely not for me though. J

Duke Nukem : Time to Kill – A good game but not the one that I was a great fan of. Duke Nukem was unknown to me and remained so :P. I just didn’t play this one.

StarWars – Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace :: I wasn’t a big Star Wars fan but, I sure had watched one movie but it failed to mesmerize me. I played this game very rarely, mostly due to the absence of a memory card. I did play it a few times though and I sure did enjoy it J.

The King of Fighters : It was another game like Tekken. But, since I already had Tekken I hardly ever  touched this game but, I sure did play it a few times with my bro’s. Just another game in my collection.

Spiderman 2 : This was a good game but, due to the absence of a memory card, I couldn’t play it much. I did enjoy playing this game though partly because of the story and partly because I was a big Spidy fan, having watched every movie of his. A great game which I started playing again on my Ps3.

Grand Theft Auto : A pioneer of it’s genre but failed to arouse any interest in me. I didn’t exactly like this game because of it’s top view. I played it a few times but never really enjoyed it.

Crossword Crisis : To be honest, I don’t even remember how this game looked like. I might have played it just once(literally!) in my entire Ps1 gaming life.

Tekken : I reserved this for the last, there was, is and never will be anyother game that can beat the joy I had in playing this. Multi-player with awesome fighters made this game an awesome one!! I remember playing countless rounds with my bro’s and the curses I yelled at them for cheating!! :D I will remember this game fondly. The best shot that I remember is one in which…Lee runs from the distance at full-speed keeps a leg on the chest of his opponent, jumps high in the air and Bang! Comes back with full force. That was the awesomest shot in Tekken, I still don’t know how that was done because I never did it, only my cousin did. One another trick I remember was one which I myself used. The hero was Lei, the drunkard, we named him so because he acted like a drunk guy…….always..you know..never in control of himself. The shot was like this, I would feign as if I had fallen down and lay flat on the ground and when the opponent came, I would jump and hit him and he’d fall and then, I’d repeat the whole cycle yet again. Everyone used to curse me… :D. LoL…Tekken rocked…Definitely the most enjoyable game for Ps1.

That’s it for now…I’ll come back with the Ps3 game list too J.

Bye Bye.

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