Thursday, May 26, 2011

Legion TD – A Warcraft 3 custom map.

As you know, I had stopped playing DotA but after completing my science CW, I wanted to play Warcraft 3 and get some load off but I didn’t play DotA, instead I stumbled upon this custom map for dota called Legion TD.

 I played quite a few custom maps before like – Assault Commando, Dragon Ball Z…and 2 or 3 more. I was getting bored and it didn’t look like DotA was going to help me so I started searching for custom-map rooms. These rooms are very hard to find on GameRanger but by luck I chanced upon this room. It said Legion TD. Now, TD here means Tower Defense. I used to play a few of these back in AoE conquerors and I had lot of fun. I remember playing Team TD and 21 kings TD and I sure as hell liked those games a lot. They were about building towers but it wasn’t just that, it was a lot more.

 Hence, because of that TD factor, I joined this room, downloaded the map. In my first game, I literally couldn’t build anything. I assumed towers meant, actual towers. But in Legion TD, towers meant units.
I didn’t get the idea the first time but second time around, I understood it. In the second game, I couldn’t get the placing right. In the third game however, I got most of it right but my team-mate was one pain in the ***. He kept calling me noob and when I asked him why, he tells me to ***k off. I was so seriously pissed of at him but, I kept my cool :D. Anyways, next game, I was introduced to a totally new concept. Incomer. It was 3 vs 2 and I was in 3 people team. In the other team, one just concentrated on farming while the other built awesome units and all the units that had leaked would get stopped at the king. It worked for them and we lost. In the following game however, we still played the same thinking that the other strategy was totally wrong, it shouldn’t have worked. We played and played until one of my team-mates called me a noob and left the game…(yup, the same guy as before). However, when he left, I asked my other team-mate(SaphiR) if I should shift to farming, he said yes and I shifted. Farming was quite fun to be honest. I thought it’d be boring but it was not. I built like 22 villagers and concentrated totally on farming. Bought some Krakens and got my income to touch 300 while Saphir looked after the defense. We cheated death once and I saw to that it didn’t happen again by going on increasing our king’s HP, attack points and hp regeneration speed. It was so cool to be honest and I loved it.

  However, my internet then got disconnected(Argh…How I hate it when it happens!!) and I had to leave. By the way, that game is still going on. They 2 vs SaphiR. They’ve been playing since the last one hour, I wonder in which level they’d be now!!

I am surely going to play this game again!!

(PS: The game just finished and I contaced SaphiR, he said that he'd lost and when I asked till which level they'd gone, they said 28(That's awesome!!)

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