Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A line from our English Workbook goes like this --

A line from our English workbook goes like this “Laughter is all about playfulness. Have you ever wondered why children laugh 300 to 400 times a day whereas adults would  consider themselves fortunate if they manage to laugh 10 to 15 times a day.”
That line is the reason behind me writing this. Anyways, the fact that children laugh 300 to 400 times a day was according to me, idiotic. There is no way that anyone could laugh so much.

Here’s why :
A day has 24 hours, which in turn equals 24x60 min = 1440 min. So, the expert said that we laugh somewhere around 300-400 times a day. Let’s take 400 times.
So, in 1440 min, we laugh 400 times. If we divide 1440 by 400, we get 3.6. So, what it means is that we laugh atleast once every 3.6 min which in turn equals 200-something seconds.

 Laughing every 3.6 min is quite feasible but I still have my trump card left. We used a time-limit of 24 hours but, we forgot to use our common-sense. Can we laugh while we’re asleep?. Hell no! Yep, you got it. Out of those 24 hours, 8 hours of sleep(for children) must be removed. That leaves us with 16 hours. We all know that children have small hands and they eat very fussily so..let’s keep a full hour for eating. You are forbidden to laugh while eating because you might choke TO DEATH!(:D). Anyway, that leaves us with 15 hours. Now, let’s do the calculation again.

15 hours = 15x60 min = 900 min. That’s almost 500 min shaved off our previous calculation. Anyway, we laugh 400 times in 900 min, so if we divide 900 by 400, we get 2.25 min. So, it means that we laugh once every 2.5 min. That too might just work but I still have another trump card(no scarcity of them eh? :D).

 The text didn’t mention the nationality of the child, it implies that the child can be of any nation and that the rule applies to them too. So, let’s take a Hyderabadi kid.

Let me be more specific, let’s choose a Hyderabadi kid who goes to Sri Chaitanya or Narayana. Their school is 9 hours(can be 12 too, but let’s be fair and take 9). The school people are very “kanjuus” so they give only 2 hour break. That leaves us with 7 hours of periods. Well, in those 7 hours, somebody or the other, the faculty I mean will be present right? And, we all have gone through our school-life, will any teacher stand a child who keeps on laughing every 2.5 min(according to our calculation)? Definitely not. So, we have to cut another 7 hours from the total hours from our previous calculation. That leaves us with 8 hours. Here’s the next calculation.

8 hours = 8x60 min= 480 min. So, we laugh 400 times in 480 minutes. On dividing 480 by 400, we get 1.2 minutes. So, what this calculation suggests is that we laugh every 1.2 min. Now, don’t tell me ki that is possible. You know, I know, it’s not possible unless that kid is hysteric.

So the bottom line is, that it is impossible to laugh 400 times a day.

Vola!! I just proved what I said :D …..another expert comment gone down the drain. Yaaay. :D


  1. Don't you think it is a waste of time proving true things false....just to satisfy your I-don't-know-what-word-fits-here. (NO OFFENCE) but after all the proof you gave.....still I do not feel that children do not laugh 500 times a day.In this context, laughing not only means physically but mentally as well. If you consider the statement philosophically.....then the statement is completely true. You know what.....sometimes you need to look at things in a general way.....not mathematically like above.

  2. ...Aah...Get lost will ya?... :P

  3. and, you spell "offense" with an s(or so I thought).